Disciple rules / the Chinese culture initiation

Date of publication:2006-7   Press: Zhongzhou ancient books publishing house   Author:Wei Shaosheng   Pages:59   Words:49000  

"Gui" language easy to understand, so the arrangement did not comment, is only briefly explained, and based on this kind of access necessary collation. "Dizizhi" is from the early years of Emperor Guangxu. Journal of Zhejiang "twenty-two" the Tang Fang note, Ming Liu 续增 note "pipe" a Digest out; "children", "continued children language language" is based on the Commercial Press published "series integrated the first edition of" the art of the Haizhu dust finishing the book, a brief review of the speech and the Lingui Chen Hongmou together income; "good" is a song from the Qing Zhang boxing's "YangZheng compilation" volume thirteen album; "Zhu Xi motto" is the basis of the Qing emperor Kangxi asked Shi Chengjin "bill" Zhu Fuzi family "the politicians to act", and according to the passage of the necessary correction. Different with the book text "disciple gauge", according to the actual situation of each book to appendix, appendix part only briefly comment, no explanation. The book received six kinds of enlightenment education books, some relatively simple, some more difficult, some prose, some rhyme style, ideological content is the essence and dross coexist. Those who educate children honor their parents, respect for teachers, integrity Shou responsibility, self-cultivation, heat of life, study hard, positive content, regardless of the past now or in the future, its positive significance and cultural value is in the affirmative. Of course, the feudal dross in these works is obviously, for example, to promote the Yu Zhong, filial piety, teach people to "let alone the previous length, their behind the eye", warned that "people have short, do not expose. People have private, don't say "be worldly-wise and play safe, all belong to the language, negative significance is obvious. These contents, but also the parents in their children's education should pay attention to and make the necessary instructions.
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"Gui" (the) good books children enlightenment education.
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  •   See GUI, lifelong benefit, etiquette culture, from the start
  •   The simple truth, but not everyone can do it. If the child can learn these reason, I think now Chinese will be another like it.
  •   Feel Chinese traditional charm, to carry forward the traditional culture.
  •   Person's life, starting from the heart, from the beginning of the parents accept education, namely from the students start
  •   The book is also good, is not Pinyin, adults see OK, children cannot see their own.
  •   Very good, bought ten books for children to learn
  •   This book is good, suitable for us to use
  •   Bought more than forty employees, promote Ancient Chinese Literature Search, improving the quality of people, begin from me.

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