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Date of publication:2005-1   Press: Anhui people's Publishing House   Author:Yan Guifu Wang Guojian Guo Jian Wang   Pages:434  

"Huizhou culture" by the 20 monographs and more than 1000 pieces of color black and white photo (Figure) plate, the total number of words to about 6000000 words, since the founding of the PRC is the largest in Anhui province an academic work, but also a systematic summary and display of Huizhou culture and Huizhou residents living encyclopedia. The book will Huizhou culture system the most characteristic, in the country and the considerable influence in the international cultural phenomenon as the research object, be arranged into 20 sub topics, the formation of 20 research monographs. These volumes are: "Huizhou land system", "Hui", "Huizhou patriarchal society", "Neo Confucianism", "Huizhou education", "Huizhou building", "Huizhou village", "Huizhou science and technology", "Huizhou folk", "Huizhou carving", "Huizhou dialect", "Hui style print", "Sinology", "Xin'an School of painting style", "Huizhou", "archives of Huizhou engraved books", "Xin'an medicine", "Huizhou opera", "Huizhou process", "cuisine". "The book" from a historical and cultural perspective, comprehensive and systematic exploration of Huizhou cultural phenomenon, these phenomena of natural geography, social economy and Huizhou, the political and the relationship between the residents, Huizhou culture in the background of the country and the world culture to examine, and standing at the turn of the century history the height, in domestic and foreign academic research on Huizhou's culture since the beginning of twentieth Century systematically reviewed and summarized, on the basis of a higher level of rational thinking and academic discussion. "The book" on the whole, is the largest part of the original academic works in our province since the founding of new China, Huizhou cultural research is so far the most comprehensive system, the most authoritative academic works. "Huizhou culture" the book publishing, is a great event in the construction of our province of local culture and the humanities and Social Sciences research. In "the book" 20 volumes, can be said to have the following four basic characteristics: first, the times. "The book" for the first time, wide field of vision, the multi-level study of Huizhou cultural phenomenon, content is extensive, covering almost all aspects of the culture of Huizhou, the latest academic achievements, reflects the academic characteristics of Huizhou studies in the new period, on behalf of the academic level; two is the authority of the. In the volume of writers, are currently active in the domestic field of Huizhou studies of famous experts, is the relevant academic leaders. Their results, renowned scholars, academic level basically represents the domestic Huizhou studies. It should be said, "academic authority" the book is allow all doubt. The three is a system. "The book" 20 volumes of books, is an organic whole, and other books; not only pay attention to the integrity and universality of Huizhou culture, and take care of the typical and inherent logic, is so far the most systematic science research work. Four is the innovation. "The book" in-depth study of Huizhou cultural phenomena formation, evolution and the relations of each other. Much of the book materials and books are available for the first time, many theoretical methods are standing in the frontier, whether it is a data, ideas andMethod, all have shown very high originality.
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Preface preface chapter Huizhou documents, collection, collation and found that the estimation of the number of a Huizhou documents found and handed two Huizhou documents collection and collation of the three Huizhou documents to estimate the total number of second chapter Huizhou documents formed the geographical, time, content and form a Huizhou documents form a body, form and the region two Huizhou documents the time limit of three Huizhou documents content range of four Huizhou documents carrier forms and types of the third chapter Huizhou documents features a private two specific three real four typical five systematic and comprehensive chapter fourth Huizhou documents a Huizhou documents with the rise and development of Huizhou two Huizhou documents and academic development of three Huizhou documents and research of Confucianism and Confucian modernization in four Huizhou documents and the modern social economic development the fifth chapter Huizhou archives main types of land and property documents two liturgical documents three commercial documents four clan archives five official documents six the education and imperial Wen Shudang Case seven culture and art archives eight Club archives in the nine social relations of archives chapter sixth yuan Huizhou land transaction documents basic types, main contents and features a song Huizhou land transfer contract two yuan Huizhou the demarcation of land swaps with three yuan Huizhou land sales tax that book four yuan Huizhou land transaction contract chapter seventh basic characteristics of the Ming and Qing Dynasties Huizhou Tian Zhai and other real estate transaction documents basic types and main contents of the eighth chapter of Ming and Qing Dynasties, Huizhou tax archives basic types and main contents of the ninth chapter of Ming and Qing Hui archives basic types and main contents of the tenth chapter Song Dynasty to the Republic of China Huizhou clan archives basic types and main contents of the eleventh chapter of Huizhou in Ming and Qing Dynasty government and legal documents basic types and the main contents of the twelfth chapter of Huizhou in Ming and Qing Dynasty Society archives basic types and main contents of the thirteenth chapter of Huizhou in Ming and Qing Dynasty social archives basic types and main contents of the fourteenth chapter of Huizhou archives development and research review and prospects. "Huizhou culture" postscript @##@ book The book writing, in addition to follow the general requirements, we also strive to "real, complete, new". "Real" is to be realistic, that is to ensure the authenticity of the documents. "Full" is to introduce the types and effects of Huizhou documents. Do a good job in the basic requirements of the first two, and then to the "new", namely, to pay attention to the latest discovery of Huizhou documents, innovative efforts in Huizhou published documents. In this book, we reflected Huizhou documents some of the new Qing history of Huizhou social and economic problems. As in a relationship, collecting stamps 官票 and push in all graphs of small ticket jewellery industry in a large tax intervention, tickets two uses and so on, there are some new findings. Some of the newly discovered documents types, such as this book, Da Toyu, Jane, the ticket, sacrificial dragon support tickets, business documents, tickets, especially tax license, miscellaneous levies ticket, circulating book, single, news, the deacons through, break off an engagement book, were released and introduction, believe this move on Hui and other academic research, will be of benefit to.
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