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Han Dongping was born in Liaoning in twentieth Century 50 in dalian. Now the chairman of the Department of philosophy of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Professor of ethics society of Hubei province. The professional direction for the value of philosophy and ethics. The main works are: "the market economy and life", "self realization theory of subject philosophy of life" (2 author). In the "research", "philosophy of Dialectics of nature", "dynamic", "philosophy of morality and civilization", "people's Daily", "Guangming Daily" and other newspapers published papers and theoretical essays more than 240 articles, including more than 40 papers were "Xinhua digest", "Chinese Social Science literature", "cupa" and people's University Press copy data publication to republish.
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Preface: wait for cloning say "no" 1 cloned sheep Dolly shock: is the matter 2 panic and position 3 discussion can not stop at the beginning of a debate: whether human cloning? 1 need to clone 2 reasons to refute and interrogation 3 responded with 4 counter analysis and evaluation of two my clone: I, am I? 1 "my clone nonself" argument can be established? 2 let me always to me is what? 3 my clone can be my another implementation 4 "my clone is my" three possible feasible? Can do do? 1 from the "Hume problem" to start the 2 Two Views: which is right and which is wrong? 3 "natural" is "should be (phrase)" necessary and sufficient conditions of 4 I answer to the Hume question 5 we how to carry out the public choices four person perspective: the irresistible temptation 1 beyond the limited 2 to overcome the fear of death 3 no death, no students from non grief from 4 regret or and, regret or complement 5 chose not to be without a 6 person truly free and comprehensive development of the five following questions 1 what standard of human cloning? 2 will not lead to the crowded? 3 will not suffer a new personal discrimination? 4 judicial practice facing the problem how to determine 5 my clone body and social relationships? Cost of 6 clones from 7 clones who pregnancy production? 8 clones who nurtured upbringing? 9 will form the new matriarchal society? 10 clones unethical inherent...... Six the human perspective: whether cloning is limited in the sense of the revolution of seven self production of human beings can interfere with human evolution? Eight Society: challenges and criticism to construct good social opportunity nine society faces ten main conclusions @##@ reference literature. If you thought that you're holding in your hand through the "cloned memory transferred human", is a similar America sci-fi blockbuster "attack of the clones" movie literature scripts, you are wrong; if you think that it is a similar story "in his image -- one clone", this once in the fictional story of 70's of last century America popular as real events, then you are wrong; if you think it is similar to a so-called "human ancestor as alien clone" Rahn Lehr cult doctrine tell some fantastic tales, then you are wrong. This book is a serious consideration. This thought to show you how to make one a reincarnation of resurrection, immortality idea and comprehensive demonstration. The idea is caused by the problem of human cloning, the conception of argument is also the problem from the start, the idea also to clone human basic path. Everyone is eternal life, has always been our desire and not the dream. Thinking of the book, really turn it into a realistic possibility? Whether can really help our dreams come true? This is a question. Also, the dream becomes a universal truth, will undoubtedly lead to tremendous and profound changes occurred throughout the world: it will overturn many things we are familiar with, will completely change the self production of human beings, but also leads to a natural person under the premise of not possible social pattern and its development prospect. In the face of all these fundamental changes, we are willing to bear? This is a bigger question. So, the idea book about people living and supporting the claim, but a need to submit all people, thinking that the whole of mankind to think and ultimately choose.
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