GUSHAN foot of rain

Date of publication:2005-07   Press: Shanghai ancient books publishing house   Author:Xiong Zhaozheng   Pages:203   Words:106000  

"The Millennium eye series" received the book show features. Historian Wang Chunyu's "Jingu line", both ancient and modern history and textual research and comment, object system, Yabo interesting interesting. She sings an old song Huai literary predecessors of mulberry "on", from the "harmony between man and nature", "being" of these China history propositions, next to the diva tailor, steal a book to each street trivia, have one's words at hand, a curious. The essay you mu Hui "beach" from content, a phenomenon of history or reality of arguments, interesting and have a warning role. The prose Chen Siyi "to" bridge on the grass, out through into the history, mastery, although in the old history of painting, and in the present, of all zero, wit, satire articles. The famous writer Xiong Zhaozheng's "Gushan foot rain", into the elegant style of writing, full of talent, deep inside history in one, emotion, deep thought. Veteran journalist Li Qiao's "people in the history", content since the Qin and Han Dynasties, the Ming and Qing Dynasties are the time, sounded the alarm, give a person with wisdom and enlightenment. Famous people Wu Liyang "big dreams who sleep", open-minded, unique insight, freely, by lattice, are talking about most of the history of the Republic of China, in ancient history, the history of the world is also involved, from the traditional history notes theme and create a new world, especially in some of the ancient poetry, books, articles, opinion is novel unique. People with the help of clairvoyance, can break through the limitation of space, see the scenery, and with the help of the Millennium eye, can break through the limited time, see the evolution from ancient to modern times history, gain knowledge, Yue Yang disposition.
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Xiong Zhaozheng, a famous contemporary Chinese writer, poet. 1953 was born in December in Yingshan County of Hubei Province town of hot springs. In the army, a village. The 22 year old has served as the Yingshan County Cultural Center creative leaders. In 1981 he was transferred to Hubei Provincial Writers Association as a professional writer since. During from 1984 to 1986 as "Changjiang literature" deputy editor in chief, from 1985 to 1989 served as vice chairman of Hubei writers association.
created in 1979
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Tiantai Mountain said that Han Shan Gu Shan steps rain Su Shunqing and Canglang Pavilion Jizu mountain tourism such as temple monastic room air the sound of rain micro -- Miss fruit a monk asked who spent laughing about Maitreya Buddha Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva vows poetic couplet Hanshan Temple bell Mount Emei on shoulder moon you visit Chengdu Du Fu Thatched Cottage to drink the Miluo River to Shuangfeng at the beginning of lotus leaf Xiang Yueyang Tower forest forever Louguantai stroll in the button under the tower Happy Buddha and obsequiousness a Buddism godness Guanyin visit strict zailingdiaotai birds and bird alias monk our red dragon spring wild wild water China literati mountain interest "rouge wells" country hated in treatment of modern commercial society -- Reading "business" for a gossip the truth of history make history again on the tomb of Zhang Juzheng
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  •   Strongly recommended to buy all 7 of the thousand mile eye series, very definitely authors of great ingenuity
  •   The orthodox thought serious, accurate beautiful language. But the author talks about Zen is not clever, but on the history and literature is quite like the.

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