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We live in an era without a master. Wash away the dust of history, look into the distance that one will be or have been away in the background. Looking back at history, looking for the master figure. The history behind them, they may be covered. However, achievement and brilliant but they still shine. They learned, their personality, their rise of China has been appointed, with teaching as a vocation. They are grand and magnificent, filled with their emotions, they are the coordinates of a history, they are the backbone of the China culture. It passes like this. not to master, drifting further and further away, this time what?
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Chen Yuan, historiography researchers, in recent years has been the concern of China modern history of ideas, the evolution of cultural ecology problems. The article contained in the "Southern Weekend" "essay" "温故", "Xinhua digest" reprinted several times, as well as several anthologies. Author of "neglected masters -- Li Zongwu biography", "University" editor has gone.
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Preface to the first series of self for the ruins of the singing a hundred years back Ta Kung Pao Tsinghua scenery in this security master Tao and University of a clip from Hu Shi's diary about Hu Shi's "choice of life and death not talk" Mei Yiqi is lonely thinker Leighton Stuart: Yanjing University soul Fu Jingbo: life is like Huang Yanpei in the beginning: education, with independent spirit of political end about Yale different university, the same fate nostalgic old newspaper history of this paradox like this kind of affection between teachers and students "sex", cultural spirit home the demise of the two world that a romantic figure of Ji Xianlin's state of mind of Fei Xiaotong from the abolition of imperial examination to the establishment of modern university system paradox second series personal reading history generation Walter Xu Zhuoyun He Zhaowu the conceited man, this is worth proud Book knife to his party feel pain Jonathan Spence Jiang Qi so to people who read the "Lu Xun book" memory. The old South people generation coquettish wood ten years for the knife from the thought as to the academic map...... The third series are non reading
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History often was born by accident, but the accident history often can have a significant influence on the later generations, for example, Tsinghua University. The birth of Tsinghua University as everyone knows is because national humiliation, but no matter from what point of view, as the birth of national humiliation the Eight Power Allied forces invaded China and Tsinghua University are no inevitable relation. But the history of the paradox, but let the two there is no necessary connection between the event together, why, just beginning in the paper can be used as an explanation. "After Xin Chou treaty" signed, Liang Cheng once to see America Secretary of State Condoleezza Hejohn, the Secretary of state of the America conversation inadvertently the "Indemnity originally too much longer," foreign minister in the United States will certainly not miss the opportunity. So, Liang Cheng on the one hand, asked the US lead reduction claim number, hand and urgent China government, suggestions to the beautiful representations for the refund of excess money. How to make the US falls into the pocket money to return Chinese out, beam minister presumably much. And in December 3, 1907, it is beginning to take shape, America president in Congress have announced "China should strength aid Chinese enforce education, make the country the propagation and culture gradually harmonious to this world. Assistance of the law, should be Geng Chen claim back a half, so Chinese government sent students." In December 31st USA Secretary of state into the formal notice its ambassador to China Rockhill: implementing legal president in December 28, 1908 planting things reparations from the beginning of January 1, 1909. This period of twists and turns, it is the older generation of Tsinghua people known as the "national humiliation" monument "travel aesthetics Department". This year (2003) in March, I went to Qinghua University experts the house of Mr. Huang Yanfu and Mr. had a about Mei Yiqi's principal dialogue, the dialogue after I finish, but unsatisfactory, then crustily skin of head to Huang Lao Huang Lao review, take leave of, and after processing, was re written so, this literary grace strikings, the see also of Huang Lao style of rigorous scholarship. The article was later published in my school, "China Sankei news", then I is for newspaper operation is not normative and left the newspaper, stay at home. At that time, Huang Lao with its years of Tsinghua history see give others. "The old Tsinghua" is one of them. Idle at home, in addition to seize the time to find another food Zhe, more avoid reading myself. Some of the big yellow old with me for the most boring time. "The old Tsinghua" in Tsinghua School as the key link, by the picture of the old Tsinghua contour, for such a "love reading read without thorough understanding" of the people, to Tsinghua story in interpret the images in the process, the nature is the most happy thing. Qinghua early figures, Zhou Yichun natural not mention. Weeks after the school was renamed Tsinghua School is the first vice president, took over after the first president Tang Guoan smooth outgoing. During his tenure, in Qinghua achievements: hardware such as the four major building (the auditorium, science museum, library, gymnasium) construction, software such as "personality education" and "three domains of both" advocacy, are remarkable. Especially must be mentioned, is in 1916, he reported the Ministry of foreign affairs, please "the gradual expansion of school, set up Department of University", this is the beginning Chinese Tsinghua independent education, Tsinghua School is concentrated chapter color. Week report for regular script, with a few pages, with revisions quite many, blood visible President Zhou Qinghua blueprint plan. According to Huang old statistics, published in 1959, the Chinese Academy of sciences faculty members, students in this period reached as many as 28 people, including a former president of Zhejiang University meteorologist Zhu Kezhen, former president of Peking University demographer Ma Yinchu, confused master Liang Sicheng and the philosopher Jin Yuelin, etc.. A and B early for the residential, humble and simple, almost the same with the small house I live at that time. What is different, of course, is the former spacious lot. Mei Yiqi of this period has been returned to the motherland, in Tsinghua University as Dean (1926-1928), but when Zhou Yichun retired, then president Cao Yunxiang. During this period the teachers seemed to have a meaning, such as the 1921 group of teachers: the Chinese Department of Liang Qichao all are robe and mandarin jacket, while the other part is both a suit. To this group of truly great men walking in Tsinghua Yuan, people simmer with laughter. Clothing is different, actually represent the paperOrientation is different, this also reflects from one aspect of the cultural diversity that era. Ancient Chinese Literature Search Institute also during this period to be established. Wang Guowei, Liang Qichao, Chen Yinque, Zhao Yuanren four different attitude, is a heaven-made match. Wu Mi is the director of Institute of Ancient Chinese Literature Search. Zhu Ziqing now teaches in the Department of Chinese and Chairman Department, Liu Chong? Is a professor and Dean of the history department. She became president of Yunnan University, Mr. Xiong Qinglai, was mathematics professor and chair of the Department, other masters such as Ye Qisun, Chen Daisun also occupy an important position, they were the photos look age is not large, seems to be about thirty years old. So I think I how no early then 180 years? If not in Tsinghua University as a professor, Tsinghua University as a student or can? Mei Yiqi later said the "so-called university, not that a building that also, master", is well-grounded. In 1928, the school was renamed Tsinghua Conditions are becoming better and better., national Tsinghua University, just listen to the name on the air a lot. However, the national Tsinghua University is not a name sounds style, although the Tsinghua School before after many twists and turns, and even a few presidents have for students to drive away, even the first national president of Tsinghua University Luo Jialun also can not escape this fate. But be honest, Luo principal spirit greatly, from Qinghua dedication in Qinghua school also play a decisive role in the position. Luo president stressed that teachers are important, took over at the beginning of the Tsinghua University said: "to do, first of all to the teachers, for the youth teacher selecting,...... And he also believed to heart, with the academic standard to perform."
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Review on a benign and openhearted, majestic and grand, masters, star studded era, approached them, appreciate masters style, perception of academic charm, a famous historical researcher Mr. Chen Yuan new work published. Hu Shi, Mei Yiqi, Huang Yanpei vividly, Ji Xianlin, Fei Xiaotong, Tang Degang, Xu Zhuoyun, He Zhaowu, Jonathan Spence and other cultural master of Humanities style. Recall those away from the master, remember that glorious history. It passes like this., past cannot be recalled, there is a time for everything. Ask the dust of history, look into the distance that one will be or have been away in the background.
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We live in a not the master of the times. Smoke ask the history, look into the distance that one is imminent or has already gone back. Looking back at history, looking for the master figure. The history behind them, they may be covered. However, achievement and brilliant but they still shine. They learned, their personality, their rise to the mission, their teaching as a vocation. They are grand and magnificent, with their emotions, they are coordinate all of history, they are the backbone of the Chinese culture. It passes like this. not to master, drifting further and further away, this time what?
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