Learning enterprise culture establishment method

Date of publication:2005-10   Press: Enterprise management publishing house   Author:Wang Changgen   Pages:358   Words:332000  

Wang Changgen, China learning enterprise culture pioneer, researcher, World Culture Research Institute senior trainer, the innovation of enterprise culture research and extension specialists, good enterprise culture and management model of personalized planning and process guidance, a former senior managers of large enterprises, large state-owned enterprises to create learning oriented corporate culture office deputy director.
major works: "learning type enterprise culture theory and practice".
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Introduction into the learning enterprise culture in the new age the first chapter give an accurate positioning theory, how to understand the learning enterprise culture two, master of learning enterprise culture theory of the ten three, have the right to create just the second chapter to the conscience of a lofty moral one, aggrandizement industry serve the country moral spirit, let two credit become the life of enterprise three, constructing a fair environment in four, to create a good learning environment third chapters give a thorough update idea, take the idea innovation as the premise two, established the "four kinds of consciousness" three, four, go the transformation leadership personalized create road five, handle ten six seven, solve learning problems, let employee creation eight, adhere to the people's development as the center, established nine "dare for the world first" state ten, the concept of lifelong learning the fourth chapter to the values of a solid support, the establishment of a guide enterprises to advance the goal of two, a a streamlined system of values three, develop a serial type execution plan four, establish a only standard fifth chapter to create a A powerful guarantee for employees, please do a demonstration two, Party organizations must be learning three, create a good psychological environment in four, the construction of lifelong education system in five, and establish effective mechanism of six, CRM booster to create depth seven, moderate eight, administration to promote the construction enterprise business school the sixth chapter give a scientific process, the formation of ideas in the interests of two, determine the organizational structure created, depicting the enterprise principle three...... The seventh chapter gives a detailed guidance in Chapter eighth, chapter tenth to sublimation of management of a continuous innovation ninth chapters give quality an often give employees a team learning eleventh chapters give companies a fine management chapter twelfth to create a timely boost @## @ Learning enterprise culture has specific meaning: it advocates enterprise culture not only has the basic features of the traditional culture, and unique features, to show enterprise learning and innovation, with the progress of the times. It's learning is different from learning in school, the traditional meaning different from learning knowledge based on learning, which is different from the western learning organization not the specific connotation to the general sense of "learning" and "learning"; learning enterprise culture study is based on the China characteristic socialism theory, the national spirit as the core, widely absorb all the advanced scientific and cultural thought and method of creative learning. Learning enterprise culture theory, is Chinese academic circles at the Chinese learning society, learning party, "learning" for positioning, first for the China enterprise culture to set the bit: since the construction of learning type China, learning enterprise culture construction China enterprises, the only way out should be a learning type enterprise culture to create China characteristics. This book is to create a learning method to solve the enterprise culture theory book, there are a lot of methodology of new theories and thoughts in the book.
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