His seven disciples and Qilu Culture

Date of publication:2005-7   Press: Qilu press   Author:Mou Zhongjian   Pages:387  

Status of Quanzhen Daoism in the Taoism history, status similar to Zen in Buddhism history status and Neo Confucianism in the Song Dynasty in the history of confucianism. The Quanzhen school, Taoism, Zen represents three theoretical peak China philosophy. Based on the actual contribution to the social public, Shandong Qixia who is the first person in the history of Taoism, so the evaluation of Quanzhen school and who is the important problem in the research China thought history. Book in-depth study on the relationship between Taoism and Qilu culture, and put forward their own unique ideas, is conducive to the history of thought contending and promote. Book is the crystallization of collective wisdom. In the thesis we have a clear division of labor, but inevitably in the content will have some overlap. However, the focus of each chapter and comments are not the same, maintain their own ideas and style, and to connect with each other as a whole, forming a unity in diversity, this is our goal.
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The order of Quanzhen Daoism and Qilu Culture -- a founder, Wang Chongyang revolutionized the Taoism thought two, three states -- Jiaodong Taoist true birthplace, Jiaodong -- three of Quanzhen Daoism towards the rear base of countrywide, Qiu Chuji -- four of Quanzhen Daoism flourishing the powerful figure five, the Yuan Quan Zhen Sheng, real Lai Jiaodong growing sect the first chapter is the backbone of Qilu culture and Taoist culture, Qilu culture development history and brilliant achievements two, Qilu Taoist cultural tradition in chapter second of gold and the Jin and Yuan Dynasties, Shandong social politics, culture situation, Jin Song, Jin and Yuan Dynasty in Shandong area, the rise of new war two sects of relations with Shandong the third chapter Wang Chongyang missionary in Jiaodong and the success of Quanzhen School of Taoism, the rise in the course of thought before two, the monastic and missionary activities in Shaanxi in three, preaching in Shandong and a teaching activity four, early Quanzhen religion organization the fourth chapter: seven monastic and missionary activities in Shandong, Ma Yu met a Wang Chongyang two, Wang Chongyang pains of Ma Yu three, Qiu Chuji Quanzhen an apprentice Wang Chongyang four, Wang Chongyang back sitting sense Hao Datong Tan Chuduan, five, Ninghai: an a l six, Wang Chuyi studied under seven, Wang Chongyang Kunyu haze hole eight, and if Xuan breeze initial analysis and TSAT Po, lotus, Sanko, Yuhua will build nine, Liu Chuxuan the apprentice and equality will build ten, Wang Chu iron Croucher mountain bitter repair and Liu 处玄 east to Laizhou, eleven the horse 钰东 to twelve, said Liu Chuxuan, education teaching and the king was declared at thirteen, with a view to Qiu Chuji East Qixia lake are fourteen, Wang Chuyi, Liu Chuxuan, Qiu Chuji vibration teaching Quintin fifteen. Fifth chapter: the Xuan breeze only seven sub thought characteristic, the purpose of Cultivation: immortal two, repair center three, four, five, and inner alchemy Taoism Quanzhen Taoism sixth chapter from Shandong towards a national, Wang Chongyang died Kaifeng two, hill, Liu, Tan, the horse was buried Liu Jiang three, Ma Yu in Shaanxi, and illustrates the teaching activity four, Tan, Liu, Sun Xuanjiao Eloi and Hao access to l five, Hebei Qiu Chuji in Pan Xi and Longmen thirteen years of penance, Qiu Chuji by Jin Shizong six Xuan Zhao seven, Gen Gi Khan seventh chapter Qiu Chuji westbound to Shandong during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Ming and Qing Dynasties of Quanzhen Daoism of Quanzhen Taoism. Fading two, Ming and Qing Shandong Quanzhen School of appendix: A, Wang Chongyang Quanzhen seven monastic and missionary activities two, memorabilia of Quanzhen Daoism in the Shandong cultural relics three, Laizhou fairy hole Wang Taoist family research report four, a Taoist works for further study.
Chapter excerpt

Digest Dading nine years (1169) September, Wang Chongyang led Ma Yu, Tan Chuduan, Qiu Chuji three disciples, West to Laizhou, the Liu Chuxuan acquired by. Liu Chuxuan, Donglai attache people (now Laizhou military officer Zhuang). Laizhou in the Qi, since ancient times is really inhabited the land, since the Laizhou South 15 in Yunfeng mountain, there are nine in the name of the inscription, this is Laizhou Xian wind strong evidence. Northern Wei Zheng Daozhao in Ren Guang Zhouci Shi, left many inscriptions not only in Laizhou Yunfeng mountain, Daji mountain, but also has the big mountain. "All true fairy body mirror of Liu Chuxuan" said: "ten March division is born, is the night Ziqi two, from the Tai Ji Shan across its home. Division was rather solitary, mother heard in filial piety. Mother also have Qi hidden ambition. Tai Ji military attache in south two in a mountain valley, a Taoist priest, but Kwangju Prefecture Zheng Daozhao into the road, Shi Chang Panhuan during the." Daji Mountain Range Officer Zhuang only two Li Xu, Taoism atmosphere surrounding and Qilu culture, invisible edification, Liu Chuxuan created a unique pattern of personality. Liu Chuxuan lived in the nine century military attache, ancestors of filial piety have, song of peace and rejuvenating the country, because the Xiaoyi court for the door and asked the county, exemption from service, local people benefit a lot. His ancestor, all have ancestral wind, Xu Gu poor relief, Xiaoyi ". Liu Chuxuan was born in Jin Xizong emperor seven years (1147) in July 12th, he lost his father, and mother. He inherits the progenitor wind, what mother to filial piety, hated splendor, quiet automorphic, never married, known as the world records, a few times to become religious, because mother barrier but failed. Jin Shizong nine years (1169) spring, Liu Chuxuan in a neighbor's wall, found two song, did not leave name, but the ink is new, the last sentence is: "your true fairy cloud military attache, must make people live forever and never die." Liu Chuxuan looked, was amazing, knowledge will be an expert, since then become religious meaning more firmly. In September the same year, Qiu Chuji, Tan Chuduan, Ma Yusui, Wang Chongyang to Laizhou, Liu 处玄 and mother go to see Wang Chongyang, Wang Chongyang asked him: "you 解壁 words?" Liu 处玄 known as the two song next door wall is Wang Chongyang, great admiration and worship as teacher, Wang chongyang. Wang Chongyang sigh as "pine, bamboo in the snow, and therefore not subject to dust." So, give Liu Chuxuan a poem, a poem: "fishing" return and see Ao, known in Xian cao. Ming Lang is called Zhi Zi Yi Hong Bo, jump very high." And given the name Xuan, pass the word, wonderful, old son. For Liu 处玄 apprentice Wang Chongyang age, historical records are different. "Gan Narcissus source book, long live Liu master monument" and "Lotus Road authentic record Changsheng Liu Zhenren" thought, Liu 处玄 ordained, "party ruoguan year". That is to say, he 2L years thanks to teacher Wang chongyang. However, "Lotus fairy like authentic source - longevity sub" but that his apprentice, Wang Chongyang, but "Teenagers", that is 20 years old. "Wang said: "Chronicle" Patriarch led Danyang, Changchun long really, West to Laizhou, monks of longevity reality, training name Xuan, pass the word, wonderful, longevity, at the age of twenty-three." Study of the three versions, the first not to live with the second argument against, if Liu 处玄 later next year or a monk, he should, at the small machine, but Qiu Chuji age his seven disciples in the smallest, which has become a consensus. So, the two argument is wrong, today "Chronicle" Wang said. So far, Qiu Chuji, Tan Chuduan, Ma Yu, Wang Chuyi, Hao Datong, 孙不二, Liu Chuxuan, has been thanks to Wang Chongyang door, known as "the seven", also known as the "North wang". In his seven son, 孙不二 largest age, four years older than Ma Yu, Tan 处端 times, and Qiu Chuji was the earliest, but the youngest. Therefore, all seven sub if arranged according to age size, is 孙不二 (born January 5th lll9), Tan 处端 (born March 1, 1123), Ma Yu (born May 20, 1123), Hao Datong (born January 3, 1140), Wang Chuyi (born March 18, 1142), Liu Chu Xuan (born July 12, 1147), Qiu Chuji (born January 19, 1148). Qiu, Liu, Tan, Ma, Hao, sun, although the king called his seven disciples, but the status and identity of seven people in the Quanzhen Taoism in, there is a huge difference, the most obvious is the hill, Liu, Tan, Ma four disciple Hao, Wang and sun, different. For example, "Gan Narcissus source book, Zhongnan Mountain Chongyang Quanzhen Zu Bei" King reality clearly the mound, Liu, Tan, Ma Hao, Wang and sun, divided into two levels, the Hao, sun, Wang Chengzhi is "four philosophy of". From Wang Chongyang poetry and behavior, also can see this point, not only hill, Liu, Wang Chongyang, Ma tan with longer time, and, in nine years (1169) in October, when Wang Chongyang off the coast of Shandong back to Shaanxi, with hills, Liu, Tan, the horse four disciple, and not with three other people. This fully illustrated in the mind, the four great disciples and Hao, sun, Wang is among the other. Even the mound, Liu, Tan, Ma four disciples, in the eyes of Wang Chongyang, position is not exactly the same. He had a poem that goes: "a nephew of two sons and a Shan Dong, even to the five one male. Six Ming Qi with the month, seven are invited to cool sea wind. Wonderful it came close Miao, clear sky above follow vanity. All round the four corners of the world, to know the everywhere." Yue: "brother a nephew of two daughters, even to five Yi do practice. As matters really relatives, get rid of the fake human corpse. A thorough clean throughout, relay teaching purple Ling branch. Hill import Ling Hua, I take Penglai ceremony first division." Obviously, in Wang Chongyang, Ma Yu is just like his brother, and Tan Chuduan is like his nephew, Liu Chuxuan and Qiu Chuji son. Wang Chongyang this method, certainly not by age to points, according to age, Tan 处端 than Ma 钰尚 two months, Tan Chuduan should be ranked in the top right; nor by entry to points, but to attain the superficial and deep, the four great disciples, Ma Yu got the first Wang Chongyang, the die has been true, its regard Ma Yu as a brother, let Ma Yu inherited his unfinished business, the other three sub culture into the word. "Lotus fairy like authentic source - deutron" said: "in October, as ye Xian, Li equality." Dading nine years (1169) October, Qiu, Liu, Tan, Ma four disciples and Wang Chongyang in Yexian establish equality. So far, the Quanzhen Taoism in the lower people organization have all set up along the coast of Shandong. The rabble organizations are often referred to as "three, five", "three states" refers to Laizhou, Terengganu and Ning Haizhou, while five will be for Wendeng's "three religions TSAT Po", Ninghai "Three Religions" will ", Fukuyama's" three three "," three religions Yuhua Dengzhou will ", Laizhou" three religions equality". "All true fairy body mirror of Wang Chu" said: "in the Laizhou legislative equality, is far more than a thousand people in the wind, the participants." Laizhou "three religions equality will" build, people will have more than 1000 people, and so on, the most conservative estimates, three five club staff at least tens of thousands of people. But Wang Chongyang arrogance will be seven years (1167) July to Ninghai to Dading nine years (1169) October off the coast of Shandong, as he stepped, Lai, Ninghai three state activity time in less than two years, in less than two years, he not only received his seven son as the core and elite Quanzhen School of Taoism, but also established five, Shoutu Zhongda million people, it is not a miracle. If compare, he in Shandong coastal Hong teaching effect and in Shaanxi Hong teaching effect more than a world of difference! Also the Quanzhen Taoism, also Wang Chongyang, but the effect is so great, it can not be related to differences in cultural environment. Known as the immortal faith traditions of Shandong coast, in the fusion of culture for thousands of years, formed the Qilu culture as the main cultural atmosphere, which for the spread of "syncretism" advocates the Quanzhen School of Taoism, is undoubtedly a very powerful help. After three, five will be built, after his seven son and Wang Chongyang Quanzhen Daoism efforts, has laid the groundwork in the coastal area of Shandong. In order to achieve "the universal teaching style as an" ideal, Wang Chongyang Quanzhen Taoism began to push the country. Dading nine years (1169) September, Wang Chongyang lead mound, Liu, Tan, Ma four disciples went to Shaanxi to preach. In October, Wang Chongyang mentoring a line of five people, left Shandong, arrived in Bianliang, Wang brigade mansion. Second years on the fourth day of lunar January, namely the Dading ten years (1170) died in the lunar January day, Wang Chongyang Wang brigade di. Later, Qiu, Liu, Tan, Ma four disciples Fu Wang Chongyang coffin bury Zhong Nan Liu Jiangcun, Wang Chongyang mourning for three years. Mourning expired, all the volunteers said, differentiation around. P180-P182
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  •   The study of Taoist academic works, introduced the process of his seven disciples to Quanzhen communication development and its relationship with the Qilu culture, enable us to have a deeper understanding and the understanding to the Wang Chongyang, Qiu Chuji Taoist master, no longer stay in Jin Yong's martial arts novels for their mistakes and distort the description above.

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