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Date of publication:2005-5   Press: The Star Press   Author:Qian Dingping  

What is Logo? What does it read righteousness? How it is formed, how development? Modern man lives in the logo sea, every day of every hue in abundance, not logo, but few cultural meaning and the development of people to think about the history behind the logo. The author of the book, reading a lot of literature language, thousands of Internet Webpage and swim in different culture, different background, cultural origin and evolution of climbing Luo logo, ancient civilization in mining logo intention, list the medieval to drop from the emperor, and the civilian logo consciousness, for readers to weave as cultural symbols of logo cross culture development network. As the logo culture research groundbreaking book, the book readers, can be in the broad, broad, humanity, art and historical atmosphere to touch, be familiar with the culture and history of logo, and acquiring new knowledge, getting the great spirit of enjoyment.
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Introduction the Logo cultural history chapter Logo born, origin of company reformation history Logo chapter second and chapter third Logo symbols and semiotics fourth chapter Logo: object symbol in the cultural history of the fifth chapter of the Logo wind and initialing by chapter sixth cattle brand all sorts of figure seventh chapter in the eighth chapter on the pottery art craftsmen logo art ninth chapter tenth chapter cover printed logo is in home appliances on the cultural origin of stamp Logo eleventh chapter Chinese character charm LOH wind twelfth chapter China Art Symbol elements in the thirteenth chapter of Mesopotamia civilization Logo gene fourteenth chapter of Egyptian civilization connotation of India culture series Logo fifteenth chapter Logo chapter sixteenth Islamic style Logo the world famous logo cultural interpretation of the main reference
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  •   The content of some listed, is only a record, perhaps is still not deep
  •   A good book, if you have interest to mark reader is advised to buy, unfortunately there is a black and white, can not reflect the original logo.

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