Mang Yan (upper and lower)

Date of publication:2010-1   Press: Life, reading, New York   Author:Qian Muwei   Pages:1087  

余八十 birthday, is writing "Eighty Yi parents" one article, heirs and continued writing "and" a Book tracing the life events, often in the heart, a few without his. Eighty-three, four years old, eyes suddenly disease, cannot see the words, can not read, can not read the newspaper, but Lai sooner or later listen to TV news, know the world. The inability to recognize human face, domain wide seat, phatic embarrassed, he declined the post personnel, long day. It can hold a pen to write, I think, with the Xing express. One can not be cited classical text book, write the word that is not two word, in case of error correction pen, not. Each write a paper, or ask people to search old books, citing idioms. Draft, the wife more than reading, from audit, word for word and sentence for sentence to be restored. As is the final. Fees on time. Usually the first one hour has many words. And to set, an hour is not easy to change the words. My wife to release energy costs are also a few equal. 余九十一 birthday repeated attack, fear this draft may end up. My wife told Yu, unread draft has been no more, the heart is fixed. Straight up to the 余九十二 birthday after the hundred days, and the book is set. This paper is divided into three parts, a universe of nature, two political and social humanities Department of the Ministry of culture, the behavior. Rate is stored for a long time in the heart, occasionally trigger, without order, and multi language repetition.

"Mang Yan (volume one)" is the author of the 86 years old suffering from eye diseases that “ cannot see the word, can not read ” case, his wife oral, notes, and then recited the ear every single word or phrase to modify the set. Already 92 years old when end up with, so that day "mang Yan". "Mang Yan (volume one)" consists of three parts, ninety topics, the first part is “ the universe of nature, the second part is ” “ human political society, the third part is the ” “ moral behavior of ”. Although this one meaning, but intersecting each other, each are two propositions to lift, such as the whole and the part, abstract and concrete, often with variable, Dao and Qi, power and energy, ritual and law, elegant and vulgar and so on, the author summarizes China or on traditional culture essence, or is the Chinese and Western cultural differences are summed up, Bo back about, broad and profound, is the author of Chinese and Western cultures in a summary of the final judgment.
Author brief introduction

Qian Muwei (1895 ~ 1990), the word bin four, Jiangsu Wuxi. At the age of nine in 1912 after dropping out of school, self-study, schools and taught at home. In 1930 by the Ku recommended, as lecturer Chinese Yenching University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, after successive, southwest of the UN General Assembly, Qilu University, Wuhan University, Professor, Sichuan University West China University, Jiangnan University school. Go to Hongkong in 1949, founded the New Asia College
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Order the universe natural part of a whole and part of the two abstract and concrete three time and space four and five natural and human six and seven and the eight world and the heart world nine and 10 moderation and easy Jane a matter world and world one or two life and soul of the one three and virtue one four life and life one five Heaven and earth and all things in political and social life of human one six country and government one seven China political system in the history of the one eight government and one nine party and election two, right and the two one nations and two two world political and social groups and two or three independent two four group and solitary two five Chinese family and nation two six cultural China culture in two seven of two eight China five five five in a China friend Lun two nine traditional culture and human rights three, the simple and the complex three one statues and dear three two color and line three three and law three or four education and Enlightenment three five operating and leisure three six life and mechanical three seven Communist and modern trends three eight morality and power three nine the morality and utility four, entrepreneurship and vertical series four one emperor and scholar four Two tendencies and the trend of the four three natural and man-made four four tissue with germinal four or five elegant and vulgar in the cultivation of the moral behavior of four six life and death four seven music students and sorrow died four eight and four nine normal life and outstanding five, public and private colleges and five one thickness five two and Yu Wusan world and mind has five four and five five heart the letter with the revised five or six for himself and people five seven temperament and natural five eight means and five nine to six in traditional and modern history of old and new six one resolution and six two new changes inside and outside six three stability and stimulate six four and knowledge six five Mencius on three saints six six with and six or seven figures and six eight institutions of knowledge and virtue six nine knowledge and knowledge of seven O knowledge and life knowledge and feeling of accomplishment and seven one seven two seven three for politics and repair has seven four entry and exit of seven five positive and negative seven six storage and seven seven died and was born seven or eight religious and moral equality and freedom in the eight, seven nine and eight one static and minus eight two wide and eight three deep most and a few eight four Fu and Shou eight five different advantages and disadvantages of eight six German and eight seven honour and respect eight eight. Eight or nine Objective and subjective nine, ideal and keep
Chapter excerpt

Not only the political history and the history of academic thought, namely. China academic thought is to seek the life generally recognized, and seek to give full play to China Everbright, this is called the tao. So, while there is life, so it can continue its growth and change. This is also part of each part, but still meet, non independent, is not. Such as the ancient classics, also the Shi Yizhe, political social life, is to meet, "poem" the first three hundred now. If designed to literature or politics as "the book of songs", is almost as shallow "book of songs". "Poetry" and "easy", "Shang Shu" "spring and autumn and vice versa," vice versa. If the suspect "spring and Autumn" what may be called the "spring and Autumn" literature, is one that the speech or literary, read "RAM" "hub" two pass the beam. If you doubt the "book of changes" what should be called "easy" words are history, Shang and Zhou Dynasties ", will be the history. However if the predicate "spring and Autumn" is the "book of changes" literature, history, and otherwise.To view, when the overall, not on the part of theory, but all the. The other sub set of three vice versa. But no Zhi Dao and can become scholars. The path is to the overall life. The western academic and otherwise. Shall be separately for each part, and not as a whole. Such as literature, such as philosophy, such as scientific alike. To such as history, will pass to all aspects of each part, so in the western academic history belongs to the end. And social politics, each independently. And China and otherwise, Ning has no other sciences, and can be used independently from a set of political and social sciences. This is don't know, also don't know to learn. So far as. Man, is a general, non part. Western concept of each treatment industry, each had to make a living, is a person. Chinese think that this is only a small, non gentleman, non adults. Jun, group. The group will pass, pass in the life of the road, but as a gentleman, an adult. Chinese speak of all the knowledge in the thought, for a man, not as a villain. As a villain, is also like a machine, although each has its use, only in part, independently, without freedom, inequality. Using the human machine, such as a motor workers, then its motor used. As a writer, he is using the literature. But the Westerners attention, the exclusive doors, not communicated with each other, known as an expert. The freedom for its special limited. Chinese is "a", do not like a machine, limited to special purpose. Longitudinal claims that it has life, only a small part of life, but in life, and not to the total of all life. This is always a pity in life. Chinese society is also a general. The following, when referred to as the four civil society scholar, farmer, artisan and merchant, the professional, the synthesis of a general, but with this overall effort. Meng Ziri: "labor person cannibalism, headworker food to people." Headworker namely scholar, in modern language, is a proletariat, but it is thought that people work his heart. While labor is led by governor arrangements. The production and non production, cannibalism and food to people, but the interaction and combination, will together. Or that China social people, but from Confucius Confucian play. But Confucius previously scholars, such as Guan Zhong Bao 叔牙 are. In fact, the feudal aristocracy is. As the Duke of Zhou, real people such as later proved. Before the Xia Dynasty Shang Yiyin, legend, Yi Jie shi. At the same time Confucius Zheng Zi Chan Wu Jizha is also are. Scholars and nobility is not easy points. This is Chinese feudal nobility civilians belonging to one, it should be called the patriarchal clan society. The Qin and Han Dynasties, is four people of society. The government has become the government, however, is a politician. Figure L: "scholars are devoted to the way, but is ashamed of poor clothing and poor food, and not enough on." Improper poor clothing and poor food and agribusiness, shame, labor also not to live an extravagant life, economic life Chinese society, a proper arrangement. To the road, righteousness, no weight gain, not to harm the principle part of the overall. So China not heavy material life and spiritual life. Western ancient Greece mainly for business community in city, suburban farmers, called the serfs, two big different, the society is not a general. Such as personal features seven hundred bones limbs, and what is slavery. If the main points of slavery, which does not become one. Rome military, and the agricultural slaves. Marx said Greece Rome serf society. But that the society has a part for the serf, claims that it is a serf society will not be. This is Marx, is a philosophy, not a historian. The main historical materialism, historical evolution, are as the main material, but also as a slave. Therefore, the society for the serf society, feudal society, social assets, the Communist society, economic conditions are the main material, not to people and humanitarian division. The four Chinese civil society, scholar in farming, in life, is divided into four occupation, and is integrally, non master slave don't. Marx is not known. Western medieval feudal castle, beyond the aristocrat knight, and churches. Strictly speaking, there is no social crowd. The society is in general, no society, it is a man without group. Modern Western individualism is that it has. People will think people in groups, individuals do not, is like a. So individualism also communicated with materialism. Western social materialism, it is part of the overall, No. Social China society is a group of humanity, the part as in the general. If the west is a religious society, or all the. The human common faith in God, there is a comprehensive. But after the mortal soul to heaven, but only to see it's true. Party in the world, what is Caesar Caesar tube, it still does not see. Modern Europe except the common faith god, all not from Greece and Rome two. The capitalist industrial society, is not off the Greek type. The colonial policy of imperialism, is not de Rome. Capitalism will be based on the machine. If no various machines, is the modern capitalism nor produce. While the machine is composed of the development of Natural Science in modern times and the formation of. Therefore, the ancient Greek had called the commercial society, while the non capitalist society. The modern capitalist society, it should be called a machine society. The crowd gathered in the capital and organized, but is set in the machine, and the beginning of its organization. Life but people, not on a machine no life.
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"Mang Yan (volume one)" series of works: Qian Muwei
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