French Sinology (Ninth Series)

Date of publication:2004-12   Press: Zhonghua Book Company   Author:"French Sinology" series editor committee   Pages:480   Words:362000  

The king is in the hall to the princes to announce new moon, the princes and then each in their ancestral temple announced the new moon. The age of kings. According to Li sat in the whole month, is in the hall the hall and time symmetry. So the changing of the seasons, the four corners of the world are facing the king, he is in the middle period of each year (the last month of the last eighteen days) to sit in the hall, sitting between the ajar door when a leap month (lunar calendar years older than the Gregorian calendar). The Zhou people therefore developed a universal monarchy system, detailed records on the "book of Rites" in the home. We note that, the emperor in the hall outside the circle, there is another larger and has the political meaning of the universe around. Every year, the emperor to accept the throne (vassals to the central collection action). After fifth years, when the Emperor himself, is driving to visit the Quartet, with the season change, the stop in the East, the summer solstice in the southern part of the park, the drive to the west, the rest in the north. Through this double bypass, the Emperor himself to ensure that also represents the spatial and time. With his move, the king from a range of space to another location, at the same time and from a seasonal time into another season. Perhaps more precisely, not the king moves in time and space, but the space with the king's mobile development. Space and time are not divided accordingly, and they provide the background is not abstract or neutral. Chinese space is "living space", by the Quartet (incidentally, "Quartet" of the party is "direction" and "square") become a focus, as the base form of the emperor would be perfectly logical and reasonable to focus on in this seat. Chinese time is life time, but by the four season to set the tempo ("four" when the "season" is also "timely, auspicious"). Therefore, the space in the China absolutely is not an empty stage, let people "free (arbitrary)" in the above show their fate -- I deliberately use the word, because the word points at the western free will. The human does not create space concept knowledge purely abstract, they are happy space, possession of it, and dwell in them, but never to destroy the organic relationship between them and the surrounding environment.......
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Objective space and performance space concept Chinese tradition of China: city form and block formation China "Venice" change the authenticity test: Suzhou city and city map of Beijing in Qing Dynasty city community and varactor habitat environment evolution of traditional limitations -- Chinese: city modernization completely flattened or wholly intact -- Modern attitude for building form and this transcendence possible economic development and protection of historical heritage city form evolution and the impact of management and development of syndrome "to retake the heart disorder -- for a hundred years history of Shanghai city architectural heritage protection policy of cultural heritage District in Shanghai city as the" big city development: case of Xi'an chips to rule speaking of space: the strategy of historical and cultural city protection planning of reading and Criticism: transient Chengdu planning landscape change in the environmental history: North agricultural culture expansion warlords and KMT in Shaanxi province irrigation works and the political development of Taihu, Oriental Dragon Shanghai potential natural park area in this piece of land on the flight China -- introduction of land development the history of a geographical pattern of Beijing swimming Hongkong City, Shanghai, China -- one different fate or segmentation: the influence of foreign investment on China discriminant region economic development of the Sino French cooperation bridge current city planning and architectural culture -- Contemporary French Chinese building observation station of French dynamic city foundation China plan of building environment and architectural practice changes -- "Paris Beijing cooperation project" Shanghai Nan Feng Cun, social transformation of the residential project...... Beijing center of academic activities @##@ French Far East Institute With a long history and a rich culture Chinese, human settlements construction China strictly is Chinese and foreign scholars are very enthusiastic about the topic. "French Sinology" Ninth series "China habitat environment construction history" as the theme, the purpose is to introduce French scholars in the academic field of research, the analysis and evaluation of them for China performed in the city, economic and natural environment construction and development space for. In view of the complexity of environment construction and space development problems, this can not be related to the relative aspects. The series of "French Sinology" choice space and its performance, the living environment evolution, city form evolution and its influence, the transition of landscape, regional Nostoc five sub topics, published 20 articles from different disciplines, history, geography, human construction, is the development of the changes introduced since China government the political and economic reform has since Chinese city and area, and introduces the Sino French scholars understanding and thinking for the concept of space environment, historical heritage.
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