Clothing physiology

Date of publication:2005-10   Press: China Textile Press   Author:Hua Mei   Pages´╝Ü184  

Clothing physiology is the study of clothing and accessories and clothing -- the contradiction and unity in the physiology of human science. Based on many years of dress culture, focuses on the four characteristics of clothing and the physiological relationship: adapt to human body structure, physiological function, adapt to human body and adapt to the ecological environment, elaborated on performance, physiological disorders clothing adjustment mechanism as well as the dress image on human body for shaping and other content, advocate scientific treatment of body and heart, make clothing and accessories and the body more science together, work together to create a reasonable and perfect dress image. This book can be used as a teaching aid higher apparel clothing professional colleges and universities, but also can be used as a college student, costume culture lovers edify sentiment, improve their self-cultivation reference book.
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Hua Mei, female, born in 1951 in Tianjin city, Wuxi province. In the history of art education in the past thirty years. Associate professor in 1993; in 1994 the national Ministry of personnel awarded the "young expert with outstanding contribution" in 1995; Professor, and enjoy the special allowance of the state council. Director of Art History Department of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 2003 June, former president of Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin Normal University International Women's college, founded "study of Hua Mei dress culture".
publishing "human dress culture" and other monographs, 15 translations, articles published more than 50 professional papers. Has been rated as the national education system, female pace setter, the national education system, labor model and the national model teacher. Since 1998, Tianjin, Tianjin city CPPCC Standing Committee member of committee of appraisal of cultural relics.
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Introduction the first chapter apparel and physiological relationship -- first feature adaptation of human skeletal structure section second joint section third muscle and fat second chapter apparel and physiological relationship between second characters -- adaptation physiology section second section third auditory visual tactile section fourth section fifth of chapter third garments smell taste and physiological relationship between third characters -- to adapt to the human body section for human groups vary second festival because men and women are vary third day due to the growth process varies by health status. Fourth section fifth section for human dynamic vary fourth chapter apparel and physiological characteristics between fourth -- to adapt to the ecological environment in the first quarter due to climate conditions vary second day due to geographical conditions vary third day because of property of different conditions the fourth section because of the conditions of the fifth chapter costumes vary physiological barrier first quarter performance does not meet the human all clothing section second does not meet the dynamic clothing third day adverse physiological responses of dress fourth day adverse physiological consequences of dress sixth chapter clothing adjustment mechanism -- A supernatural section Qiao change other second magical color Realistic observation and reflection color third day creation material section fourth function of costume types and Prospect of the seventh chapter clothing image for a human body for shaping the eighth chapter clothing physiology conclusion references to remember
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