In twenty-first Century and Chinese culture

Date of publication:2007-10   Press: Zhonghua Book Company   Author:Kato Shunichi   Pages:331   Words:180000  

Kato Shunichi, the famous Japanese commentators, writers. Born in September 19, 1919 in tokyo. University of Tokyo School of graduate. Doctor of medicine. In 1949 1946 ", literature study" literary debut. In France in 50, contact with European culture in the medical research at the same time. Started in 1958 as a professional writer. In 1980 the representative of "the history of Japanese Literature" sequence that the O Jiro prize. In Canada
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To Chinese readers I and Chinese message "Nakajima Kenzo show" first visit to Nanjing China cornices feeling in Dunhuang Chinese film three Beijing spring autumn in Beijing revisited Beijing in the fall of the history and culture of war and postwar -- China Japan relations from the "Nanjing" back to the "journey" feeling in Hongkong tour of Hongkong spring and autumn without feeling just war Confucianism again Sanxingdui bronze culture polar reciprocity Buddha group found Chinese ink painting and Japanese painting literature and translation what is literature or related Chinese "literary history" "day mourning gives" or the "on language" Marx doctrine and literature of Song School of poets in Meiji Japan the initial translation -- Translation translation and why? What? How to translate? The mission of literature -- on the scientific and technological civilization era of modern translation of Poetry Translation -- the rebellious said Yuan Ming and Yixiu advocate "Bible" and "translation of the Analects of Confucius" meaning the sheep thief topic increasingly court day translation, romantic, natural and twenty-first Century the new century China culture of hope or the "historical consciousness" in twentieth Century is a what kind of age? China around international issues and Japan -- Dialogue between Robert Gilang and various The history and future of language cultural circle of the necessity Chinese characters -- meaning and a sea of dialogue supplement to "Chinese characters cultural circle" conception of Japan truly great men -- Kato Shunichi (generation @##@ postscript) This book is one of the "Japan China science Wencui", including: I and Chinese, history and culture, literature and translation, in twenty-first Century and China culture etc.. The book of "China culture" theory, can make the readers understand the changes of Japan's post-war culture trend, and Japanese intellectuals to Chinese cultural understanding.
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