Leisure theory

Date of publication:2005-6   Press: Lixin Accounting press   Author:Lou Jiajun   Pages´╝Ü379  

Lou Jia Jun, male, born in September 1957, Zhejiang province. Director of Tourism Department of East China Normal University, associate professor, PhD, master of tourism management professional. The main research and teaching in the leisure entertainment, tourism, tourism enterprises' strategic management etc.. Published more than 40 papers; his major works include "entertainment", "Introduction to tourism travel agency management", "Daya Chinese travel of Shanghai volume", "non Star Hotel management" (co authored) etc.. Minister of education "fifteen" project "Chinese tourism industrial structure and macro configuration research", Shanghai Tourism Committee "to deepen the urban tourism of Shanghai industry research" and other types of tourism research and planning projects of more than 20.
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The first chapter, the origin and the development of leisure and leisure theory first festival Leisure: distribution development history and comparative second festival leisure scientific theory of section third investigation of leisure essentials second chapter leisure life mode of the first section of leisure time and leisure culture characteristics of third chapter second section of public leisure activities section third popular leisure time: among the first day and sublimation of leisure culture and spatial structure analysis of second day fashion leisure culture festival third promotion leisure culture the way the fourth chapter leisure function: balance and development of the regulation and development of repair of second section of society and the symbolic third physiological mechanism and perfect the social economic development of fourth section of the fifth chapter leisure conflict: Accelerator imbalance and control section causes dear Hugh conflict perspective second festival leisure conflict analysis leisure conflict third Festival leisure conflict influence fourth section of the sixth chapter: control of leisure consumption and its evolution in section third of leisure consumption behavior of leisure consumption group analysis of seventh section fourth of chapter on the evolution model of the structure and the way of the first day of leisure consumption characteristics and the second section leisure consumption motivation The leisure industry structure analysis of third section of government in the development of leisure industry in the fourth Festival leisure industry is facing the challenge of the globalization of reference @##@ constitute and face the challenges of the second festival leisure industry and the major departments and face the challenge of the first day of leisure industry After entering twenty-first Century, along with the socialist modernization of our country enters a new period, great changes have taken place in the consumption structure, especially in the eastern coastal areas and large city, leisure has become the main way of daily life. However, theoretical research on leisure as the core has lagged behind. This is a main cause of this book was published. The book is divided into seven parts. The development of leisure and leisure theory origin, leisure life, leisure culture: vogue and sublimation; leisure function: balance and development; leisure conflict: imbalance and control; leisure consumption: the evolution of structure and style, leisure industry and its challenges. Among them, the first chapter on the development of leisure and its related theories are all then, inspection and combing, and on China's current leisure research summary and preliminary analysis. The second chapter mainly from the two aspects of leisure time and leisure activities carried out a detailed analysis of model of leisure life. The third chapter focuses on the analysis of the structure characteristics and leisure culture, leisure culture and the harmonious development of the society and the interaction relationship. The fourth chapter starts from the perspective of leisure function, the development of leisure function, social function, repair function and economic function on many aspects. The fifth chapter is mainly on the principles and measures of leisure activities in conflict control. The sixth chapter describes the leisure consumer characteristics and consumer motivation, and emphatically probes into the leisure consumer groups and leisure consumption behavior pattern. Range structure and industry the seventh chapter studies the leisure industry, the role of policy in the development of leisure industry is studied, and analysis the challenges for the development of leisure industry in China and its countermeasures.
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