Japan unbound

Date of publication:2005-4   Press: East China Normal University press   Author:John Nesen (USA)   Pages´╝Ü240  

John Nathan, Professor of University of California, Japan studies American St. Barbara, Yukio Mishima and Oe Kenzaburo, had to be translated into English. His old Sony Ling "private life" has been widely praised, was selected in 1999 "business weekly" best books list. Nathan is "New York" and other magazines.
Zhou Xiaojin, a lecturer in Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, mainly engaged in the translation and study of English literature, author of "Lawson", translated "Blonde", "kensuke kingdom".
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Introduction the first chapter house Monster: Lost second children family crisis, Japan chapter third chapter arithmetic culture fourth chapter entrepreneurs chapter fifth of the New Nationalism (a): the pursuit of illusion of chapter sixth of the New Nationalism (two): organization the seventh chapter "the traditional Sun King" Shintaro Ishihara eighth "magician" Tanaka Yasuo postscript: out of thanks @##@ adolescent data sources You need to understand the contemporary Japanese? Do you know the reason of Japan in the world various initiatives? A famous scholar America draw huge changes to the modern society and the effect on Japan's status in the world, let you from all levels of japan. This book aims to describe life in contemporary Japan, central argument is: the Japanese nation urgently need to recover as the memory retention in the imagination of the local culture, swallowed lest it in the process of modernization is a "foreign" factors.
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User reviews
  •   Study on small japan,
  •   Side view of Japan
  •   Look, well. Delivery is very fast, but a little dirty.
  •   Especially suitable for children to read books
  •   South Korea beauty prosecutors and our smart
  •   Look at Japan from an American point of view. Chinese difficult to be in a calm mood to do observation and analysis it. Good. Recommended.
  •   Author in the Japanese students majoring in Japanese, similar to the "Nippon" like figure. This book talked about some practical problems in Japanese society, help to understand the Japanese social status. Content and language can attract people to read, and the harvest.
  •   See more foreign culture benefits. Political figures also introduced.
  •   This book is very good... The content is also very good... Like.
  •   To understand a nation, should not only look at the national self evaluation of the book, can also read the life experience of these countries one of the books, this is the understanding.
  •   A very good paper. Printing is also very clear. Only the spine with glue is bad. Some cut not neat appearance. So the glue is not good. But it does not affect the reading. The book is a good book ~ is to further understand the window to Japan.
  •   Well, it is a new perspective.
  •   The cover material is interesting, a matte texture. Content as cover first wrote: "good academic classics", to a proper extent. It is this very good academic books. The book is not listed in other books, this is a small regret.
  •   For all kinds of behavior in Modern Japan made more comprehensive introduction and also gives some reason Japan was so good.
  •   Economic development, the pursuit of social, Anjufang, fierce competition, the campus material recession, mass unemployment, all phenomena are strikingly similar, China will embark on a similar path?
  •   Japan yesterday, today is Chinese; Japan today, is China tomorrow. In the Sun Wen, Zhou Shuren and a number of men and women with high ideals, dreams of Dongdu hibiscus, obtain the real, Chinese has been chasing the Japanese advance
  •   Write okecie...
  •   This book is 08 years is one of the few that I still reading good books.

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