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Date of publication:2007-10   Press: Nanjing University press   Author:Thomas Frank (USA)   Pages´╝Ü296  

"Cool Conquer: commercial culture, counterculture and hippie consumerism rise" to 1960's American society as the background, the rise of American social commercial culture, counterculture and hippie consumerism. 1960 years of America society appeared the cultural change is the biggest since the Second World War, people began to reflect on the past, look at the future, anti traditional thoughts cause a temporary clamour, this trend, and later spread to the entire Western society. In this cultural change, all aspects of society produced tremendous change, intensified social transformation, the study explores the deep social change.
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"Contemporary academic prism:" General Preface acknowledgements first chapter culture of perpetual motion machine: 60 years of the twentieth Century, management theory and the consumer revolution in the second chapter buckle collar: Madison street, high modernism third chapters as cultural criticism of advertising: Bill Bernbach and popular society fourth chapter three Rebel: 60's advertising narrative consistency fifth the chapter "how to break those who stick in the mud?" The sixth chapter: creativity to overcome all the young thinking: diversity of youth culture and creativity of the seventh chapter Hippie: 60 years of the twentieth Century ad eighth chapter Carnival and Cola: appendix table index @##@ Hippie Hippie Cola wars of conservatism in Chapter ninth fashion and diversity in tenth chapter and eleventh chapter Hippie out official capitalist style the This book is a cultural production research instead of cultural studies, is the study of power rather than on resistance research; it has no ink for consumers to sidestep this theme, unless it is discussed the advertising agent and menswear manufacturer; it involves almost no public against the effect of mass culture and the special pattern, or the symbol is to be crossed, bypass or overthrow. The book has eleven chapters, specific studies on the 1960's management theory and the consumption revolution, high modernism, advertising culture, youth culture and creativity, fashion and diversity, hippies and eliminate such problems.
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