Li Jianjun's interpretation of Zhou Yi

Date of publication:2005-6   Press: United Press   Author:Li Jianjun   Pages:185   Words:180000  

Li Jianjun's explanation of Zhouyi, ISBN:9787801309167, author: Li Jianjun
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Li Jianjun, native of Mizhi County of Shaanxi Province, was born in twentieth Century 50 time metaphase, the modern Ancient Chinese Literature Search master Zhao Run's grandson.
Li Jianjun family, as his grandfather Zhao Runsheng Daru lotus. Since the enlightenment began learning of Confucianism and Taoism, Buddhism, hundreds of academic, with all the energy in the China traditional culture. As an adult, and the essence of the mysterious culture in Chinese and contemporary astronomy, geography, medicine
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The preface of Zhou Yiqian (a) Kun (two), (three) and (four) to (five) or (six) division (seven) than (eight) small animal (nine). (ten) Tai (eleven) or (twelve) people (thirteen) a (fourteen) - (fifteen) Yu (sixteen) with (seventeen) (eighteen) Gu Lin (nineteen) view (twenty) bite (twenty-one) with Ben (twenty-two) stripping (twenty-three) complex (twenty-four) not (twenty-five) cattle (twenty-six) - (twenty-seven) is greater than (twenty-eight) Kan (twenty-nine) from (thirty) salt (thirty-one) constant (thirty-two) or (thirty-three) the strong (thirty-four) (thirty-five) Jin Ming Yi (thirty-six) family (thirty-seven) (thirty-eight) in front of Jian (thirty-nine) solution (forty) loss (forty-one) and (forty-two) (forty-three) 夬 Gou (forty-four) extract (forty-five) or (forty-six) difficulties (forty-seven) well (forty-eight) and (forty-nine) Ding (fifty) earthquake (fifty-one). (fifty-two) was (fifty-three) (fifty-four) his sister Feng (fifty-five)
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