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Date of publication:2005-1   Press: Anhui people's Publishing House   Author:Zhou Xiaoguang   Pages´╝Ü281  

Neo Confucianism in the process of evolution, the development, has experienced four periods: the Southern Song Dynasty, the formation period. Development period of two, the turn of song and Yuan Dynasty and the yuan dynasty. Three, yuan and Ming Dynasties and Ming Sheng very complex failure period. The end of four, the Qing Dynasty period. Neo Confucianism since the Southern Song Dynasty more than 600 years of evolution, it is after twelfth Century Chinese history of philosophy and history of academic thought abbreviation. At the same time, it Chinese late feudal society historical development, especially the development of Huizhou in Ming and Qing Dynasty society, influence. Therefore, we believe that, research on Neo Confucianism, will help us to more accurately and specifically grasp and analysis of the evolution of China academic thought history, help us to more comprehensive and in-depth study and understanding of Huizhou and Huizhou culture. This book focuses on the origin and evolution of Neo Confucianism since the Southern Song Dynasty after the yuan, Ming, Qing 600 years, but also on the Neo Confucianism influence on Huizhou society and Science in other fields.
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The first chapter preface preface of Neo Confucianism in the first section Xin have sent that the origin of second section of Neo Confucianism and the main representatives of the third phases of development section of the new Confucianism the long-term prosperity of the cause of the second chapter of Neo Confucianism and formed the first festival in the Southern Song Dynasty Xin'an second Festival of science from the "Guan Luo" to Xin'an third Southern Song Dynasty Neo Confucianism characteristic of Cheng Dachang in the fourth quarter and fifth quarter of Xin'an in the Southern Song Dynasty Neo Confucianism ideal of other famous Neo Confucianism in the third chapter the new development of the science development trend after Zhu Xi second yuan Xin'an Confucian academic activities section third Yuan Xin, political attitude fourth yuan Xin'an famous Neo scientists and Academic Chapter fourth Neo Confucianism Sheng very complex ring section of Neo Confucianism in the early Ming Dynasty second section in the late Ming Dynasty Neo Confucianism Neo Confucianism the fifth chapter to the WAN school through the study of the transformation of the first section of the new Confucianism end of the external and internal second day Neo Confucianism -- place in Jiangyong and Cheng Yaotian third Dai Zhen and WAN school through the study of the creation of new Confucianism -- the end of section fourth Neo Confucianism the aftermath of -- Jixi ritual "three Hu "The sixth chapter Neo Confucianism Xin status in the seventh chapter, China academic history and Social Science in Huizhou section and Huizhou section second clan social science and the Huizhou merchant culture third day science and Huizhou women" chastity "wind reference postscript" Huizhou culture "in the
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Huizhou culture is a comprehensive cultural phenomenon is universal, typical and very high academic value, is a local cultural treasures in Chinese culture is rich in content, quality is very high. The publication of this book, is a great event in our province of local culture and the humanities and social science research. According to the introduction, from the historical and cultural perspective, comprehensive and systematic exploration of Huizhou culture phenomenon, these phenomena and Huizhou natural geography, social economy, politics and life relations, the Huizhou culture in the background of the country and the world culture to examine, and standing at the turn of the century history the height, in domestic and foreign academic research on Huizhou's culture since the beginning of twentieth Century systematically reviewed and summarized, on the basis of a higher level of rational thinking and academic discussion.
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