Methods to understand the visual culture

Date of publication:2005-11   Press: Version first (November 1, 2005)   Author:(British) Barnard   Pages´╝Ü305  

Malcolm Barnard, the British Derby University art and design history senior lecturer at the York University and the University of Warwick, had studied French philosophy. The main research interests focus on Modern French philosophy, advertising, fashion and visual culture. In addition to this book, the author also wrote "art, design and visual culture" (1998) and "as a fashion" (1996).
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Acknowledgements introduction what is visual culture? Who needs to understand the visual culture? The main content of the book chapters outline further reading 1 understanding of visual culture introduction understanding of visual culture who understand the visual culture? We can say when we understand a visual culture works? What we are doing when we understand a visual culture works? What is the understanding? Summary: 2 the interpretation and understanding of visual culture and social science to explain and understand the traditional summary introduction: traditional structure interpretation and Social Sciences further reading 3 interpretation and individual introduction Italy fifteenth Century: the dance and the church businessman England twentieth Century: the love of violence and fashionable gay interpretation describes the strengths and weaknesses of further reading 4 expression and the spread of the theory of psychological expression: analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of further reading 5 feminist expression of unconscious: introduction of feminism and feminist individuals understand and Politics: personnel, goods, mechanism and practice of strengths and weaknesses of the 6 further reading the Marx doctrine and the social history of art and design 7 semiotics, graphics and image records 8 form and style of the 9 conclusion...... The reference index @##@ translation postscript How are we to understand art and design? What is the best way to understand the visual culture? When we watch a movie, explain a painting or reading a comic book, what are we doing? We are always in control of our understanding of processes? "Understanding" of visual culture was introduced to understand the main methods of art and design, such as style and formal method, expressionism, Marx's method, method of feminist method, imaging method and the method of semiotics. European and American visual culture from the author (including movies, advertising, architecture, painting, fashion, automotive, printing, interior and furniture design) uses a rich variety of examples, it introduces the main advocates and supporters of these methods, and analysis and interpretation of the method about the most important idea, argument and achievements.
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