Date of publication:2002-9   Press: Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House   Author:[method] Michel Basturo (Michel Pastoureau)   Pages´╝Ü145  

Michel Pastoureau was born in 1947, philologist, archives of jurists, deputy chairman of higher research practice school professor and Dean, International Association, French heraldry Institute of heraldry. Research on the history of early symbols and related fields (heraldry, seal, Qian Bixue), the present study color history, human animal relationship history. Has published 30 books, the latest major
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The first chapter of second chapter of the history of the pattern and the color of the third chapter heraldry, fresh as witness and literature subject noun known picture directory and index @##@. Coat of arms in twelfth Century was born in the battlefield, mainly in order to identify because of stomach and cannot put guajia knight. A general point of view is that this is the origin of the patent of nobility. However, from thirteenth Century onwards, whether noble or common, as long as compliance with arms operation rules, anyone can have and use of arms. So far, armorial bearings have been integrated into the identification mark, it is omnipresent.
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  •   Heraldic primer, worthy of recommendation
  •   This book is very good, is often recommended for students.
  •   The word is not much, drawing more! But still elusive quality of the book is very good!
  •   Very good book! Although the Internet is the electronic version of the download, but definitely worth collecting. Did not expect that the book is so small it, ha ha!
  •   These books are expensive, but in his hand is very tasty. That is a little less.
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  •   The teacher recommended the book, although did not carefully read, but there are plenty of pictures, nice disadvantages: cover is easy to fall, binding glue is not good
  •   Ultra small book. Binding seems to have a problem, easy to open. Is a little expensive. A lot of pictures, content is rich, is the picture that is a bit confusing.
  •   Although the fine print, but the actual content is not more effective. After reading, still can not be judged by a past history of a family......
  •   The book is too small, the content can also, but with the OSPREY out of the heraldry compared with nothing special
  •   Thin pamphlets 32 open, content and not so rich, but can make readers have a preliminary understanding of heraldry.
    but binding is bad, very easy to drive off the page.
    and, feeling capacity is very small, this is not enough.
  •   Thin book, binding. The book opens a moment...... The book fell. =|||
    in the book is very small, do not affect the reading.
  •   The writing is really is too simple, can only be said to be the most preliminary, and not what help to the understanding of the substance
  •   A lot of pictures, printing is very good, but, this book this content, nothing gold content, the price, expensive
  •   Pose as a person of high morals.
  •   The contents of the book is good, but take the cover off, depressed.

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