In fact, you don't understand the Wenzhou people

Date of publication:2005-1   Press: United Press   Author:Bai Huihua   Pages:272   Words:250000  

The book is a Wenzhou Wenzhou and Wenzhou spirit of account book. The author is the city's famous writers, and business experience, work on cultural and political circles are quite many, therefore its unique perspective and personal experience, the book is different from the past, many business minded "Wenzhou phenomenon" theme books, but a writer to concern for the life, concerned about the survival of literature and the depth of thought, contains the emotional and rational self reflection of the people of Wenzhou. The book describes the history of Wenzhou, Wenzhou today and the turbulent years, dialect and Wenzhou become an independent school of basic necessities of life. Author individual and group of people in Wenzhou have a precise description, in which many people and things are his personal experience or knowledge, multi angle, three-dimensional display of the specific feature of life in Wenzhou. The style, with the vivid language and humorous tone, to explain, the "gossip" style lets a person feel writer as "over" the elderly wind. The book reads smoothly, popular easy, interesting.
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Bai Huihua, Wenzhou, formerly known as Wu Minghua, workmanship, soldier, teaching, seventeen years old began to publish short stories in the "East Sea", but soon the "Cultural Revolution" started, then into the study of the technical workshop, after the "Cultural Revolution" began to literary creation, a certain influence in the literary world, has served as director of the Chinese writer the Zhejiang branch of the association, vice chairman of Wenzhou Writers Association, has launched a "Youth Literature
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The first chapter Ou Ou Ou pocket with people -- the Wenzhou geographical cultural interpretation of the second chapter from the Ouyue to Wenzhou Dongou -- establishment of chapter third odd Ou Dialect -- Wenzhou chapter fourth FireWire, front and black -- Wenzhou history of the fifth chapter four and four thousand -- Discussion on Wenzhou mode sixth chapter Chinese Jews -- the wandering merchant of Wenzhou the seventh chapter hard Yucheng for you -- no temperature is not a business eighth chapter of Shanghai people and Wenzhou people's brother and younger brother relationship -- ninth chapter learning martial arts written cargo and the royal family -- an official of the Wenzhou chapter tenth servants and corrupt Cadres -- Wenzhou chapter eleventh persons and perseverance -- writers of Wenzhou the twelfth chapter ten Wenzhou nine is the boss -- Wenzhou boss (on) the thirteenth chapter also start empty-handed -- Wenzhou boss (in) the fourteenth chapter or audacious in the extreme -- the boss of Wenzhou (below) the fifteenth chapter Wenzhou men -- but the sixteenth chapter dainty and cute couple hardness with softness -- a woman in Wenzhou on the seventeenth chapter of beer bottle the eighteenth chapter story -- wear in Wenzhou world Ou food -- the food in Wenzhou nineteenth Chapter follow suit and go back to playing in Wenzhou -- Chapter twentieth years -- a humble a Wenzhou and the people of Wenzhou and the end
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