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Date of publication:2007-8   Press: The people of Jiangxi   Author:Ji Chuandong   Pages:341   Words:250000  

This book is vivid, detailed introduces the ancient and modern history of ji. Contents include Ji's roots, origin, distribution, event, culture, celebrity and sites. Ji by name for thousands of years, many of the rise and fall of the interpretation of the ages, the emergence of a number of famous characters back, become one of the major surnames has an important influence in the Chinese surnames. Ji clan, the current Luoyang Surname Culture Research Association executive vice president -- Mr. Ji Chuandong through hardships "Ji written history", is a very unusual surname culture monograph, the book detailed account of the Chinese nation "human Chuzu" Huang Di -- "the best in all the land." the surname surnamed origin, event, culture, celebrity, historical status, is a not for much of the Chinese surname culture research monograph.
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Ji Chuandong, born in February 1947 in Shanxian County, Shandong Province, member of China Communist Party, college degree. Youth, life, learning to sue, Shandong, Henan, Anhui border region. Voted pens from Rong, he traveled to Henan, Beijing, Hebei, Hubei etc.. Once farming, teaching, soldier, politician, has long been engaged in cultural work. During operation of the Second Artillery Corps, Lieutenant Colonel level to level, was 5 times awarded three
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The first chapter Ji Ji order roots began Ji from second chapter Ji origin Huang Di intricately heritage Zhou line long lineage his surname he family into third chapter Ji Zhou enfeoffment surname distribution has four times the change for Thursday time surname king reproduce ancient migration name many current population distribution of fourth chapter Ji event Ji Xuanyuan laid the Chinese territory of primitive eight hundred the Mengjin King Wu of Zhou and Shang Jian Yanshi named Duke of Zhou feudal lords Hailing build Luo Yi Wang moved into weeks house into the fifth chapter will Dongqian Ji Culture Zhou Wenwang speech "Zhouyi" Zhou Kang Shu three conversation with the Duke of Zhou ritual music Ji family name selected Ji Ji couplets, native place, quasi the preface of genealogical hall Ji Ji were selected and Ji related idioms selected Weng Hongjiang Fang Gong Wang six surname upon 赖罗 Fu Three surname upon the sixth chapter Ji celebrity ancient emperor Zhou Dynasty emperor tribe monarchs of ancient celebrities modern celebrity in Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas revolutionary martyrs list the seventh chapter Ji and trace whereabouts Mausoleum Temple Temple Park library name inscriptions praising Poems (Appendix 5) Duke Zhougong Temple of literature (13 Zhougong Temple) amount of stock (7) zhougongmiao poetic couplet (13) zhougongmiao Poetry (33) bibliography postscript
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  •   Is genuine, packaging is also very good, very good book protection. Is a bit slow
  •   Good is genuine, delivery quickly, is a somewhat old, next time pay attention to good logistics.
  •   In China patriarchal system pay more attention to the firstborn Disun, is a direct descendant of the direct descendants, Huang Di has long maintained a "Ji" surname, other non direct descendants will not name "Ji". According to the "Shuowen" records, Huang Di initially lived in Ji water, thus the name "ji".

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