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Date of publication:2007-8   Press: The Writers Publishing House   Author:Ma Ruifang   Pages:243  

One who is the most popular professor Ma Ruifang speaker of this book, is written "100 forum" of the speaker. In general view, the speaker into writing, some just a piece of cake, in fact. Because the "100 forum" this section below, is divided into a plurality of directing group. Each group has a leader (also called "editor in chief"), a number of directors, are owned by producer Wan Wei tube. Specifically, is Wan Wei pipe head, head tube choreographer, we compiled catheter. The speaker of the "home", in principle is fixed. A began to which group after group, which is also referred to, is the unwritten convention. Different groups of speakers, not "never in contact with each other", but also meet is not much, not to mention the familiar. Different group director, also only familiar with groups of people. All the people are familiar with understanding, in addition to producer producer Wu Wan Wei, socks, probably only the general planning solution 如光. Jie Ruguang the producer but unusual. He not only topic, also seek and find the speaker, is actually the "100 forum" "headhunter" of "general manager". To write this book, he was the most qualified. Unfortunately, the wild stock or floating clouds, too profound to be understood. You should ask him these things, that about Wang Gu only smiled but did not reply, a face to be modest and prudent. The "cheap" Ma Ruifang. So, what Ma Ruifang is familiar with so many speakers? This and her character. Her character, I think is three: straight, cool, fun. Remember that one evening, after dinner, Wei Xuelai director leader then introduce our two understanding. Because when I first into the "100 forum", two eyes a black, belong to "strange world", is the need for the "familiar" older sister "chuanbangdai". The results just one seat, she would speak with fervour and assurance, outspoken, also do not consider the opposite this into a reliable, this is called "straight". Association is much later, she gave me advice, I would give her advice. She felt, immediately accept, tongtongkuaikuai, this is called "". Later, she wrote the article, said "take care of mentally retarded children" she help me, my belly laughter, this is called "fun". Straight, cool, fun, these three are liked. So the relationship between Ma Ruifang and many speakers are very good. This relationship, say well, called "Freemasonry"; to put it bluntly, called "like drawn to like". In fact, "like drawn to like" also is not derogatory. Because of the "odor", originally read as "olfactory". "Smell" is "smell", "good" but "hit it off". A refined statement, called "act in unison", also called "Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together". "100 forum" on, in general is a loose group have the same likes and dislikes. Straight, cool, fun Ma Ruifang, is one of the most of the margin of A. So she can write this book. In fact, such personality, not only in a group will be popular, the TV also is likely to lead to "the audience". The audience liked what the speaker? Or, a speaker by the audience, what is? I see three: knowledge, ideas, personality. "100 forum" is the "forum", a little knowledge is not can't. Of course, learning much like Chen Yinque, Qian Zhongshu, also do not have. How much is appropriate, by his master, we could notNo. This is the first point. The second is to have insights. As a "certain academic content" TV show, or, as the "heritage of civilization communication culture platform", "100 forum" not only to the dissemination of knowledge, but also thought of communication, communication culture. The audience not only to listen to you "say what", "how to say to you". The "how to say" sometimes than "what to say" is also important. I say "the influential man", says "the banquet", in two words or three with a pen. Producer Wan Wei asked me why not fine to say. I said, "Banquet" who don't know? Wan Wei said, because we all know, just to hear you say. The audience not to listen to the "Banquet", but listen to what do you think of this period of history, to listen to the "banquet interpretation of Yi Zhongtian's version of" "". This thing that I saw the "100 forum" is how to return a responsibility. Yes, "100 forum" to "stories", but not "only tell a story". Do not understand this, do not understand this column. The speaker also "learning", but not "only". Do not understand this, when no speaker. There is knowledge, and has the opinion, in this forum CCTV, there are tenable. However, you have to let the audience likes, but is the heart of the "great love", light has the two is not enough, but also to have personality. In fact, "100 forum" speakers have personality, but some bright and some not bright, some publicity and some not publicity. The media asked me, "100 forum" pick the speaker, image requirements? I said yes, more ugly. All people smile, think I'm trying to ridicule. In fact, this is the meaning behind, have personality. What is the relationship between personality and looks? Don't good-looking no personality? You certainly can't say. However, a speaker, a by the knowledge and insights to attract the audience's speaker, if it is too beautiful, face or body, or, Mandarin also special standard, station splendor in the table as people like the "Idol", speaks fluent as "news broadcast", it is not easy to highlight the personality. This clear, not "no personality", but "not easy to show". In addition, the speaker's. Such as the "canal" Li Lei is very beautiful, so popular. So, the personality is better? May not, depends on what is personality. Eccentric, arrogant, mystifying, if it is not love. Straight, cool, fun, but be sure to love. Many people like Ma Ruifang, I think one of the reasons is here. Of course, and knowledge and insights. Has the knowledge, has the opinion, personality, she said "Liaozhai" was successful. In fact, not only is Ma Ruifang, the other people also like. We can even say so: a person, if has the knowledge, has the opinion, has the individuality, will be warmly received by the audience. Of course, he (or she) also may teach. Has the knowledge, has the opinion, has the individuality, lectures, this is the "100 forum" to choose the standard speaker. Will the lecture is at the very least, both lectures and learning even if qualified, both lectures and have knowledge and insights can be successful. If he (or she) and distinctive, prominent, pleasing personality, it can be a great success, become the most popular "100 forum" speaker. Here, perhaps some people will ask: the audience loved? Is this really necessary? Two why should the audience like to answer this question, we must first make clear the "100 forum" is what. "100 forum" is stem what? Dissemination of knowledge, dissemination of ideas, the dissemination of culture. According to the general idea, you spread that knowledge, thought, culture, then, your speaker certainly must have the knowledge, thought, culture, and the more knowledge, thought, culture, the better. As for the media, it is television. Television is doing. Besides CCTV, also don't understand communication? To understand the propagation will spread of CCTV, and those who have knowledge, thought, culture of the speaker to do it, is not the "gold partner"? The early "100 forum" is like this, so please for the heavyweight, master, master class figures. And what's the result? Unfortunately, the ratings is very low, the column is also facing elimination. Someone said, you can't be so snobbish, not only the audience, you have a sense of mission! This can make people smile. Yes, "100 forum" is to have a sense of mission, can not be one-sided pursuit of ratings. But, at least have to base it? Don't say that ratings are not a little truth. It can at least tell everyone, we preach to No. If you don't have to, not the invalid labor? This is just like the doctor, the medicine is the best, but the patient cannot eat, or losing to the blood, also in vain. It is like the delivery of goods, goods is again good, can't deliver, is equal to zero. This gave us a lesson: "spread in certain" in this phrase, "spread" two words, not more than it behind the "so and so" secondary! Accurate to say is this: when making decisions, "says what" than "how important communication". Then have a sense of mission. Specific operation, "how to communicate" than "what important communication". At this time to have the sense of reality. This and "despise the enemy strategically, tactical importance to the enemy" is a truth. So it is necessary to study the propagation, through communication channels. There is a important link, is the way of communication and communication platform. The way and the platform of communication are different, the demand is not the same. For example, through television and the distribution of books, two sample. I have found that "some speaker 100 forum", knowledge is very good, or writing. Write notes, choreographer, see also satisfied. However, the program, lane is bad to have a "low ratings". Why? Because learning is not equal to writing, writing is not equal to the class, will be in class is not equal to do tv. There's a big difference. So, what are the rules of the television communication? First, television is for people to look at, but also to listen to, the reception mode is comprehensive audio-visual. This is it and books of different. Second, television viewers are loose, wandering, with pauses at any time may change the channel. This is it and the films of different. Third, television viewers watching the program, without any liability, obligation, and nobody can force them to watch. This is it and class difference. To understand these three, we are not difficult to understand, "seize the audience" this four word for TV, is so important. At the same time, we are not difficult to understand, "100 forum" will have special requirements on why the speaker. Because in this show, he is the only one to appear on the screen. If he can't catch the audience, who hold? If not catch, it have to end? In this way, "100 forum" in the choice of the people, can not only consider the knowledge much, size, level of fame, authority and not. Is not "consider", is not "only", not even "first consideration". The first thing to consider, or did he "audience". The "audience", otherwise qualified, I would also, he might walk onto the platform, and even become a lord "". There is no "audience", knowledge is again good, to the high level, fame again big, may also with the forum just miss the person or opportunity, because he had "no chance". I say this, has been a lot of research and criticism "100 forum" people ignore, neglect, not to regard it as right. In their view, "100 forum" since it is a "cultural programs," so, you can only rely on the content of the program, to attract people by thought, program of the charm of cultural, academic content and its own. If we should emphasize the speaker of the "audience", not mix to "entertainment"? This program, not the academic and historical "entertainment"? Not "entertaining children" or "children of fools" or "according to"? In my opinion, who said these words probably don't understand tv! In fact, no matter how your positioning of "100 forum", "academic", "the academic", "there are certain academic content", it is the first TV show. A TV show, let the audience loved. Not only love your content, still have to love you the person. Why? Because of television and books in different. The book is read, the TV is see. Reading of the people can not see the author, there is no need to see. See the "100 forum" is visible speaker, but must see. Even if cannot see, hear. To make a long story short, "100 forum" the speaker is animatedly appear in front of them, give them to be full of sound and colour. Excuse me, this feeling can not important? When we say "audience", not the entertainment requirements of the beautiful youth brilliance, but "has the knowledge, has the opinion, has the individuality, will lecture", how "entertainment"? Is it only the entertainment star is a charismatic, scientist, scholar, thinker on the stereotype, eccentric, annoying? What is this excuse me damn logic? More interestingly, we also heard the opposite criticism. This kind of criticism is to have character, want to have personal charm. But they believe the "100 forum" the speaker has no personality, everyone is "an accent", because it is in accordance with the unified model building out. There are people who have certain programs are not popular, repair due to the director, planning and producer of "". As the repairs too, so devoid of personality. Not have a saying called "," 100 forum "is a 'devil's bed'"? So I must ask: is that so? If yes, where is the problem? If not, why and where? Three "100 forum" Is it right? "The devil's bed" to say "the devil's bed". The phrase "copyright" belongs to Ma Ruifang, the "proof" of the article in the book. But all who read this article as long as not too stupid, who see the horse the teacher is in ridicule. Her attitude, is "complain and happy". In fact, this article will tell you, is such a question: how scholars on tv. Or, a scholar, how ability from "learning" to "TV", from "academic" into "the TV people". This is not a simple process. Ma Ruifang hit off about this process, and called it "hard but interesting". That is hard, because in her place, there are several life difficult for the Hom, around but bend. That is interesting, because the last step, finally come around. Not only that, she also saw a new world, opened a new field, not "awfully"? Although Post said beam with joy, I believe that the teacher Ma on the "devil's bed" before, must be "full naomenzi lawsuit"; and she encountered problems, but also all the scholar Forum on common problems. For example, not comprehensive, system, complete, OK? Do not follow the prescribed order, copiously quote authoritative works, find by hard and thorough search, OK? Not like normal class, speaking characters to life, the history press time, OK? Even a technical problem, also can put people to death. For example, in accordance with the academic conventions and occupation moral, reference to the views of others is to note the source. Strict point, also must specify the revision, the page number. But in the "100 forum" behind, at least not this, too many references is also a problem. Don't think this is trivial. For a scholar, all of which means that this thing he did have the academic, also means that he is not a scholar. The ancients cloud, starvation small disloyal. Knowledge, is each scholar "the life of this". Lost knowledge, and "disloyal" not too bad, how random? No wonder Wei Xuelai told Ma Ruifang how to speak, her first reaction was: "as you say, so to speak, and knowledge?" Look at it this way, "100 forum" really is "the devil's bed". But the problem is not so simple. In fact, knowledge, academic, academic, and format specification does not play, such as. The format marks, provenance, edition, page, keywords are clearly "academic bubble" and "academic trash", we see there? In turn, none of these things work, beautiful language literarily works, also not necessarily no academic. This point, read the paper to know, I don't have to say. The problemIs, "100 forum" and academic exactly is a what? It is the "academic"? Or "non academic"? Even the "anti science"? In other words, whether it is a column of what? We have a question to ask. The first question: "100 forum" is an academic forum? My answer is: not directly. "100 forum" is not a scholar published the latest research forum. Television is not doing this, scholars have published the latest research results, also need not on TV, writing a paper on good meeting. So, not the latest research results of criticism in the program, it is the wrong target. There are second problems: "100 forum" since it is not academic forum, then, is that the storytelling? My answer is: not directly. "100 forum" if storytelling forum, they simply hired actor good storytelling, positive effect is much better than scholars. Then someone will ask third questions: it is not that is not left nor right, also is not, "what is the lecture room"? Is neither an ass nor a horse is not? Congratulations, you said right this time. The characteristics of "100 forum", is "this is not that is not, nor right nor left". Sorry? Between the two is "the third person", is the third pole "between the poles of". Do not think that the world only poles. The reality is, there is a middle ground between the two poles of a vast. Moreover, the intermediate zone, often for more than two poles of survival. We human beings, not living in the intermediate zone between the north and south poles of the earth? Similarly, in between academic and non academic, there is also a "middle ground". If you must position, to be named, it may be called "semi academic". This "semi academic" "intermediate zone" may not broad, even doubt is not admitted, but it should exist, must exist, there is reason to exist! Now, "100 forum" to the "middle ground" displayed, and welcome, this is the contribution of this column. Then, between the academic and non academic, why there is such a "middle ground"? Because the academic had two types, or two kinds of tasks, this is the research and dissemination. Questioning the "100 forum" academic person, actually is the academic simplification, which is equivalent to the study of academic, ignoring the spread. Or more importantly, do not admit propagation. In fact, research and dissemination of not only the contradiction, but also complement each other. Strictly speaking, no one is not doing research can be spread. Like Mr Yan Chongnian, didn't study history? Professor Ma Ruifang, didn't study all? Of course, the same as the research, depth. Road have been heard, have high level, knowledge has the size, has the mistake, this is a fact. But to say there is no research can go up, even belittle spread, also underestimate the audience. In fact, the echo what the books say, repeat word for word what others say, never popular; but not popular lectures, is actually not spread. Similarly, the people doing the research is not a communication. Otherwise, why should his thesis published his book publishing, why? Clearly, no communication problems, only to whom, how and in what spread spread spread not. The general scholars to interpersonal communication, to peer communication, with the work in the academic communication; "100 forum" is the communication to the public, to lay spread, with the television media in the whole society. This is the difference between. So we have a problem: such an object, scope, way of communication, it is necessary? Four academic why the communication to the public of this is to say fundamentally. The "fundamental", that is why we have academic, especially to have such a "good for nothing" humanities academic? My answer is: to human happiness. Wen Shizhe this three door knowledge, often referred to as the "humanities". They exhibit called "spirit, humanistic care". Why should the "humanistic care"? Because of different animal. As long as the animal can live on the line, but also to live happy, live like personal kind. This must have specialized knowledge and disciplines, to study and solve this problem. The so-called "the humanities", is used for this. This said, it is clear. The humanities purpose since it is the people's happiness, so, here said the "people", including not now living, including not including the masses of the people? No one said not included? Well, since you are the subject of study, is for the happiness of all people, including those of us now popular, people living there, your results should tell everybody, in order to share? No one should not say? Since then, should, not to spread, not to the mass media dissemination, OK? No? Therefore, "academic" a word, must include two elements: research and dissemination. The so-called "scholars", should also include two kinds of people: researchers and propagators. Of course, there can be a division of labor, for example, some people do research, some people do communication. Can also have a percentage, such as study more, do the people a little less. They can even cross, overlap, such as doing research is communication, research also do communication; or a period of time to do research, for a period of time do spread, like "Shi, Shi and the optimal learning". As for the proportion is three seven, four six open, two eight open, it does not matter. I can not study, also cannot not spread. Communication to study pressure, think only do research is the real scholars, media is inferior, to enter the area, not only against the academic purpose, but simply "have no conscience". Why do you say so? Because only a few "scholars", most of our scholars, professors, researchers, is to rely on wages, allowances and project fee to live, do research. These wages, allowances and project fee, it is for the state, is actually the taxpayers' money. That is to say, we depend on the masses of the people. And don't say there are workers, peasants, the people's Liberation Army soldiers, the store clerk and so on many people, provides us with various serviceService and support. Then, the "academic", the part of the people (even if it is a small part of the people) to provide services for them, as our society, to return to the people? Should be? Since then, should, when do people out, you don't support either, also said that people should not do, but also in various ways, groundless talk, a dig, do you have a conscience? Conscience tells us: the academic to the communication to the public! Academic also tells us: it requires the communication to the public! To spread, will have the channels, platform. "100 forum" is such a platform. This platform is stem what? Docking. Who and who? The traditional and the modern, scholars and the public, academic and media. The three docking is what I call the "". Since it is a "butt", must pick up. So, as the platform, "100 forum" cannot not academic, not only academic; can not watch the TV ratings, and not only the ratings. This is a joint, to the tube and square the circle pipes together, it was a square, round, square, one circle one side. This "indecent, neither an ass nor a horse", it is "the middle zone". Can now answer the question: "what is the lecture room"? My answer is: "there is a certain academic content" and "education and culture" TV programs. Its mission, is to the broad masses of the people (including non senior intellectuals of the professional knowledge, dissemination of ideas), the dissemination of culture. Because it is the spread of knowledge, thought, culture, so in principle must be made by scholars as a speaker; because it is the task of communication, therefore must follow the propagation. That is to say, the speaker must understand communication. This will give the program director, planning, producer that a big problem. Due to various reasons, as everyone knows, most of the scholars in our country do not know the spread, and spread and probably not a scholar. Knowledge will not say, say no knowledge, both knowledge would say, and may not be suitable for television, even for him not to come, even if the one or two is not enough. "100 forum" is a broadcast program, to launch a new period every day. That is to say, it needs a large number of both knowledge and understand the TV presenter communication can. This is where to find? There is only one way: repair. It has been said that "the process of pain and pleasure". In fact, not all the people like Mr. Ma Ruifang that "after the first bitter music", also have "a pain", and finally "beyond repair", the pain of A. The so-called "devil's bed", complaining is not one or two people. This is very normal. Communication, after all, not all scholars want to do, not all scholars to do things, but not all scholars can do. According to the traditional concept of "duty", scholars or research. Therefore, we can not ask them to "repair". Therefore, it's not my concern to. My concern is: Now these are "repair" the speaker, is in accordance with the unified model to make out? If they are not successful, because by directing, planning, producer "repair", so no personality? The answer is: not sure. For example, Yu Dan and I, is not "a tune". The teacher Ma Ruifang and teacher Sui Lijuan, is not. Mr. Yan Chongnian and Mr. Liu Xinwu, it is "two tone". So, say "100 forum" in accordance with the unified model to build the speaker, make everyone not the personality, fear is not. From this perspective, "100 forum" and not "what the devil's bed", have to put people into a face not to be. So, where is the problem? Five how should we walk onto the platform it is actually very simple. Before that, the so-called "repair", the so-called "the devil's bed", actually, but is willing to help a part of scholars from the pulpit, "learning" into "TV", from "academic" into "the TV people". This bend, turn not small. The front also said, knowledge is not equal to writing, writing is not equal to the class, will be in class is not equal to do tv. But that is not the point. Don't do TV, don't do that. He can also class, writing, do something else, such as the collation of ancient books, such as annotation comments. According to the traditional concept, this is the "mainstream". I want to ask is: a willing in the study also do spread, and column group favors, that can be "100 forum" scholars, "why can't repair", or "repair" still unsatisfactory? I think, because everyone's head, hanging a handle may fall at any moment. This is Ma Ruifang asked Wei Xuelai's words: "as you say, so to speak, and knowledge?" Knowledge, is the biggest obstacle of scholars on tv. This is a paradox, it is this column and the speaker's dilemma. As a "certain academic content" and "education and culture" TV show, "100 forum" can not "no knowledge", but not "only". "Only the knowledge", is not a TV program; "don't speak knowledge", not "100 forum". Therefore, the speaker, is neither "no knowledge", but not "too learned". Or thoroughly point, is the "One's mind", even if you don't show. This is too difficult. As a scholar has become a scholar, he is knowledgeable. Learned not to show it, it is not. No knowledge, he or scholar? Not a scholar, what does "100 forum"? To the "joy to the world"! We think, this Is it right? A paradox? Therefore, many scholars on television, almost all have a psychological, that "for fear that others say they have not learned". Therefore, when they face the camera, almost always can't help to talk about knowledge. What the first three queen five emperors, Kong Meng Lao phonology & exegesis, Heidegger Floyd, paradigm mode advocated the doctrine, who could not understand a word exist everywhere. That people beam with joy, to hear people confused, director and producer, cry noHave to. What to call it? There is no "TV consciousness". These gentlemen don't know, television and the classroom is a different place, class and on TV are two concepts. When you are in class, in the face of undergraduates, graduate students, doctoral students say, you win is "respect", because you are in "teaching". But the move to television, is in the face of public, the sense that gives a person is "indulge in verbiage", is a "pedantic". The mass psychology is very interesting. No knowledge, he looked down on you. Pedantic, he would look down on you. Not only is he "despise", there are no more trick, is to pick up the remote transfer station. So, we should how? Is very simple, put your baby learning to be flung to the four winds to throw! Please note, I mean "temporarily". Temporarily away, back again. That is to say, a scholar, if you like on TV, like the "100 forum" words (not to say), you must first complete a concept change and psychological, that "for fear that others say they have not learned" into "not afraid of people say they have no knowledge". In fact, if a person really learning, is not afraid of other people to say "no". You see the real big spender, fear of others said they didn't have the money? You Nive out of ten day, is to make a little money upstart. They were afraid of the poor, now send up, to shout to all over the world to know. Also, if you really "educated, a man of great talent talents", to "Earth people know"? Confucius said: "people do not angry, not a gentleman?" This is right here. From "fear" to "not afraid", was a critical step. Its purpose is to lift barriers, lose weight. Once losing this baggage, you in front of the camera is free, and comfortable, comfortable. I recently read Mr. Mao Peiqi's "doctrine of the mean" seven solutions, the ease, the take it leisurely and unoppressively, that to be resourceful., the do a job with skill and ease, really let person be overwhelmed with admiration for. I was like, why is this so? One of the reasons, I am afraid because Mr. Mao would not speak the. The fear of speaking, peer picky, inevitably "for fear that others said that he did not have the knowledge". Do not speak of the professional, because it is a layman, not afraid of others make carping comments on the. This lost baggage, the liberation of thinking. Thought liberation, the mind is free, so inspired, Evans Quanyong, sparkling discourse. Of course, there is a premise, is not afraid of other people say they "the rooster lay eggs". In fact, "the rooster lay eggs" many problems (such as lack of expertise, will inevitably flawed), but also a lot of good. One of the benefits, is not thought burden. In fact, everything has two sides, often strengths weaknesses. People say "隔行如隔山", do not know this "isolation", it is not "across the". And who does not "it"? And the audience, readers, the public does not "across the". Lay the know what lay to, and most know layman don't understand what, where demand, barriers and where. It is relatively easy to place oneself in others'position, for the audience to think; but for the audience, it is the academic communication needs most, is also the "100 forum" most in need of. Can "not afraid of people say they have not learned", lifted the burden; standing in the audience for their interests, will strive for the initiative. At this time, your knowledge will come in handy. Because you already know what the audience wants to. The rest of the thing, is to grasp a "degree". What the "degree"? Neither "None", and not "all knowledge". All knowledge, speak into the academic report, the audience will transfer station; a little, people not to listen to storytelling, see the "100 forum" stem what? But this is not the most difficult. The most difficult is to grasp the "degree" in your future, also can achieve a seamless heavenly robe, no one can see. This needs to enter the third stage: "I'm afraid that others say they have learned". This is the third step of TV Forum "trilogy", is also a "highest state television". The problem of course is: why? Is it right? Because "correct to be too positive, but is not correct", only "but said", "not afraid to say no"? Has this meaning. Before that, a scholar, fear most is the others said that he did not have the knowledge. Therefore said to be "not afraid", but still "fear". At this time, only by "afraid" to conquer and overcome "fear not", is "fight poison". But this is not the most important. So, what is the most important? Six viewers want to see what to answer these questions in the "100 forum" there, we would have to go back to the beginning of this article: who is "100 forum" the most popular speaker? Or, a speaker by the audience, what is the reason? The answer is already there, that is "the knowledge, has the opinion, has the individuality, lectures". Among them, "has the knowledge, has the opinion, will understand the lecture". Because the "100 forum" task, is to disseminate knowledge, thought of communication, communication culture. The speaker, certainly must "knowledgeable, insightful, lectures". But the three, is enough, why the "personality"? The answer is simple: the audience loved. It is strange! "100 forum" task, is not the dissemination of knowledge, dissemination of ideas, the dissemination of culture? The audience from this program, access to knowledge, thought, culture, not enough? Why ask the speaker individuality? In other words, why don't they satisfied with the program content, but also like the speaker, speaker cute? Look, we need to re-examine the column. In fact, only the "100 forum" positioning "for a certain academic content of Education Culture TV program" is not enough. It has a characteristic, is the "speaker system". What is the "speaker"? I think a little like in the movies "star system", which is to rely on a person or several people to attract the audience, to create brand, form a cohesive force. The formation of this system, in the "100 forum" there is also a conscious or not process. The direct cause, is the twelve emperor Qing mystery of Mr. Yan Chongnian "". As we know, the "100 forum", a speaker often only one set, the column face elimination. But Mr. Yan a seriesThe situation was far. "100 forum" make the dead come back to life, Yan old Mr. popular audience, media attention. Tasted the sweetness of the column group decided to make persistent efforts, completely change the mode of production. Since then, not only a speaker can speak several times, to speak more sets, and some also speak is a year, similar to the formation of the TV series of large series. "100 forum" thoroughly to remould oneself. At the same time, an unexpected phenomenon appears, it is certain the speaker began to be "Star". Once the media asked me: are you the "100 forum" the red speaker, what is the "academic star" or "TV star"? I have no answer, also refused to answer, because the answer wrong. Called "academic star" is wrong. Academic need not star. The academic circles top class people is not called "Star", called the "master", called "dean". Unfortunately, we are not, at least I'm not. Called "TV star" also. We are not the television practitioners, no certificate. I even "of migrant workers in Beijing temporary residence permit" are not. Therefore, if the "Star" of the title is to throw off, tentatively called "academic star", many reliable. The abolition of the one speaking practice, also have "academic star", "speaker" gradually formed. This relationship? Yes. Previously, when one speaks, selection criteria is "about what the audience". The "speaker", his selection criteria could become the "who is speaking". This time, the speaker's personality becomes important. If you are not personality, or not bright, not lovely, so, the audience will probably because doesn't love you the person, but you do not see the program. The result is a period of time, continuous decline in ratings. This is the first point: the audience viewing habits changed. Second, the audience's viewing needs have changed. When a man speaks, because only "a once-met acquaintance", the audience is not interested to the speaker. Now, a person in the pulpit about for several days, the audience will not have a sense of respect, also can produce curiosity, the people want to know is how to do. Coupled with the "100 forum" said, for literature and history, closely related with the social life. So the audience want to know, the speaker himself is how to live how to behave, Is it right? And books on the same. That is to say, as a result of the "speaker", the audience in the hope that the "100 forum" there to see, is not only knowledge, thought, culture, and personality, especially on how to behave. It is no wonder that the media should play to our "hot, deep fine looking for". The audience this demand! The media is understandable, but should not be advocated. "100 forum" of the speaker is not "entertainment star" after all, about their love and marriage and family anecdote, stem what? No taste! Audiences wanted to know what the program will do, see. In fact, The writing mirrors the writer. To see a person do lectures, sometimes also can see how he is a person. The audience in a certain field knowledge may not be the speaker, but that does not mean that they do not see a person, does not mean they do not feel, doesn't mean they have no taste and discrimination. Their eyes are bright. For example, a pedant, they don't like. Talk endlessly with no substance at all lectures, nor do they like. Pedantic why annoying? Because he is not for communication, but in order to show off. Why not talk endlessly with no substance at all the audience? Because he is in the dark, it is difficult to make visible. Both are not put the audience in mind, in the eye. This is how many independent knowledge, in the final analysis, life problem. Pedantic old talk endlessly with no substance at all, no audience, "but others say they have learned" how? Will be most welcome and respect, because he "go". You want to ah, knowledge for scholars means what? Lifeblood. Now, in order to better dissemination of academic, in order to better meet the needs of the audience, he even the "lifeblood" are not, this is the mind and feelings of what kind? In fact, a scholar, a "fundamental" with knowledge, only learning to forget "but others have said" level, to forget their identity. This time, he can really with the audience and the media the same, same, and scholarly communication cause the same. At the same time, his other side, as a living individual side, will be unprecedented, fully displayed, no fetters. You know, learning this thing, also has two sides. It can make people rich, also can make the alienation of man. Rigid academic system and research model, is even more cause infinite harm to peole. It is "dead knowledge", "kill is the living soul". Many scholars have personality, in fact they get not. It is really a "destructive repair"! Therefore, only to completely forget, forget the "false to me", "I can find". Find the "I", "return to nature". This is called "ecstasy, then with a". But in this way, the academic content of lecture Is it right? Will not? Can't. Because a true scholar, his knowledge and his life is com.. Really belongs to his own knowledge and ideas, how also can not afford to lose. Lost will not belong to him, then abandoned the He Xi? Therefore, when he was in a "fear of others said he learned" mentality on the rostrum, straightforward and speak out, he will be really, really learning thought, you see will be the real scholars, as well as his true love. This is the audiences want to see, also is the most we should show. Here, with Professor Ma Ruifang this book does not seem to have what relation. In fact, the relationship is some. Not to say that just yet, now the audience, the "100 forum" by itself, is interested in. This interest, the media often can not meet, or distortion. The horse the teacher this book, can solve this problem. Ma Ruifang is a writer "Scholar", and "100 forum" this column is to have long-term cooperation, it is a person in the game, but also is an outsider. To write this topic, there is no more appropriate than her. Her characters, but also a true to life likeness, vivid, to show his true colours and true disposition, let people lead a person to endless aftertastes uproarious and read.But these compliment, I will not say more. Good-looking, readers have the final say. Stop! Yi Zhongtian in June 16, 2007 in Xiamen

Western mythology has a devil's bed, people were caught in bed, long truncated, short stretch. Lecture room on the people, but also a "devil's bed". The bed size is "traditional culture, public service, explain profound theories in simple language, suit and the common people". Author in the devil's bed, complain and happily watching lecture room of people and things, pay attention to a series of problems and suspense...... On "the devil's bed", the speaker is "truncated elongated", is also the individuality?...... Ma Ruifang with Shandong's bold and humor, write freely and well, write like an angel, Yan Chongnian wrote only fifty years of light, rich in the collection of books, accumulate steadily, in the face of a spectator, spring into fame; Yi Zhongtian 性情中人 scintillating wit, free and easy, even the dialogue, and CCTV Mingzui still write and draw freely as one wishes, which filed one after another; Yu Dan humble dilute, insight into this world, not conceal his naughty and lively, chivalrous cultures; the professor Wang Liqun's ill fated life experiences, he honed his suffering, work steadily, their achievements; Ji Lianhai unsuspectingly, always be a break from an unknown to the public, the GA son, become a moving moment of the high school teacher...... This book not only to the ten speaker made a wonderful description of operation, some insider program lecture room, how the University "draft", how to "fix" heavyweight speaker, there are detailed and vivid interpretation. Equipped with fifty or sixty pieces of ten speaker life full of fun photos in the book, giving fans a beat all surprise.
Author brief introduction

Ma Ruifang was born in April, 1942. In 1965 graduated from the Shandong University Department of Chinese. The Shandong University Chinese Professor, doctoral tutor, Shandong University of Chinese ancient literature subject leaders, writers of China committee members, vice chairman of Shandong Writers Association, Shandong Provincial People's Congress Standing committee. The main works include: "a critical biography of Pu Songling", "Strange tales from Liaozhai creation theory", "theory of character", "Liaozhai from"; novel "blue eyes and black eyes", "eye", "four seasons" feeling; prose anthology "the travelogue", "if I am rich", "wild fox Zen" "woman, and envy", "reveal love affairs are willow" etc.. Won the "eight five" during the national outstanding novel award, the first national women's literary award, the first national Prose Creation Award, national minority documentary prose award.
Catalogue of books

Order -- I see "100 forum" [hero] Mr. Yan Tan Yan Chongnian met Yi Zhongtian Yi Zhongtian rich in the collection of books -- the fighter of the rooster 性情中人 Yi Zhongtian Yi Zhongtian PK Yu Dan girl Yu Dan Yu Dan [] [like] a scolded "good night" -- a reception for Yu Dan [man] Wang Liqun [be sworn brothers] -- Wang Liqun PK Yi Zhongtian Wang Liqun more flavor of life about Mao Peiqi and the Ming Dynasty those things Sun Liqun ordinary life keywords but one legend good boy Kang Zhen brother Sui Lijuan began Ci Xi to sit on [the devil] bed Ma Ruifang lecture room who moved the cheese? Lecture room. Remember learning is a joy forever -- I read Confucius appendix 100 forum said Liao
Chapter excerpt

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Look at the 100 forum speaker "and" personality to Alexander professor Ma Ruifang "God" brilliant. In this book, you can see: father Yan Chongnian grave, big brother Yi Zhongtian wit, teenager Yu Dan wisdom, stupid old Wang Liqun kind, Daisen Ji Hai offbeat. Scholars of scholarly research, Professor of educational service theory, writer sentiment has the wonderful life. Yi Zhongtian: very well the relationship between Ma Ruifang and many of the speaker. This relationship, say well, called "Freemasonry"; to put it bluntly, called "like drawn to like". In fact, "like drawn to like" also is not derogatory. Because of the "odor", originally read as "olfactory". "Smell" is "smell", "good" but "hit it off". A refined statement, called "act in unison", also called "Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together". "100 forum" speakers, in general is a loose group have the same likes and dislikes. Straight, cool, fun Ma Ruifang, is one of the most popular. So she can write this book. Yan Chongnian: I hid in the fifty years of study, the sun came out to bask in two years not? Yu Dan: happiness is a super ability, not who wants to music can music...... My mind has a "switch" to delete, delete, not interested, not! Sun Liqun: "your life is comfortable", consider the problem, decided things from compliance with their wish, once the disagreeable, would not hesitate to make other plans. Ji Lianhai: a hundred rostrums, life some twists and turns, are a bit strange. Lecture room is a "Monsters Inc".
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User reviews
  •   Teacher Ma is so great! Humorous language, tone of ridicule, relaxed atmosphere, the little-known story behind the scenes people really a feast for the eyes. The book's value. The 100 forum speakers have a solid understanding of the speaker, who is no longer a plane in my consciousness.
  •   The opening prologue -- "I think" written by Yi Zhongtian, the central idea that forum plays an important role in the society and the people, are you out of the ivory tower of the academic forum, and actively approached public scholars thought culture stage. Then a is to introduce several speakers of different life.
  •   Those who spoke in the "100 forum" on the stuff on TV you can see, but it is their experience, not as funny people know and hard, so that people benefit from. They experience the sour, sweet, bitter, hot, the vicissitudes of life.
  •   Like this book, let me understand the lecture room a lot of behind the scenes story.
  •   I like the lecture room, especially the past.
  •   The original masters of the daily life and they are in the classroom -- like living language is so wonderful, vivid, full of harmony and happiness! Several of them have been old, but there is no lack of child heart! I really wish they were young, often in a pulpit, evergreen tree!
  •   Read the horse the teacher works, really good, relaxed and humorous words reveal a straightforward woman gas. Scholars also is a person, also have the passions, hundreds of the rostrum of the literati is no exception. Between people should be more joy, comfort, should support each other go.
  •   This book is a good book, humor, easy to understand, let the reader understand the pulpit life sour, sweet, bitter, hot.
  •   The professor Ma wrote professor in this book than horses "Liaozhai" said more interested in Professor Ma has very good writing the old lady to such a relaxed tone to tell the story that the really young at heart!
  •   In fact, Dangdang also began to buy the book, really convenient, the best is to let me have a look you to evaluate the I want to buy the book, the eyes of the masses is bright, feel free to let me choose such a good book Oh! Very education recommended!
  •   Well, quite good
  •   Cool!
  •   Not yet, but I feel good.
  •   I very like, practical, it is worth! Have recommended! Good! Praise!!!! Been reading! Nice. Good!
  •   Cool! Very satisfactory!
  •   Lecture: the devil's bed
  •   Because like 100 forum program, like Yi Zhongtian and other scholars, see this book certainly want to join. Yi Zhongtian, Yu Dan, Yan Chongnian, and write more content good-looking, probably because of Professor Ma to associate with them deeper; Wang Liqun, Kang shock part is writing your feeling.
  •   I saw a hundred rostrums program because of a fortuitous opportunity, when the Internet was attracted to this book, which is associated with the lecture room, so buy to have a look. Read after feeling okay, inside the content interesting. Fluent. I also love. After watching a good mood.
  •   For the love of < 100 forum >, to those who taught there wondering, is a good book, have a look at one's leisure. The collection is not necessary.
  •   Because like 100 forum, so they want to have a look at this book, buy, really good!
  •   The father said that this book is really good ~ are you ah ~ Forum
  •   Found a teacher Ma is different from the pulpit, or a cola "aunt"... Haha. But unfortunately I love Qian Wenzhong, she did not write. Hey.....
  •   The book just hand, not read, that is the person who see back cover "Wang Liqun" mistaken for "Sun Liqun", too should not.
  •   Well, see the famous comment masters, angle will fit people do not like. The inside filled of great ingenuity to Mao Peiqi that I admire the most, Ji Lianhai the most lovely.
  •   Have you the photos that altar, like to see Uncle Ji eat dates, ha ha. The content is very interesting!
  •   Have read, write very good.
  •   Well, these are about the other side of the very interesting!
  •   The book is long, the content of good
  •   Quite interesting! ~
  •   This book is let us know the academic star, if you like those people, you buy it!
  •   Concise language is humorous
  •   This book is really very good, can represent the contemporary Chinese literary direction!
  •   Just want to have a look behind several teachers themselves like the story
  •   You see, everyone has a different side, but also good
  •   Good quality, very interesting,
  •   To buy, do not have time to read......
  •   When I bought it is directed at the "100 forum" fame buy, read up and found no "100 forum" good-looking, very plain text description, written is a Ma Ruifang and a few other forum "big brothers" story, not too attractive story but. A little disappointed
  •   Very general books, because like Yi Zhongtian he bought, have a look in the eyes of others is easy to do not like.
  •   I respect the experts, but blindly cater to popular language of interest, especially in the north of the language habits, so it is unsuitable for those of us southerners, so I put it forward to like its northern colleagues
  •   To buy sister, Father also see, feel, a little celebrity fame write Hu boast of things.
  •   Personal feeling of this book, for the fans to see everyone, more or less to understand a little of our academic star. Think we should have a look the experts themselves about their familiar field of monographs, the larger harvest!!
  •   This book I is the author, bookstore more not to see, want to send people from Dangdang buy, very happy
  •   Should OK but not very good
  •   Probably with his little interest related general feel monotonous
  •   They are things, famous on something, no name may not be interested in that
  •   Originally, humor, fun to read insipid, but the author still happiness within
  •   Writing a little long winded like an old woman about her rich relatives.
  •   Can't believe this is actually comes from a professor's pen, others say humorous, if such a word can be humorous, I really do not know what is insipid, the book has been I put it away unheeded.
  •   To cover all people look a bit high, this book does not look good! (:
  •   The teacher inside very interesting, but don't like author, especially for Wang Liqun she juvenile experience expressed surprise and amazement and her age is not serious ~ ~ I certainly did not look the list will buy this book!
  •   In this book, the feeling is not very good, there is always a kind of "economic" taste, perhaps have no deep cultural heritage, can not understand the true meaning of this novel!

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