Journey to the West and China ancient political

Date of publication:2005-5   Press: Guangxi Normal University press   Author:Sa Mengwu   Pages:185   Words:120000  

This book for the topic to "small story journey to the west" in the political scientist, the professional eye perspective of political operation, sublime words with deep meaning, opinion is profound, since it was published by the appreciation of readers.
Author brief introduction

Sa Mengwu (1897 - 1984), the famous jurist, political scientist, historian. His scholarship, not only introducing western research framework, more from the literature, history and mathematics to. He also said, not only the smooth, cited the liberal arts, and clear logic. His teaching humble humorous, be good at giving systematic guidance, political scholars at home have achievement, mostly because of his door wall. All of his students venerate
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User reviews
  •   Sa Mengwu's a dream of Red Mansions and Chinese old family, the water margin and Chinese society, journey to the West and Chinese ancient political, like, three is indispensable.
  •   Is really good. Sa Mengwu's knowledge, self-control, far more than the contemporary people, can be said to be a product of that era, when China by traditional culture, grew up overseas, very learned, and. His three book is worth buying of type.
  •   Suggest that you go to read the journey to the west the original people's Literature Publishing House is pretty good
  •   Read this book very much, the traditional culture foundation deep, copiously quote authoritative works, have one's words at hand, to see more of these Chinese veteran writing is very good, I have seen his this kind of book he commented on the water margin, we can read!
  •   Both book knowledge and interest, profound knowledge, character and elegant, thought and reasoning and insightful narrative, reading quite harvest.
  •   At the famous works to the right size, book to carry, very delicate.
  •   The book is good ~ is a bit deep ~ it does not read, Jin ah ~ ~ I especially like history
  •   Peculiar conception, worth seeing
  •   Great!!!
  •   Ming is the journey to the west, is in fact the history quite resistant to chewing many jokes more than the so-called management books more touches the core of management is very good we sketch
  •   Sa Mengwu teacher of this "journey to the west" and politics in ancient Chinese, written in very early time, reading is not easy, of course, is the self repair deficiency. If you bother to read, or rewarding.
  •   Edutainment, boring political reading ease. A powerful and unconstrained style, t come up, historical precipitation full, to filter out such articles. Positive so-called: the world of things, get chance with a highly skill. Can be used as a political science primer.
  •   And "a dream of Red Mansions and China old family" buy together. Guangxi teacher's book, human readable number. This is pretty good. Booklet is very thin, want to read is a matter of hours. Print clearly, the paper is.
  •   Most are more, more is the legal concept. A warning of the reality. It seems the legal system of social China takes a long time to realize. We do not know whether this generation saw.
  •   A good book can turn over is not read
  •   A good book. Reflect social reality, worthy of reference
  •   If you can't say, then play.
  •   Scholars like pedantic
  •   See It goes without saying that, rarely lucid writing
  •   It does not read, Jin ah ~ especially like me historical general ~
    book good ~ is a bit deep.
  •   The author of journey to the west to the political theory of ancient Chinese, like the other similar works, little correlation with the journey to the West itself. In the book the classical part more, read more laborious.
  •   The content is good. The author puts forward his own opinion on the journey to the west. A reasonable good. Journey to the West in recent years on illustrates secluded, appeared a lot of interpretation, completely different from the past. Follow the trend of buying the book, content is very serious.
  •   The book there are small, the other is OK
  •   It is characteristic of the book is very characteristic of the book
  •   Classical too much, language expression some sese feeling!
  •   No significance!!!

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