Conflict and coexistence

Date of publication:2005-1-1   Press: Beijing Publishing House   Author:Guo Yubin   Pages´╝Ü300  

Here is the quiet green of the Western Zhou Dynasty bronze Ding Fang; there is a transparency about the Mayan crystal skull; there are mysterious Egyptian gold mask; model of the universe there are ancient scientists; here is a myth, a legend, a scientific conjecture; here is the emperor, a prophet, a revolutionary, explorer; here are a small story found Li, a big fish in a small story; this is a brief history of the development of world civilization. Can see, can read, can be touched with the hand, understanding intentions.
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World ethnic and folk world national overview of national assimilation and disappearance of ethnic and religious European National English French Spanish German be well-known, far and near the Munich beer festival festival of Italian Italians Greeks Russians Russians tradition Ji pusai people Gypsy tradition Asian ethnic Korean Japanese Vietnamese Khmer Thai Bali Bangladeshis Gurkhas India Stan people Africa Arabs Jews ethnic Egyptian Berbers Akan Hausa, Yoruba Bantu Negroid Zulu America nation Inuit Indians in Mexico. Argentine Argentine traditional customs people of Oceania National Australia GUI indigenous Melanesians Micronesia Polynesian World War World War International Olympic history
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You know the French cooking as a poem? You know the world far cannon is what appearance? Do you know the real reason for the ancient Olympic Games only allow males to attend?...... "Conflict and coexistence" with you exciting set foot on a cultural tour!
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