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    Frankfurt school critical theory of mass culture research, theory of so-called "frontier" in topic not only for fashion and avant-garde research method, on the basic problem, research literature is that each time all can attract people's attention, arouse interest in exploring the ancient and ever new problems, such as the "reproduction", "performance", "form",",

  • China tea culture

    "Chinese tea culture" is one of the key disciplines of Jiangxi Provincial Academy of Social Sciences "China tea culture" research. "China tea culture" can be regarded as a companion author another work "tea culture in the Yangtze Basin", but this book is as a kind of cultural studies in the Yangtze River Basin, especially in the Yangtze River Basin, and focus,

  • Saying the Yangtze River

    "You walked from the snow capped mountains, spring tide is your charm; you goes to the East China Sea, where is your spirit......" Television documentary, "saying the Yangtze River" is the television documentary the CCTV 80's most popular, is also China documentary peak. Hong Yun and Chen Duo two old artist hit off explanation. Thick pens,

  • Decadent and Magic

    "Chinese ancient city life long series" in the capital of every dynasty and some of the big city as the center, describes the city of politics, economy, culture, religion, customs, customs and so on, from the large, from the near to the distant, thus understand the social progress, the historical development of purpose. The science books,

  • Ji Xianlin's theory of cultural exchanges between China and India

    There are four major civilizations in the world, China and India together accounted for half of them. The human has created four major cultural systems of China and India, and each one, and together, can be said to have accounted for half of the treasure house of human culture. China and India two culture systems have formed their own culture, to make a positive contribution to human,

  • The girl on the magazine cover

    The origin of visual stereotypes American in mass media, from Gibson's girl to the flapper, from vamp to the new woman, Caroline Cage traces the history of women in the development of mass media images through the study of the cover of the magazine, reveals the origin in early twentieth Century American culture society gender stereotypes. Cage through the cover of the main America magazine evolving",

  • In between the East and the West

    Chen Lemin garden set, the book thought himself with nature. The author will own more than half a century of family education, study, work and life experience, as well as the main academic thought formation and development Weiweidaolai, not into the then and now thinking, like history and realistic dialogue, set people thinking. From one side, reflects the,

  • The thinker Series 2 Avenue low

    One thousand five hundred and ninety-nine years ago, China a "not for the famous poet of moral integrity", walks away from the officialdom, pastoral seclusion, Gonggeng self financing, and the neighbors scholars judge the current affairs, meanwhile, wrote "a curious total appreciation, the doubts of the famous". Unexpected is, in nearly half a century ago,

  • The new modern China weddings

    "Introduction to modern China western architecture": after 1840, bullying in Yangqiangyangbao, accompanied by the Western powers in the Chinese the treaty ports, with the commercial nature of the wharf appeared, thus stimulating the rise of modern city China, all carved with various Western brand of foreign culture, such as the church led by western,

  • Cultural criticism and China feelings (on)

    This book collects Yu Shiying discussed in recent years writing culture and thought that part of the problem. This text has published in Taipei and Hongkong newspapers, especially the "China times", "United Daily News", "contemporary" and "Ming Pao Monthly". The book named "cultural criticism and Chinese feelings", there is a reason. 19.

  • The world of Suzie Wong

    The content of this book has been put in a place called "All About S" (about S) personal Webpage. The author since 2003 in the "Economic Observer newspaper", "ET TV weekly" and "Shanghai weekly" opened on the column of Suzie wong. There are about two years time, there are still reading,

  • Chinese robes

    -- the dragon and the Imperial Dragon Robe appeared three four etiquette to enhance the value of the painting in ancient Wu robes in the land the earliest extant imperial robe real seven A.D. 12 – fourteenth Century dragon and Long Paoba Long Paojiu Ming Dynasty Qing differentiation order a dragon. The dragon culture origin,

  • Read base 0702

    Mook "read" as "the capital of the famous library culture celebrity" (circle language) integrated humanities and social science books edited by Zhang Lixian, the "big read warehouse" meaning, generally every two months to launch a. The series focused big cultural events, impact on today's society figures do in-depth reports, memories and mining focus on culture,

  • Poet Biographies

    "Shi", in Chinese ancient times, scholars are closely linked with the official career. But these people may not understand the traditional code of conduct are new officialdom,; perhaps "successful, look at all the flowers of Changan", and perhaps is enormously proud of one's success, remembers in the four directions, but often backfire, upright character make their way in,

  • And with the river walk with KunLun

    Also, and the river together with KunLun ISBN:9787801505873, author: Li Xiaowei,

  • Different tunes rendered with equal skill

    Cross cultural reading of the enlightenment, this book is not only to show that fit in the concept and theme, but also put a stronger argument, that is only from the research on the East West cross cultural perspective, it is possible for some of the criticism of insight. If you do not go beyond vision single literary tradition is limited, we can not have open eyes,

  • Hoary head academic essays

    This book is Ren Jiyu's academic essays selected, divided into philosophy, Buddhism, Taoism and essays made four parts, to the president in Taoist philosophy, Buddhism, Chinese brilliant academic essays, prefaces, which part of the article was published, also there is no lack of unpublished works, such as the "twenty-first Century Chinese Philosophy" ",

  • Shaolin way an American

    The world knows "the world is a Kung Fu Shaolin, Shaolin Kung Fu Jia Tianxia", but people often put "Shaolin Kung Fu" as just "Shaolin Kung fu". In fact, "Shaolin Kung Fu" is not only a large technology system, but also a profound cultural system, is an important treasure of traditional culture Chinese. This is often not the people,

  • A home letter

    The letter is a kind of books, the ancients used to Godson in family education. Letters from home, can be two types of narrow and broad understanding. From the strict sense, it refers to the flow of letters between the family. But China ancient book, is based on the family as the center. Family precepts constitute the core family, thus making it has permanent,

  • Folk songs

    Folk songs, "folk songs" is selected from the multitude, still spreads in the folk oral folk songs, is the history of the largest, most comprehensive collection of folk songs, recording the confluence of the most scientific, is one of the outstanding achievements of folk oral literature of our country and the intangible cultural heritage protection project, has extremely important,

  • The ancient and modern war

    "Modernity" is bound to cause great confusion about thinking way Chinese modern Chinese intellectuals, because it means that: the process of modernization is not only a positive value to achieve victory, but also accompanied by a negative value of great. Freedom, democracy, legal system of these basic positive value,

  • In order to every day

    Tolstoy the 365 day spiritual food, Lev Tolstoy is a great artist, but also a great thinker. During his long life, he read countless classic, draw inspiration from. Religious philosophy books he read classics include not only the west, such as the "Bible" and "me", also including political science, sociology, jurisprudence,,

  • The famous mystery

    This is a very readable and credibility of academic books on history, many experts on history of the Republic of China in the history of more than 60 bit celebrities from all walks of life the mystery of life and death, major historical events in the mystery, kindly know narrative contains historian deep academic accumulation, Gao Guang academic insight and new research into,

  • When the rebellion into fashion

    Human history there have been many concern art people puzzled moment -- universally respected a arts master died, people looking to leave no successor, so that an art era. But history is not because people fear and stop the footsteps of a hurry, art always forward, just,

  • The old joke

    Graphic edition, morning, I walked through the area, always see a lot of people in the morning, running, fencing, kick the shuttlecock, playing Tai Chi and so on, but not the children game figure. Dusk or at night, when I pass by square and open space, always see people in the dance, yangko dance, ballroom dancing and so on, but not the children swim,

  • How to make a living

    Since ancient times, who tore lofty words and literati veil, to see Chen Mingyuan is a cultural celebrity economic account. Lu Xun, Hu Shi, Cai Yuanpei, Wang Guowei, Zhou Zuoren, Zhang Henshui...... Why from twentieth Century since the 80's, many of the world's reporters are looking for three called "CHEN M.Y" or "M,

  • Remote.

    The Dunhuang Buddhist literature in Japan spread, this book is "the humanities" Japanese book in a series of books, the series is a rich cultural connotation and profound humanistic spirit of the new culture of academic books, each book highlights a humanities subject, a fine. It reflects the academic front, expert skill; Chinese scholars on Japanese culture unique opinion reflects. Language,

  • The concept of people

    Book selected to open mind, lively and interesting as the principle, the fate of color and superstition not thick, a long and minute statement, boring is not selected. The selected range, history, son, set version, choose and follow what is good. Collection commitment: selected items cannot attain "such as listening to the sound of ear temporary Ming" realm, but read often,

  • My life is a Greek

    Digest 1 Wine Wine originated in the Caucasus region or Egypt is still Public opinions are divergent., but the earliest large-scale planting and brewing by sea trade Wine countries admit of no doubt, it is the greeks. Dionysus (Dionysus) is not only the Greek myth, the Greeks of bacchus,

  • His essays

    "He notes" is a well-known scholar, nine five year old Mr Ji Xianlin's latest masterpiece, collected since 2001 he was ill in hospital more than 90 article so far in his writing, a total of two hundred and forty thousand characters. Rich and vivid, with its first full disclosure of his childhood, youth, youth life, learning and fen,

  • Western Chinese and Chinese concept

    This is a review of 1840 to 1876 years "Chinese Westerners view" the longitudinal evolution and horizontal difference of works. The authors selected from group to individual, from experts (Sinologist or Chinese scientist) into the general population (businessmen, tourists, preacher) massive crowds as cognitive subject cognitive object culvert analysis,

  • Reconstruction of our picture of the world

    "Reading" was founded in 1979, is a book to the book as the center of the ideological and cultural review. "Reading" the book book about people and things, to explore the social and cultural issues relating to the big book, independent thinking and recommendation of different fields of knowledge, to reveal the complexity and diversity of all kinds of sound, to lead the trend,

  • Rogue feast

    Rogue narrative of contemporary Chinese, author further history. This academic work does not attempt to construct theory system, but clearly has a heavy ideological dynamics, it even fixed the popular belief "about static China long authoritarian society of the super stable structure". In the author's opinion, national / rogue this dual system is the historical cycle,

  • The Sanxingdui civilization

    This is a scientific system of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the center of ancient civilization?? study of Sanxingdui culture. The book of Tu Vin Unionmaw, explain profound theories in simple language to show the connotation of Sanxingdui civilization, in order to make the readers have a more comprehensive understanding of the Sanxingdui civilization, system. The book from the eve of the civilization, the bronze,

  • Xie Gelan China letters

    In Segalen pen, explore "exploration and self is Become other". This trend and orientation, not only decides the characteristics of the China trip spiritual quest, but also give his whole China journey covered the mystery of history across time and space. If we walk along the Segalen's footmark, and,

  • On the other side of celebrities

    Every celebrity has become matchless for a time accomplishments, also has its distinct edges and corners of the personality traits. Both leave masterpieces of great masters, or his era generals king, reputation is its the one side or the Its brightness dazzles the eyes. adore. When celebrities to paint with life background, and their romantic xiao,

  • Fashion

    The first boarded the Paris fashion week Chinese designers of the romantic journey, what is the fashion? What is the fashion? Famous fashion designer Xie Feng in his 20 years career as a clue, takes the reader through a gorgeous, romantic fashion world tour. Diffuse, from cherry aroma of traditional and modern interweave Oriental fashion in Japan, to the customs, always lead the world fashion trend of the french,

  • Through Ejina

    In China big northwest, there is a vast and mysterious place called Ejina. It can be traced back to the ancient human jahiliyyah, many important events happened here not only has changed the ancient China situation, often affect the pattern of the world; it is enough to have three or three in Holland switzerland. Only from,

  • Chinese friendship

    "Chinese friendship" author Wang Chunyu in historical as base material, show the charm of personality and the traditional friendship, also provides a good reference for modern communication. The friendship of our people, in our daily life everywhere. We love full of guest, we are keen to entertain friends of tea wine,

  • Finally the cultural elite

    Culture we interview (first series), the Southern Metropolis Daily "interview" column, interview object for standing on the peak Chinese cultural giant, average age 85 years, with their profound knowledge, experienced the vicissitudes of life experience and super dust open-minded outlook on life, interpretation of an era, a kind of spirit. This book is the collection of the first column, added not,

  • How we live

    How we lived, ISBN:9787300071169, author: Yin Zhixian,

  • Folk in the city

    An ancient landscape, watching "Oriental Plaza" Beijing man: the last guardian? The ugly Muxidi Beijing white-collar culture of Beijing? Beijing teahouse culture charm of the world's last walls who's from Beijing to the capital, or steel? The tragedy of Caishikou to Beijing, don't ha,

  • Chinese ancient cultural foundation

    The evolution of history, this book covers the Chinese characters characteristic development, combination rule, and the variation of different forms, books, design changes, category page, storage and sorting Yi death notes, Academy, the abolition of Imperial College, election, evolution, ancient official system, knowledge of Chinese surnames, the relation name and the word,

  • Reform: Reflection and promotion

    Reflection and promotion, "reading" was founded in 1979, is a book to the book as the center of the ideological and cultural review. "Reading" the book book about people and things, to explore the social and cultural issues relating to the big book, independent thinking and recommendation of different fields of knowledge, to reveal the complexity and diversity of all kinds of sound, to lead the trend,

  • Common sense China culture (in control)

    Common sense China culture, "common sense Chinese culture (in control)" content brief introduction: "common sense", "Chinese Chinese culture" and "knowledge of the history of Chinese geography" by the people's Republic of China Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the state organization of Beijing Chinese school, Nanjing Normal University and Anhwei Normal University to prepare a set of Chinese teaching materials for the sea,

  • The Chinese culture history (upper and lower)

    "The Chinese cultural history" (First Edition 2) about the analysis of the cultural production mechanism of the Chinese nation from geography, economy, social structure of soil, evidence theory and rich historical data; the sketch from the remote antiquity to the founding of the people's Republic of this period of Chinese culture since happened to the unification,,

  • Humanistic attitude

    This essay is based on the Peking University press's first book, the heart or the psychological have a go on their way home the feeling of home. Because the 1955 - 1961 in Peking university. Today home publishing way is the best, the highest sense "left home boss back". And Liu Changqing of the Tang Dynasty,

  • The wind in a dream of Red Mansions

    The Empress Dowager Ci Xi turned out to be a dream lovers, often to the lady Dowager since than; Hu Shi in his early years was a dream of Red Mansions suoying group, denied Cao Xueqin's copyright; handed down the famous "a dream of Red Mansions" is actually in the bookseller research driven by written in a hurry; a common editing changed a generation Chinese reading "a dream of Red Mansions" habit;...... ,

  • The very language

    There is a kind of language, it is poetry and prose, fiction, drama spread application wide, author and reader it is much larger than that of poetry and prose, fiction, drama, but it is in the school language classroom cannot learn, more being excluded from the literature and language, by the scholar as "promiscuous women". However, for thousands of years to,

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