Interpretation of Chinese personality

Date of publication:2005-8   Press: Social Science Document Press   Author:Wang Dengfeng Cui Hong   Pages´╝Ü438  

This book marks from the psychology perspective to the comprehensive, system research Chinese personality into a new and important phase. -- Shen Deli the complete localization (China of) book shows that Chinese rich connotation of personality characteristics and unique western theory cannot hold to us. -- Yang Zhiliang this monograph is psychology is the study of scientific paradigm boutique, nationalization. -- Lin Chongde this monograph marked personality research in China has reached international level and equal dialogue, in this sense, Professor Wang Dengfeng was indeed the first human study of modern personality psychology in china. The publication of the book -- Kan Jang solemnly declared to the world the personality and social psychology research in the earth increases in China, is opening a new era of international psychology. -- Shen Decan
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Introduction the first part Chinese personality structure localization exploration confirmed the vocabulary study builds 1 western "Big Five" personality structure and applicability of the model analysis of 2 Chinese personality 3 Chinese personality structure and adjective assessment results of the 4 Chinese Personality Adjective Rating Scale (QZPAS) reliability, validity and norm of 5 China personality scale (QZPS) and preliminary results in the construction process of 6 Chinese personality scale (QZPS) of the reliability and validity of the 7 Chinese seven personality factors questionnaire (QZPS - SF) personality characteristics of the reliability and validity of the 8 Chinese and China personality scale (QZPS and QZPS - SF) personality characteristics of the norm of second series of personality characteristics Chinese 9 Chinese (I): the personality trait extraversion 10 Chinese (II): the personality characteristics of good 11 Chinese (III): personality style 12 Chinese (IV): the personality characteristics of the 13 Chinese ability (V) personality characteristics: 14 the emotional Chinese (VI): personality characteristics of interpersonal relationship of 15 Chinese (VII): the relationship between the attitude of 16 Chinese gender role construction scale and psychosocial adaptation of the 17 Chinese sex role adjective rating Quantitative table construction 18 describe the type of gender roles and social psychological ratings adaptation of the relationship between the 19 Chinese self, others and the object oriented features: related research on inhibition of self center a center beyond others related research and third application Chinese personality scale of 20 dimensions of personality and psychosomatic symptoms of the 21 dimensions of personality and the behavior of the anxiety level and its influencing factors in patients with preoperative 22 personality dimensions and related research of self harmony 23 interventional therapy in 24 dimensions of personality, self harmony and behavioral inhibition prediction study of fourth pairs of psychosomatic symptoms for western personality structure and Chinese personality 25 Measurement Chinese personality: QZPS or NEO PI R 26 Chinese there is no independent "neuroticism" personality dimensions 27 western "extraversion" personality connotation differences between China and the West 28 Chinese "openness" -- the "open" personality dimensions and Chinese personality 29 western "pleasure" personality dimensions and Chinese personality among 30 western "conscientiousness" personality dimensions and Chinese personality among 31 Eysenck Personality Questionnaire factor structure and at the same time Personality structure validity 32 Chinese: western personality structure of 33 different cross validation in fifth CPAI and QZPS series of personality structure and cultural significance of the cultural significance of 34 difference in the West and the concept of personality theory and empirical analysis in Appendix 1520 Chinese personality trait adjectives likes and dislikes, significance, familiar with reference @##@ evaluation of postscript and Modernity The book records the psychology department of Peking University Wang Dengfeng, Cui Hong et al. A beneficial discussion on the Chinese personality structure, compared to the "Big Five" personality structure, by Chinese lexical classification in the "big seven" personality structure is more in line with the actual situation of Chinese, closer to the true state of Chinese personality.
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  •   It involves a large number of experimental data, in the study of personality Chinese have to dare to break the Convention, has innovation but also to fill the gap to a certain extent.
  •   Very good book, this is the Chinese in the human resources aspect books, teaching many domestic universities are the western human resources achievements cited, and Chinese in many respects is different from the western, we need more research Chinese own book, formed in the country's own human resources system.
  •   This book is of strong theory, reasonable structure, is China indigenous personality research reading books!
  •   Reading this book, just like with a rigorous scientific research personnel dialogue, inspired by the great.
  •   Too professional, cannot read
  •   Ordinary people are not easy to read, only to the
  •   The irony in place
  •   Based on the good, for the future study of personality China laid the foundation of the data and the model.
  •   The result of 20 years of research, this is the research attitude.
  •   Nice theory, practice a little less
  •   Sensory data, much of the icons
  •   The author is very severe that looks a little more than the professional students will be very difficult
  •   A person, not found what reference ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ hungry.
  •   Very good, useful book
  •   A lot of content can jump in the past, mainly have a look and comprehensive evaluation. This book is meaningless to not engage in professional people
  •   This is a great research value of the collection, research, deeply on Chinese and Western culture is not enough. If there is a popular text version is good.
  •   The research of the book, need to set aside time to read
  •   Want to contact the author, please send email, hellomorning@139****, thank you
  •   The theory is too strong, suitable for research, without the aid of a case
  •   Theory of strong, I can't understand
  •   Very old, there is little damage

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