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Date of publication:2002-10   Press: Chinese City   Author:Hu Ximing   Pages´╝Ü292  

SOHO Community Choice and challenge SOHO gens refers to the use of modern office equipment and cyber source, the home office free occupation. Now, SOHO has become a kind of fashion, SOHO group is expanding rapidly, from freelance to network, advertising, design, photography, art, business agents, brokers all industry fields are SOHO gens flashing figure.
Catalogue of books

A, today, you SOHO
three, SOHO is the heaven is hell SOHO
four, why I do SOHO
five, SOHO
six occupation planning, perhaps, you do for SOHO.
seven, the most common SOHO: free
eight, and unpredictable SOHO SOHO: network
nine, the most comfortable SOHO: semi SOHO
ten, SOHO
eleven, women and other SOHO
fourteen 7 weapons, SOHO SOHO
thirteen SOHO success secrets
fifteen, SOHO O@##@ tomorrow. Everybody wants to be a SOHO, but SOHO is not in heaven, for some people, even in hell.
the book on various SOHO lifestyle, working style, state of mind is a vivid description, summarizes the SOHO should have the psychological quality of spare parts and material, as well as SOHO the success of the 18 commandments, analysis of the areas in which SOHO easy success, and 7 arms of SOHO was introduced in detail. This book by SOHO writers, SOHO design was drawn illustrations cover design, SOHO is all SOHO has become and will soon become the essential handbook SOHO.
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User reviews
  •   Very funny, also suitable to SOHO when the reference books
  •   This book is the earliest, the above things are telling a few years ago, so you want to join the SOHO, but take it as a psychological comfort inspirational books more appropriate

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