Fashion Sociology

Date of publication:2005-3-1   Press: China Textile Press   Author:Hua Mei, Dong Kecheng   Pages´╝Ü192  

Hua Mei was born in 1951 in tianjin. He is currently a professor Dean, Tianjin Normal University International College for women. Research Institute of Tianjin Normal University, Hua Mei dress culture. A "human dress culture", "culture" and other clothing and China monographs, edited four books. From 1993 onwards, as the "people's Daily" overseas "clothing culture writing" column, published more than 300 papers so far. In 1994 by the national Ministry of personnel awarded the "outstanding young experts", in 1995 the State Council special government allowance. In 1990 the city of Tianjin, Tianjin "three eight red banner pacesetter" 1993 higher education system of excellent teachers in 1997, Tianjin city model worker, in 1998 the national education system, Chinese building model, the national education system, labor model, the national model teacher.
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Chapter 1 introduction of dress of the external factors -- social overall environment first fashion and social productivity second day dress and ethics third day dress and social system in section fourth and section fifth clothing clothing religion and international relations section sixth clothing and other social needs second chapter apparel social internal -- potential evaluation standard and to the education of the first section of potential evaluation standards on the basis of the second festival costumes social effect and culture background in section third group feedback form with the results of fourth to educational society. The third chapter discusses the social role of mark -- general social role and the specific identity section marked gender differences in section second indicate social status third marked social occupation fourth mark the political group fifth mark of sixth section of society activities belief faction marked the seventh day social role of variant forms of the eighth Festival art clothing fourth chapter fashion -- Society for personality and tolerant first fashion social basis second day to third day fashion fashion velocity fifth chapter dress in society commercial factors The fourth section on selling activities the first section designers pursue market benefit second producers profit objective third dealers guidance planning sixth chapter dress on the influence of social language reality observation and study of the seventh chapter of the first section of the costume society social role and clothing industry recognition section second on third day of the reference the literature on clothing @##@ social subject to various levels of fashion This book is the "series" clothing culture in a book. Fashion sociology is to dress as a social phenomenon, the adjustment function of its position in the life of human society and the scientific. Based on many years of dress culture, focusing on clothing socialization, external, internal process, commercialized society and social effect, and social class, such as occupation, interest and non-human formed colony is how to use as a fashion symbol, symbol and become the society pattern is identity the new subject; especially prominent fashion before the commodity society, the information age in the new position not involved. This book can be used as a teaching aid higher apparel clothing professional colleges and universities, but also can be used as a college student, costume culture lovers edify sentiment, improve their self-cultivation reference book.
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  •   Very good book, whether from an academic point of view or from the popular clothing knowledge perspective. The quality of
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