• Human nature and value

    "Human nature and value -- Santayana essays selected" is Santayana's essays, the book was originally called Little Essays. The content involves the philosophy, religion, ethics, literature, art and all aspects of social life. The essays published, greatly welcomed by Western readers, known as the "when,

  • China book

    Zheng Min China -- the culture tour, Ge, novel, swallow press,

  • Chinese ritual in ancient Korea era.

    On the Confucian sense, ancient Korean is China outside the most sweeping area. Although China and ancient Korean border in geography, landscape dependencies, but their cultural differences originally is very great. From the linguistic point of view, Chinese belongs to the Sino Tibetan language family, Korea belongs to al,

  • The European modern life

    Religion, witchcraft, enlightenment, "European modern life: introduction to religion, witchcraft, enlightenment": "modern Europe" overview of life from the angle of cultural history 16-18 century European daily life; "home" and described the life of urban and rural residents living in the range: the birth and childhood, love and marriage, old age and death. Figure 64,

  • Courage + bully pretty = Hunan

    "Courage + bully pretty = Hunan" aspect of ancient and modern, to the people of Hunan spirit temperament, personality characteristics of people in Hunan, discusses the influence of Huxiang culture of people in Hunan, and gives examples of ancient and modern celebrities, analysis of Hunan people's mental outlook. ,

  • Century auditorium (eleventh Series)

    Due to the international first-class master often appeared on the show, such as Nobel physics prize winner Mr. Chen Ning Yang, "Century Forum" the atmosphere appears to be over. School teacher style have been fair show, "Century Forum" will become the content framework of majestic, tight, contention of a hundred schools of thought. Interspersed with host do a job with skill and ease,

  • Bible reading: Enlightenment or foolish?

    From the voice of civil society, reading is not "barbaric", also not necessarily "Enlightenment", the reading is an important supplement to modern education. This book on this topic over 60, according to the contents into "origin", "ideological trend", "campus thought," practice "civil education practice" and other series, fully reflect the parties,

  • Huizhou land relationship

    This batch of materials rich in content, involving economic history, social history, cultural history and so on many aspects, especially in quantitative economic history data for multi. The land contract, land tenancy contracts, purchase books, rent book, letter, the yellow book, yulintuce, tax documents, private account books, and land litigation files, all,

  • Survival or destruction

    "The survival or destruction -- Empirical answer thinking" is a book written by the actual worker bank book. When the friends we meet, and asked my advice, I hesitated. Because now that a lot of books, and most of the same content. However, when I read the book catalog and introduction, I suddenly,

  • Away from the civilization

    "Gone Civilization: China Shaman culture" states the generation, development and inheritance of historical China Shaman culture and art, and discusses the significance and value of application of world heritage protection, the book illustrations of user-friendly, this book is about the spread Chinese full, Mongolian, Hubei, Kazak Minority Shaman,

  • 2005 culture Chinese

    In twenty-first Century Chinese entered a new historical period. The rapid development of economy, the life change rapidly, cultures, came rolling in the China reform tidal current, provides a specific, practical and vivid image, a new form of economic and cultural Chinese profound and complex "contemporary history of the world". ,

  • Zhu history

    "Chinese Surname Culture Series" in history as the key link, to supplement the genealogy, history to fill, to insult the rise and fall of monument, clan culture, the famous ancient and historical sites, to speak with words of history, history, literature and history, talk familiarly on and on, surname what, where the ancestor who look, where, and everything for example, what are the famous,,

  • Fenmo fame

    "Fenmo fame: cultural spirit and life interest" in Yuan Dynasty, the composer was published by Ji'nan press. In the Yuan Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty as the discussion topic, with solid historical foundation, the vivid and flowing prose, with modern consciousness or the new angle of view, historical interpretation and cultural reflection of the Yuan Dynasty, reflects the composer,

  • The late Ming Yue Zhong research

    The composer had extensive and in-depth study on the traditional Chinese opera and striking features and other issues, the nature of the drama art, clarifies the fuzzy of the opera art people understanding, paves a way for the healthy development of the drama art. At the same time, they are in a series of monographs, commentaries, letters, prefaces and postscripts,

  • The European China Science

    "Europe Chinese science" is a large country by country describes the special works, a total of 200 more than word, including France, Britain, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, the Russian Soviet Russia 17,

  • The development of cultural industries and national cultural security

    Hu Huilin's "the development of cultural industries and national cultural security" focus on globalization of cultural soft power change, discusses the impact of globalization on national culture and challenges, discusses the national cultural security, cultural security, cultural industry and related policy system arrangement and the culture industry theory,

  • Reengineering form

    Urban Scene culture, is also a comprehensive expansion in the global scope of the battle. This is not the front, continuous and retrofit battle, endless life consumption brings endless tension. Beauty salon, gym, sauna, massage room is the body of the battlefield, and then is thin, tattoo, Wen Mei,

  • Comment Guo Moruo (in the book)

    "Comments on Guo Moruo (in the book) (3 volumes)" content brief introduction: in Chinese history, such as Guo Moruo in all aspects of successful people is not much. He was Chinese modern literature, culture, history, archaeology, ideological, political history aspects, have left clear traces, can be said to be a strange,

  • So, love?

    So, How About Love? Overseas students forum CTR and contend the highest degree of humorous stories! China U. S. population online courtship "light cold comedy"! People are subconsciously know love so fragile, so choose to use don't love to protect themselves. "Yes, we are,

  • Research on Academy China

    "China academy" featured article author wrote in the past, although not systematically about the nature and development of change, and the essence and development academy. Carry forward the Chinese education in the treasure, also on the subsequent researchers engaged in the college has great guidance. ,

  • The existence and development of human

    This book explores the possibility of human historical situation and development in today's situation, the author strongly present care, gives the theory into a large number of new materials. This book on how to overcome alienation, maintain the integrity and harmony, the optimization problem of modern social relations put forward his own understanding and new ideas. ,

  • From witch to medicine

    "From Wu medicine" published by Shanghai bookstore. ,

  • The multicultural literacy

    The elite culture and popular culture has always been seen as a different text to be quite distinct from each other, for the education of colleges and universities list is so. However, it is this? In has entered into the "post modern" today, this boundary is still clear? What is a multicultural literacy? Therefore, the author of this book,

  • The Grand Chinese jujube cultural

    "Wonderland" Chinese jujube cultural discusses the history and present situation of jujube, jujube large family, nutrition and diet jujube jujube jujube and overview, scientific, political and social life and economy, jujube, Chinese jujube and jujube literature and art of eight chapters. ,

  • Century auditorium (Tenth Series)

    Due to the international first-class master often appeared on the show, such as Nobel physics prize winner Mr. Chen Ning Yang, "Century Forum" the atmosphere appears to be over. School teacher style have been fair show, "Century Forum" will become the content framework of majestic, tight, contention of a hundred schools of thought. Interspersed with host do a job with skill and ease,

  • Genius is out of luck.

    Life is not shy, shy cannot become climate missed his own genius, life would be a waste if you love doesn't love, please let him go alone, is a beautiful self-study class hypocrisy, is a kind of violence, please don't look at life with a head for business, a lot of things is not to calculate the,

  • Pipe

    Cigarette is a kind of culture, the pipe form a very cultural meanings of fashion, of course this is more for men. This trend is for hundreds of years, initially as a sacrificial "God grass", after a long time of experience, for today's people are more fashion,

  • Guangxu old pictorial

    The society of the late Qing Dynasty "pictorial news" first series, this book was when the orphan, is by the Shanghai News newspaper published Xuantong news pictorial magazine, it with "Dianshizhai pictorial", "Hiei Ge pictorial" had called Shanghai Bund three most famous news pictorial. The illustrated with pictures in reports and records the opposition at home and abroad to,

  • Cultural giant

    Study of the cultural industry of contemporary culture America, MAC Li Huailiang, Liu Yuedi editor of "contemporary" -- Cultural Industry Research American in-depth, detailed study and analysis of the America culture industry. The book is divided according to the categories of the culture industry, to American film industry, broadcasting and television industry, music industry, animation industry, publishing industry etc.,

  • Segment name history

    This book is vivid, detailed introduces the section name of ancient and modern history. Section is a very important last name as the surname, there are endless talk about the history of legend, there are endless, celebrity millennium. You want to know the details, please open the pages of the book, step by step into a magnificent, interesting meaningful historical Grand View garden,

  • China traditional culture ten

    China traditional culture ten,

  • China jade culture theory.

    This paper set system "Chinese jade culture in" sequel, 20 included China Heritage Society jade Research Committee third conference papers. Essays in "jade" jade burial ceremony ",", "jade morals" three new topic of academic discussion. Compared with the previous book collection subject, discusses the set course,

  • A solution.

    A dream of Red Mansions book, tells the story of some love stories in this masterpiece is the author, with his wife to batch write "stones", as well as a main character prototype profile etc.. ,

  • Find the old process

    "Get back" is one of the ancient craft "approaching science" popular science series. These ancient craft is the Chinese civilization history, but because of various reasons into the history, the light is no longer the world to see. Today, when we picked up the ancients had used simple materials, imagine their year of production,

  • On Beethoven's symphony concert

    Beethoven was born in the German city of Bonn in December 16, 1770. His father is a palace tenor, but have a drinking problem. From the age of 4, Beethoven received father strict training in music, he was practicing in the house all day. Beethoven had learned to play the piano, organ, violin,

  • Red boat Symphony (in Chinese)

    Li Jian compiled the "red boat Symphony" (Central Party History Publishing House) in recent years is the first popular forms of history of the Communist Party of China works. It takes all previous congress of the Communist Party of China as the main line, comprehensive, systematic display of the party in the 70 years long years, as people's Liberation and social China,

  • The ancient hundred "rating

    The ancient hundred "rating (1-2), Zhong Linbin, Liaohai press,

  • Chinese youth 100 state of living

    The young man is a marine, they leaped out of the sea and fish. These leaders, from our community, with our consistent memory the first year, growth path with us, we have laughter, pain, desire, heart palpitations, warm, lonely...... In their steadily growing years, the same experience,,

  • Magic Realism

    The book mainly to the Boxer Movement from the false study at the end of the Qing Dynasty and its organization. Here said the false side is mainly refers to the so-called "spell" "God help.". Although the book is the study of the history of this period, it sounds like a lot, but in fact, contains some story, worth,

  • The mirror of love

    "Introduction" in love: Urban Scene culture, is also a comprehensive expansion in the global scope of the battle. This is not the front, continuous and retrofit battle, endless life consumption brings endless tension. Beauty salon, gym, sauna, massage room is the body of the battlefield, then,

  • Academic passing on

    Thirty in the humanities and Social Sciences Tsinghua University graduation thesis, Tsinghua University, the Tsinghua University Library in 30 years of graduation thesis is about hundreds of species, their style is not one, not of uniform length, the content is very wide, some paper, thick as a book, some paper drawing pictures with ancient writing materials, materials, and a variety of foreign languages. Therefore, taking into account the reasons and the length of the,,

  • Huxiang culture introduction

    From the aspects of education, philosophy, literature, art, history, science, religion, diet, folk customs, scenery spots were fully expounded on Huxiang culture, and outlines the historical track of the formation and development of Huxiang culture, reveals the spirit of Huxiang culture, analysis and discuss the relationship between Huxiang culture and the modernization of Hunan,

  • Western character map

    There is a joke, that is the heaven and the hell of the westerners who set up: If heaven, should be the British when the police, the French chef, the Germans as a mechanic, the Italians do couples, Swiss do duct; if it is a hell, should the Germans do the police, the British chefs do,

  • Eurasian Journal (Third Series)

    The Journal of so-called "Eurasia" mainly refers to the inland Eurasia (Eurasia), approximately east of Heilongjiang, the Songhua River basin, West to The Danube, the Volga River basin, particularly in central and Eastern Europe, including Northeast China, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and Mongolia plateau, west,

  • Literary elegance

    Wisdom is a fountain, she can into the sea, towering waves; also can give a trickle, quietly winds. Wisdom is a fertile soil, she can be riotous with colour I conceived the garden; can also nourish the tiny spots of light field. Sweet springs gush water, fertile soil of culture,

  • The Yellow Sea sunset

    One of the most favorite Korean Chinese cuisine, is called a "Noodles with Soy Bean Paste" food. Noodles with Soy Bean Paste popular in Korea, is not inferior to any kind of Korean cuisine. In South Korea, tens of thousands of Chinese restaurant, will have the Food supply. Even in the university canteen, it also retains one species, daily,

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