• In great detail

    In great detail, is an adjective in Beijing dialect. Say a personal chat what thing, well founded, often said he spoke in great detail. Perhaps because of the "features", the nose and the eyes more conspicuous, more important, so we have such a description. However, people in Beijing,

  • Zheng Yimei's cultural celebrities

    Mr. Zheng Yimei in twentieth Century Chinese history of literature, has always been regarded as one of the important writers of the school of mandarin ducks and butterflies, but he is not to win but to stories, prose. Because it is no longer "filler" collection, the words more easily, so it can show the Zheng as the essayist's skill. ,

  • Independence and Revolution

    The model here is quiet green of the Western Zhou Dynasty bronze Fang Ding here are transparent Maya Crystal Skull here are mysterious Egyptian gold mask there are ancient scientists there are myths, legends, there is scientific guess there are kings, prophets, revolutionaries, explorer there is found in the,

  • Research on tactical knowledge

    This book collects 12 articles written by the author since 1998. These articles (including several appendix collected once controversial). Relates to the "three commentaries on globalization" will be the Asian financial crisis, we introduced in 1997 1999 after NATO's bombing of Chinese Embassy in Belgrade and today the ups and downs,

  • In the view of the old Chengdu Culture

    This is a group of people, culture, local field, this is the Lao She, Ai Wu, Zhu Ziqing, Li man...... Place Longmen array about old Chengdu poly street in the depths of the old tea house in. The book this group of cultural or experience, or see or smell dear, dear, as this hundred years "Hibiscus Town" in the wild life, people playing method and thought,

  • Contingency, irony and solidarity

    Contingency, Irony and Solidarity, "accidental irony and solidarity" is one of the representative America famous pragmatist philosopher Lottie, attempts from the traditional philosophy of combination of public and private areas that have been the traditional western view, wants to use the universal human nature - historical concept, the public right and private perfect integration. ,

  • Natural and cultural heritage management

    Theory and practice at home and abroad, have so many world heritage is something to be proud of, but it also implies the need to bear the responsibility and obligation to larger, from Chinese, Australia, Canada, American and relevant international agencies, according to the existing expert scholars China natural and cultural heritage management, using law, economics, sociology, management,

  • Sexy

    A cultural interpretation, "sexy: an expression of desire, a cultural interpretation of" include: sexy, what is sexy? : sexy is the expression of a desire, the hair is a mess, what is the man's sexy? Unequal sexy, and husband together to see beauty, property and water: the male centered society of women. Everywhere -,

  • Old photos (thirteenth Series)

    "Old photos (13)" included a large number of precious historical photos, and with the text, the book illustrations, reproduces many precious historical moment, to help readers, especially young readers to better understand and the understanding of the past has a great help. ,

  • Western Studies (first series)

    "The theory of Western studies involving" included studies of western Greece source, as well as the research on the school and church history, history and culture of the west, Western science. ,

  • Chinese surname history

    "Chinese surname history (by the)" the main contents include: the first group of Zhou Zhou; legend; development of the Qin and Han Dynasties of Zhou; Zhou Ru'nan all over the world; to the south, gradually prosperous; contemporary Zhou and distribution. ,

  • Teahouse

    This book is one of the tea series, all aspects of a profound analysis of anatomy, teahouse, tea house, such as the study of its operation and management in the practical and theoretical problems, the latest achievements and trends in the gallery, art decoration and the layout of the environment art museum, explore the development strategy and management philosophy and popular tea house introduction,

  • Peep: Chu Mei-Feng is Taiwan's magic mirror

    This is the author of the book and Chu Mei-Feng face to face talk after a dialogue. There are some of her life story. ,

  • City Chinese criticism

    This book is a best-selling author and occupation publishing planner Mr. hammer carefully planned and creation of classical works, Chinese mainland publishing, will be rolled out in succession in Hongkong, Taiwan and Southeast asia. The author has 16 city representative from contemporary China cultural character and city wound cut, for each,

  • Nobel Award nominated Anthology

    Most people will celebrate the success, of course I also celebrate the success, but also to celebrate failure. I like to take failure when success as celebrated people, I am afraid that the world unique. I can see the benefits from failure, and would like to see the result, I succeed to see from the failure, from disaster,

  • Turning time

    China 1947, "turning the China: 1947" title in the "age of change", it is in this sense. There is such a turning point, the historical changes of the people's Republic of China was founded in 1949 the arrival, will become the logical thing. The first page in the annals of 1947 and the last page,

  • The Peking University lectures (Fourth Series)

    What is the "talk"? Scholars bench seat, students listen to. Someone once "joke": in the North course can not, but never listen to lectures. Now in our campus, posters are all kinds of lecture notice, speaking before a classroom full of students, there is a use of items, that is sweet and sour irrigation,

  • The Performing Arts History

    A performing art history, but also thousands of years of human self display history -- on the stage, people enjoy his the passions out. From the original Dionysia theatre to the vagaries of variety show, modern ballet from humorous improvisational comedy to elegant, from the countryside to the city,,

  • The I Ching Feng Shui. Building.

    "Starting point" of the book of changes of Feng Shui architecture is in fact the "book of changes" the heavens and the earth, human theory, supplemented by specific things astronomical, geographical, characterization of habitat, to be harmony and practical application of three. As for the later the vulgar and ignorant people will be added into superstition false, it should be distinguished,

  • The flaneur culture observation

    The reason I everywhere for Contemporary Chinese Urban Culture -- Shanghai, Hongkong, Taipei, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang -- inflation, is based on a belief: I think contemporary cultural category is the city. The urban culture should develop a "cultural sensitivity" -- the "sensitive" should be a rational and emotional,

  • Listen to a lecture at Peking University (thirteenth Series)

    The thirteenth series, as "a collection of the most cutting-edge areas of thoughts and ideas," the series is one of the greatest of the spirit of the times "thought dinner", and "because of its serious academic character and popular way of reading" to all readers loved, and was named the "ninety years to come the most welcome thought reading". The book is,

  • Symptoms of culture

    Study of contemporary experience China, "symptoms of culture -- Chinese contemporary economic research" a book is a good start, rational criticism of Zhang Ning, and the self closing under the traditional independent college. He comes from popular culture criticism in front, he is "cobbler" type fine observer, has extensive field experience of culture, fashion and,

  • Hey, Mexico

    This book takes the reader to the legend of Mexico, history, art, culture and the reality of Mexico. The same China, Mexico also has thousands of years of foundation, full of vigour and vitality of the system a, the vigor is reflected in the realization of modernization and economic growth, the development for the benefit of every national aspirations. This,

  • China ancient capital

    "China ancient capital": cultural history Chinese knowledge series. This series of predecessor have 110 topics, covering all aspects of history and culture, jointly published by the Commercial Press, the Central Party School Press, Tianjin Education Press, Shandong education press. Now by the editorial board to adjust the category, the,

  • The arrow of Cupid

    Love journey through time, in this fascinating book, the famous psychologist Robert J, his knee Berg from the interpersonal relation psychology perspective on why people fall in love and lost love is penetrating analysis. The book on any one want to have a deeper understanding of the people is an interesting book of love. It from the calendar,

  • Mass culture

    Culture and art education in China is not a lot, the school curriculum system are not the same, the materials used is not uniform. Therefore, the construction of a set of high quality art education materials, is very necessary, is of great significance. Due to the country's bone is no written culture art education college textbook series first,

  • The Speeches Acclaimed by the world

    The lecture, as well as professional academic, but let people almost talk atmosphere academic accepted thoroughly. Speech, not talking so, let a person feel very casual, but has a casual, serious within outside the comfortable feeling. This book by the science and technology, economy and reform, political and legal, health and life,

  • 2001 years of civilization

    This book is the contemporary economic, social and political prediction, which is today called "a perspective" on the most frequently reprinted. However, it now appears, the first edition of the book deals almost exclusively limited to the world economic outlook, a variety of reasons for this book will be illustrated, economic factors on the,

  • And Chinese culture

    "And China culture" focuses on the status and role in the development of human culture, and the influence of culture on yesterday today culture. Now, although the society than in the past were far more open, far in advance, but the social and historical role has not been fully understand, in this issue, which is,

  • Chinese Teahouse

    . "Chinese teahouse (Revised Edition)" the teahouse in the tea culture in seven functions: communicative function, information function, aesthetic function, display function, educational function, function of leisure, catering functions. The teahouse is an old industry. Cultural phenomena arising in a teahouse in business activities, namely the teahouse,

  • The medieval scholars, migration and cultural exchange

    Very backward in communications and transportation information of the ancient society, the dissemination of academic culture in general is directly implemented by scholars. They always have a strong cultural awareness, consciousness to inherit the mission. This determines their important role irreplaceable in cultural exchange and changes in the. The Chinese academic culture,

  • Crazy American

    Greed, violence, new America dream,

  • The Li Ao book of life and death

    "Li Ao book of life and death" includes "Li Ao book of life and death" and "we have no tomorrow" two book. "Li Ao book of life and death" a total income of "what die casting for the Korean by? "April," death "19 Li Ao talk about the issue of life and death, essays, and are all into the article, reflect Li Ao's forceful style and,

  • Have no

    Now the problem of too much, and to solve the problem of the heart is too small. So the author think, terrible is "a question without"! But he believes that, as long as the heart, the problem will reduce. Just imagine, if there is some more care, sincerity, patience, enthusiasm, confidence, love...... , more compassion, responsibility, tolerance,

  • Fast food nation

    Rich history, dark and rich road, this is a book about fast food, fast food and fast food created book in the world. Said to be both engaging and worrying, to a certain extent, fast food story is the story of post-war USA. Despite the fast food industry is one of the few people to create, but it led to the same USA society. Fast food has accelerated the America natural scenery,

  • Chinese ancient home

    "Chinese ancient home" mainly about: some foreign scholars to Chinese called the history of national. But is such a long history, profound knowledge, root, in recent years have encountered obstacles and setbacks, "historiography crisis" theory and society is very popular in universities. How to adapt the history,

  • China military culture

    This book from the Chinese classical art works and the broader philosophy, history, literature and other works, reveals the connotation and characteristics Chinese military culture, and deeply discusses the relationship Chinese military science culture and modern consciousness. The military thought of historical China affected China philosophy, and debate China military thought and rich,

  • Bathing in the female

    The book on the different ethnic and cultural background of the bath custom, especially heavy to shower in the female as the subject matter of works of art, perspective and interpretation of a variety of subtle life scene and old customs in. Years not cover its brilliance. The text perceptual and was a master of painting, the picture is rich and heavy in rare, beautiful and amorous feelings for you back,

  • The ten classical legend

    The ten classical legend, legend, Continental Bridge Cultural Development Corporation, the ten classical legend, ten classic legend cultural review, China City Press

  • Chinese why so "stupid"

    Preface: Mr. Bo Yang's "ugly Chinese" one book has aroused a lot of China compatriots rage, today, I even named his works as "stupid" "Chinese", it will also do not know how the fire burned the body from. But I think, after over twenty years of reform and opening up, Chinese inclination,

  • Frost free study notes

    Author by the classical literature deep into it. In the "Water Margin", "a dream of Red Mansions" and other works on the way. The characters and abnormal angle is novel. Provides a new view of reading to the readers. For example, on time once 留芹 now. On the "Water Margin" in the Liangshan scholar, "Water Margin" of the "three bad woman",

  • Thought free rein

    Thoughts without rein, "thoughts without rein" content: "the Millennium forum" is one of the most important television talk shows us the earliest era, from the beginning of last chiliad end, to the new millennium at the beginning of the year reached a climax. Now, the "Millennium forum" in Chinese around the colleges and various cultural circle, become the most cutting-edge popular topics of conversation, electric,

  • After the death of

    After the Death of Childhood, after the death of childhood: growing up in the age of electronic media, ISBN:9787508037059, author: (United States) David Pakingham (David Buckingham); translated by Zhang Jianzhong,

  • Chinese university humanities Kai Si Lu (fifth volumes)

    The first 4 volumes of the book was published, by the broad masses of readers and social all circles reputably, of which, 1-3 volumes in 1999 by the Ministry of education as the University Publishing House to celebrate the founding of the people's Republic of 50 anniversary gift book, in 2000 was named the national bestseller, it is an encouragement and inspiration to us. ,

  • Destructive generation

    On the sixty's, Peter Collier and David Horowitz co authored the "destructive generation -- Reflections on 60's" (Destructive Generation:Second Thoughts about the Sixties, at the beginning of 1989,

  • The book of rites of

    "The book of Rites" is one of the classics of Chinese culture, the number of dry years, it has shaped our national character with its philosophical foundation, provides universal values, ethics, morality, outlook on life for us. Given our artistic language, ritualized behavior, harmonious environment, and self,

  • This interpretation of Analects of Confucius

    This book contains important concepts fundamental to many valuable things in life and understanding of the universe and life. The continuous development of society changes, thought is also in constant development and renewal, the style of study is changing. The book "Analects of Confucius" This release is to adapt to social life China requirements of today's a very valuable "the Analects of Confucius" modern,

  • Another kind of childhood farewell

    Die human world finally looking back, "another childhood farewell (die human world finally review)" the author don't invent the wheel, through a large number of autobiographical material, catch every word and action, a thing from the micro series combination, make a careful and detailed analysis, but also made full use of the raw material transfer, novel Chinese truthfully the traditional social spread has threads, for long transport,

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