Looking up at the sky

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Steven Weinberger (Steven Weinberg), 1979 Nobel Laureate in physics. USA theoretical physicist, Professor of physics and astronomy at the University of texas. Born in May 3, 1933 in New York City, in 1954 graduated from Cornell University, then go to graduate when Denmark University of Copenhagen Institute for theoretical physics, 1957 by Princeton University phd. Academician of the Academy of Sciences in 1991 USA America, won the National Medal of science. The main research field is the basic particles and quantum field theory, the main contribution is the introduction of symmetry spontaneous breaking mechanism in 1967 (Higgs mechanism), explain the differences in the quality of photon and intermediate boson, based on the gauge field theory is established on the electro weak unified theory. The theory predicts the neutral weak currents, on 1973 for the first time in the European nucleon center was confirmed by the experiment. Therefore, in 1979 won the Nobel prize in physics.
Winberg also has a deep interest in cosmology, the winning popular books "the first three minutes" has become the world's cosmology lovers favorite book.
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Objective 1, take science as a course for Liberal Arts 2, Newton theory, reductionism and Congress argumentation art 3, Newton 4, Obrien 5 dream face legacy, Galileo 6, nature 7, scientific knowledge, scientific method of boundary 8...... Practical joke and our survival 9, a quantum physicist night meditation 10, reductionism regression 11, physics and history 12, Sokal 13, Sokal scientific and practical joke: an AC 14, before the big bang 15, the Zionist movement and its rival 16, red 17, not Kuhn's Camaro revolution 18, Kuhn is not revolution: an AC 19, large reduction: in twentieth Century 20, a designer universe physics 21, "the universe has designers do": an AC 22, 5.5, 23 in the science wars Utopia in each chapter @##@ seek peace. Recently, in the "New York Times" (New York Times) profile, James Glantz (James Glanz) said: "physics review toward the 'ultimate theory' forward, Steven Weinberger is perhaps the world's opinion the most authoritative person. The so-called 'ultimate theory', is a perfect interpretation of the nature of particles and forces, will forever as a basic principle of all sciences. Wennberg is an influential writer of prose, the prose can give people the inspiration and motivation...... He recently won the Lewis Thomas prize (Lewis Thomas Award), which is awarded to the best reflect the 'researchers poet scientists' of such." Theoretical physics and on literature, philosophy, history and science policy is a more profound understanding of main interest Weinberger, book from the outstanding scientists and challenging the author this two aspects will be Weinberger comprehensive display. The article creation lasted 15 years, in which each one in this way or that emphasize must face the laws of nature is objective, and that shows no sign of human is in a unique position. In order to defend the scientific spirit, the enemy counterattack culture, the article expresses the reduction works, realists and pious non religious arguments. In front of each article are new added introduction to introduce the sequence of events, where necessary, plus the latest progress. In conclusion, provides a very fun these articles for the readers, let everyone to experience a kind of scientific minds of our time is the most attractive, the most powerful kind of extraordinary discrimination, understanding and insights.
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