Cuan culture vertebral theory

Date of publication:1997-12   Press: Dehong Nationalities Publishing House   Author:Tao Xueliang   Pages:196   Words:157000  

Tao Xueliang, born in 1930 in xuanwei. Chinese Department of Yunnan University after graduation, he taught. Professor at Yunnan Institute of the nationalities, Chinese Writers Association Yunnan branch, China folk literature and art association.
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Yi Ju variable @##@ later Cuan culture inference chapter primitive culture Twilight second chapter novel beautiful culture in the third chapter the brilliant Cuan culture fourth chapter of Nanzhao during the period of the fifth chapter of Dali Yi culture in the period of the sixth chapter of culture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties Yi culture chapter seventh liberation If, on the beginning of vertebral for chariot, then Cuan culture, also has the basic form of Yi culture, nature of the original shape. So the study of Yi culture, need first to explore the Cuan culture appearance, perhaps explore the Yi culture is more favourable. In fact, careful analysis of the cultural elements of a nation, and the complexity of the operation mode, is more helpful to explore the national culture to the overall picture, culture and Chinese nation's grasp. Researching cultural trajectory, in order to inherit the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. From a national cultural and historical research, and then find life change profile, in order to explore the benefit of whole culture. Even, more urgent point, in order to better implement the party and the government of national unity, harmony, common development policy. Promote the in-depth research Chinese culture, promote the prosperity and development.
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