• The old Beijing and Manchu

    "The main content of old Beijing and Manchu": Beijing this non Manchu homeland, filled with the original is the Northeast's native people, but because at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty because of a fortuitous historical opportunity and make the Manchu people to move to a large one, with Beijing as the center and launch various activities, the scale is huge, wide scope, strength long, persistent,,

  • Culture and education

    The book is an exchange with Mr. Qian Muwei on the Chinese cultural and educational problems of monographs and speech form, a total of twenty articles, were in the war, mountains and rivers, mood changes sense of turbidity, to "two emperor kings legend World Award beyond the Great Wall". The China Mr. cultural deep understanding of Chinese Hong big, fine,

  • The Confucian offbeat history

    The history of the intellectuals, is the carrier of the Confucian culture. The Confucian personality independence, freedom of thought, is a rational culture force. "When there is to see, the world no way is hidden". Whether the UN High temples, or the far corners, they have a strong sense of responsibility to the society. Two thousand years of China history, confucianism,

  • Underwear.

    "Underwear: introduction female semi public privacy": pay attention to underwear women must be sensitive and illusions of life and of itself, is the real life state has one kind both waves and stable expectation. In the face of disappointment and frustration, underwear because of its unique dreamy feeling let a woman with a little comfort and satisfaction, but,

  • I love you

    New Classics Library, the book is simply a combination of text and picture simple, that's also simple words and blindingly obvious, but it can profoundly expounded the affection between person and person, deeply attracted us to read it. ,

  • The art of war

    "The art of War (Fourth Edition)" content brief introduction: China ancient books Books are numerous., however for contemporary readers but ten one or two. The editor after repeated screening, carefully proofread, edit the "essence" Chinese traditional culture series. A full set of a total of 20, not only elegant, exquisite cover, and text,

  • Critics of the teahouse (Second Series)

    This book is about the cultural criticism essays, articles: The Untold University, university spirit space, literature and the penalty, my computer life, we are the cultural conflict. ,

  • Sansei stone old souls

    China ancient novels and religious (all book, Fourth Series), the content of the book: the first part of the five chapter, illustrates the relationship between a kind of theme and story of Buddhist stories. The author focuses on Chinese the ocean as soil, bring forth the new through the old. The second part of an article, expounds the transformation and its origin of sin. The third part five, the several artifacts Taoism and high-level and the whole society in confucianism,

  • The adventures of ideas

    "Thinking" is a collection of adventures of interview, the author of "a writer reporter economy observes a newspaper", included in the book in the past two years they to some media tycoon, politician, the Academic Dean, business elite interview report, also add their own opinions and views on the. And the smartest man in the world, or not,

  • Talk about a dream of Red Mansions

    In this paper, research and appreciation of Redology is many sided, relates to the author's life and family, "a dream of Red Mansions" version of "a dream of Red Mansions" difference, thought, artistic features, "a dream of Red Mansions" various personalities and continuous book or the influence aspects. The book with the unique judgment a expert on the enrichment and development. ",

  • Culture, power and state

    1900-1942 years in rural areas of North China, "culture, power and state" is the basic structure and to study its function in rural cultural network, and that the author of the second book "rescuing history from the nation" (translated by) structure seems to vary a lot, but he is in the topic of continue to extend the modern countries: how to construct a new culture, and,

  • No Utopian rhetoric

    What is the dominating culture market demand or desire? Really need to go? Who's in control and manipulate the public desire? Cultural commodity producers or cultural goods salesman? This is a literary and cultural communication in the new secret. This paper is published in major media, the author of nearly two years of articles collection,,

  • Chinese Youxian culture

    This book comprehensively the Confucianism three thought the mutual growth and decline, especially profound influence as the Taoist religion in the localization of ancient Chinese, the traditional culture from the concept of Youxian formation to form, the thorough discussion. Of all social strata has embodied in accepting his thoughts and activities in the ideal of life and the,

  • Folk language and Chinese culture

    Book through the study of the North China plain language is like a village, analysis the clan culture, the relationship between the villagers, Zong Qin name, change of marriage custom, folk belief, reveals the cohesion in the language are like people in the psychological and public spirit. ,

  • Something about music

    ‚óŹ Li Jinhui and when will you come again (Hao Mingyi) who participated in the first batch of what modern vernacular Chinese textbook editing and publishing? What people participated in editing and publishing the earliest and oldest children's publications? What people write the first children's song and dance drama? What people early and vigorously promote the numbered musical notation music? ,

  • Study of Binzhou family

    "Introduction to the contents of" Bin Zhou family: in 1931, Du eight compiling genealogy, inherited the traditional, no account of village of residence as an important content to consider, the vast majority of branches no account which generation, migration, which people why migration. The schedule is only on the last page, listed 38 the Pope each branch,

  • Qi Gong Cong draft (art by volume)

    "Qi Gong Cong draft: the first one or two volumes of" volume "art paper roll, roll, roll" postscript poems published, from academic circles and readers praise. As Mr. Qi Gong's calligraphy, painting "has received the first three volumes by the roll, the roll out of" no longer. Identification of the authenticity of the inscriptions textual research, differentiation, age and style,,

  • Big dreams who sleep

    The childhood, listening to adults speak myth, that is known to have the "TeleEye", "ears", in the young heart, cause the infinite daydream. And long, and became the home, wife school woman (1937 - 1970) graduated from the Physics Department of Fudan, infrared technology. She told me that, from the point of view of modern science and technology,

  • Justice and Reconciliation: after

    Injured in violence society, how to let the members of the past history of adopt a conciliatory attitude? How to be a stable and peaceful future lay a foundation? How to deal with the urge to take revenge? How to deal with the government during the national violence responsible? How individuals and community effort to properly handle the people,

  • Jin Yong and his works

    The "Jin Yong book", the first book from "status in the history of literature", "traditional culture", "thought", "art", "language", "elegance", "love", "martial arts", "and Western literary relations", "Modernity" and other point of view interpretation of Jin Yong's novel; then from the microscopic point of view, the characters of works,

  • Mob Era

    The book explores a traditional branch of human knowledge, discussed our recent past. It also looks forward to the world the riffraff time. If the future really corresponds to what will happen, so, for those who want to trace the social development, people understand some characteristics of the future, this book will be of great advantage,

  • The Japanese cultural invasion of Chinese

    Scholars, cultural war of aggression against China, in the "culture" is used for military invasion of service time -- including prior manufacturing aggression against their country public opinion, to study proves the necessity, possibility of military invasion of his country, by propaganda and incitement in the war of aggression, to enslave the invaded by people for the purpose of, intentional discrimination, slander, damage, damage to the,

  • A woman of rational rules

    "Woman" rational rules brief introduction: whether you feel: you are lost in your life? This shows that when you get to the use of "woman rational rule"! Woman private desire for self destruction. Cheer up, it could save your life, why interpersonal relationship is a direct reflection of the woman self esteem. ,

  • Wood house

    Pan Nianying's novel is sad water, warm sun, Miss grass and mountain trails. When the curtain fashion passes, when a bureau for the money, this novel will also silently and people a long journey. -- he pan Nian Ying to his hometown as the background, we show a,

  • History of the devil

    "The devil" is a symbol of culture, penetrate and influence people's life. Book reviews "the devil" born from twelfth Century to twentieth Century in the development and influence of western. The image of the devil; the devil is changeable, the first great Christian legend of terror, is the king of hell, the age of enlightenment, the devil is slow,

  • The social role of intellectuals

    Introduction: "the social role of intellectuals" is comparable with the "in Europe and the United States of Poland farmers to" value. The seed has grow sturdily....... The book is probably one of the most influential works of lasting. -- Lewis Kose introduction: 1968 edition of the Lewis A,

  • "The trial" football.

    The figures of the non legal prosecution, in the first year, several different fate is so similar to the "big man", a particular year in this particular world China football, while experiencing a hitherto unknown challenge each other in life, deduce scenes brilliant and hesitation, struggle and compromise, struggle and despair a big drama. When the end of the year, bureau,

  • Listen to a lecture at Peking University (eleventh Series)

    The sound of first-class universities thought, a famous scholar of wisdom! "In the lecture series" was founded in 1998 the 100 years, "people's Daily" "Southern Weekend" "reader" "China reading newspaper" "Chinese Youth Daily" "sina.com.cn" hundreds of other media reports or reproduced, was named the most popular,

  • Modern celebrity plexus words

    Mr. Zheng Yimei (1895 ~ 1992) is a well-known historical anecdotes you. Since 1913, he had published the text in the press, to old age still wrote ceaselessly, achieve a literary anecdotes. His writings, in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of Yuen anecdotes for content, present a splendid sight of gambling, a wide,

  • Furniture and poetry

    "Furniture and poetry" attempts from the furniture into the social horizontal fields -- political, economic, cultural, religious beliefs, customs, technology process, explore the relationship with the field of furniture, furniture and position in these fields of action, the furniture itself in these areas of traits,,

  • Popular language and the social fashion culture

    "Including the popular language and the social fashion culture" to explore the social popular language and culture of fashion, since twentieth Century: twentieth Century 20-30's popular language, twentieth Century 50-70, twentieth Century in popular language since the 80's popular language, especially on college students and campus culture and popular language,

  • Liyuan fast.

    Mr. Zhou Heng article writing concise, insightful, can be divided into several categories, one is the comment on the actor's performance; two is from some "trick", so that more people understand the drama; three is to find fault, from the script structure to a sentence, and even actors dress, manners, everything. In his article, the most rare,

  • City of God / not have Kuaizai series

    "Read China city character" content brief introduction: we say, character is the soul of the city, is the city's eyes. A city's cultural taste, often reflected by the city culture and the city people's character, as people of all ages and both sexes have different personality, city each character. ,

  • Dialogue and innovation

    The book describes the impact of globalization civilization dialogue theme, various forms of civilization advocated in the impact of globalization, should be excluded from the traditional "two points" consciousness, take the form of dialogue for coexistence and development, realize the unity of generality and individuality. The author mainly Confucian spirit as a case, analyzes the traditional civilization,

  • Two kinds of tea

    The book illustrated in the form of the China tea culture, and cleverly the tea spirit and ancient motto com., the so-called real: enjoy slow in tea taste, while reading the wonderful enlightenment morality. ,

  • Liangshan Heroes

    "Liangshan heroes": this batch of other, although still Guangyu decorative style, but is this in his thirty years of "folk songs", effect of Ke send less, more of a strong national style, shows the influence of Ming Xiang like illustrations and woodcuts New Year paintings. Of course, we can see the artist has the gift selection of modern art, no longer,

  • Two lines

    Author Lui Si Iligara, a contemporary French psychoanalyst, philosopher and linguist. This book aims to explore the relations between men and women, emphasizing the subjectivity of man, certainly people sex differences. The author also by the influence of the oriental culture, advocate should pay attention to the body, self-cultivation. Irigaray constructs a new,

  • Kiss and tell

    This book is a book after serious research kiss. The abundant data, tells the origin of every hue, kiss kiss and a god soul reverse, trembling. From ancient India "love" in attitude on today's Africa kiss kiss kiss custom, from various and was feeling to kiss,

  • The Chinese Spring and Autumn Annals

    "Spring and Autumn Annals" in Chinese ancient Feng: the relationship between nature and man is the core problem China actual traditional culture; Li Binghai: totem is the flag, is the clan's symbol, is the symbol of power; Qian Shaowu: China sculpture is full of features, full of wisdom and philosophy of artists, and Chinese together; sun,

  • Also our me

    "Me" is also my author following its subversion of "Chuang-tzu" "Chuang-tzu" is my old notes one after the book was published, and the two thousand years of the "me" old note to challenge authority. The book "a lot of mistakes corrected me" old notes, restored the long blocked the "me" the true colours. The book is otherwise,

  • Hu Shi and Chinese intellectual choice in modern

    The center of the book is Hu Shi in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China since the transition from Chinese and Western surging, the struggle and not know what course to take alienation. Though the book is centered on Hu Shi, but Fu Sinian, Xu Zhimo, Ding Ling and a number of modern intellectuals' political reality that equally difficult to go on or retreat, resigned from the dilemma,,

  • Folk witchcraft

    Rain in the medieval countries are popular. China Han Dynasty also used witch praying for rain. Why rain secret must use Miko and prostitutes? Mr Ji Xianlin believes that with the earliest human labor division and the primitive religion or superstition. There are occasional place, those who would not fear, many,

  • Based on papers

    "Graphic garment sewing technology a crash: basis" by Chinese textile publishing house. ,

  • Tea culture and health

    Traditional culture and modern health, ISBN:9787504723390, author: Hu Xiaoyi,

  • Really good.

    Comparison between Chinese and Western culture and answers, Westerners Chinese truth, goodness. Two pursuit leads to two cultural traditions. The two comparison is better? Over the past hundred years has been a hot topic in academic circles. Why this topic will have theoretical charm so? Academic itself is important? Or reality? Or the two have both at the same time? The author thinks,,

  • Study tea

    Study tea, China is the origin of tea, the Chinese nation is found, planting tea village and the processing and utilization of the nation's first tea. Tea is the national drink of tea Chinese, reflects the Chinese living culture. Chinese from tea edible, medicinal, to drinking, tea, make tea forming a regular form of etiquette, with a drink, the tea go,

  • A brief history of China human rights thought

    This book systematically summarizes the origin and development of China ideology of human rights context, and analyzed "the core idea of Marx's concept of human rights". This manuscript specifically listed in section and related space, development process of forming the contemporary China "human rights". ,

  • The 100 world literature master list

    What makes a novelist, playwright and poet become great? The great achievements should be how to measure or compare? The dream of being a writer in the field of literature and the fundamental contribution or whether they changed our survey in the way of the world, "the 100 world literature master list" of these ask,

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