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Date of publication:2007-9   Press: Jiangxi people's Publishing House   Author:Zheng Yunyun   Pages:319   Words:156000  

"Jiangxi" classical books written by Jiangxi provincial Party committee propaganda department. Secretary of the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee Meng Jianzhu nonOften concerned about this work, and gladly preface. CPC Jiangxi provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Liu Shangyang as editor in chief and validation of the book. In the board's guidance, the author of several books each book to modify the manuscript. This book has many leaders, experts, scholars of the warm concern and support, Yu Boliu, Chen Yuqian, Hu Qing, Xia Chinese characters and other comrades concerned author give many help, put forward many suggestions. Ma Xuesong, Ye Qing, Lai power in Europe were reviewed for books, comrade Guo Jiasheng has done a lot for the collected books pictures, Rao Binhua, Li Yao, comrade Chen Yan to participate in the organization and coordination of books. Book reference and the related research results and data in the preparation process, the relevant departments and units to provide more support and help, in this heartfelt thanks. Due to the limited level, plus the time is hasty, the book was hard to avoid oversights and inadequacies, please correct readers.

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People come forth in large numbers. Bright stars, such as the Jin Dynasty famous poet Tao Yuanming of Tang and song literature of eight Jiangxi has Ou Yangxiu, Wang Anshi, Zeng Gong three, Wang Anshi is also known as China eleventh Century reformer. The Song Dynasty Chinese famous scholar Zhu Xi, Lu Xiangshan, Song Dynasty Poetry -- the largest school of Jiangxi founder Huang Tingjian, poetry writer Yan, Yan Jidao, Wanli Yang, the national hero Wen Tianxiang, enjoy the "Oriental Shakespeare" said the famous Ming Dynasty dramatist, writer Tang Xianzu, Song Yingxing seventeenth Century Chinese most accomplished scientists, the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty painter Bada Shanren Zhu Da, at the end of the Qing Dynasty the famous engineer Zhan Tianyou were born here. These writers, politicians, scientists dominate, shining in the history, the glory, to make outstanding contributions to the civilization of the Chinese nation. In modern history, Jiangxi has many celebrities, such as a proletarian revolutionary, the people's army's outstanding generals Fang Zhimin, distinguished patriotic soldiers, a famous social activist, China journalists model Zou Taofen, famous physicist Wu 有训 and so on, they as a prominent representative of Jiang Tutsi, in their respective field of endeavor, has the lofty status and significant influence. This red land, known as the Chinese revolution "red cradle": the first flag of the people's army rise here; here opened the first rural revolutionary Chinese according to Chinese revolution; sparks of fire lit here; prototype Republic formed here; the workers movement here initiated; be known to all the world. Twenty-five thousand li long march from here; the national spirit with original significance -- the spirit of Jinggangshan great bred here...... The classic red, records the great contribution to Jiangxi, a prominent position in the Chinese revolutionary history and Chinese revolution made. The classic red, like a monument, erected in the hearts of the people, be Chinese people always complex. This magical land, is a very feel excited green home. Across the beautiful mountains, clear water, the idyllic village, this piece of land decorated the beautiful beautiful. In the add radiance and beauty to each other, a landscape of lakes and mountains, places of historic interest and scenic beauty dotted. The world-famous world cultural landscape of Mount Lu, Zhong Ling Yuk Sau, Junwei ethereal cloud, the seasons; the great Jinggangshan, the revolutionary sites and beautiful natural scenery cleverly combined together, is the cradle Chinese revolution, is the pleasant scenery of the resort; known as the Chinese Taoist first mountain Mount Longhu, legend of magic and lovely scenes, as she put on a layer of mystery; located in northeastern Jiangxi Mount Sanqingshan both the magnificent Taishan, Huashan mountain, Heng Mountain in Peking, Mount Huangshan pines, Mount Lu waterfall; Poyang Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Chinese, her exquisite and constitutes a Chinese land of the best ecological park, is the world the largest habitat for migratory birds, become the natural world rare birds of paradise. The 166900 square kilometers of Gan Po earth, green everywhere, everywhere is scenery, is one of the most abundant resources Chinese tourism tourist mecca. This beautiful and magical land, is the hometown of porcelain, porcelain in English, said China, later to become the China generation, and China porcelain is Jiangxi Jingdezhen. Jingdezhen has nearly 2000 porcelain history, it sets the kilns of the great, the essence of all over the sink. King porcelain with "Bai Ruyu, Bo Ruzhi, bright as a mirror, four characteristics such as chime sound" the Chinese nation to become a special cultural symbols. Jingdezhen broad and profound ceramic culture and brilliant achievements, has profound influence on the world and human civilization. It is difficult to count the classic, is the epitome of the ancient China civilization, into the Chinese classics in history, her heritage of the Chinese civilization, reflecting on the history of Jiangxi, lit up the long road Jiangxi forward, Jiangxi people feel proud and proud. As a contemporary people in Jiangxi, we have a responsibility to a true record of these classic, objectively reflect these classic, introduced her to the people and the people of the world, for the world leave future generations a systematic and detailed historical data. I was pleased to see, now, "classic" series in Jiangxi completed the task. This set of books, by the CPC Jiangxi provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department compilation, divided into "red cradle" green "landscape" "the Millennium kiln fire" "" "spring and Autumn" Hakka hometown College "Gan Po Huazhang" six fascicles, systematically introduces Jiangxi splendid history and culture, a vivid description of the natural scenery of Jiangxi, tells the story of famous Jiangxi historical anecdotes, reproduced Jiangxi treasures of civilization for thousands of years, concentrated display of Jiangxi surge high and sweep forward, rich and colorful history, is a financial knowledge, informative, readable in one of the popular literature. I hope the compilation, publication, research interest by all concerned about the construction and development of Jiangxi comrades; the Jiangxi people get benefit, outside which promote understanding of Jiangxi. The classic of history, immortal. But any classic, cannot become the heavy burden that hinder the people continue to move forward, we can not for the predecessors to create classical bound and rest on its laurels. Because of our history and a long history, cultural relics and exquisite, the source of civilization and long, this is the story yesterday, not today's capital. Our ancestors created the performance of classical and valuable to future generations, is with the strength to carry on, is to inspire people to study and solve the new problems of wisdom. Comrade Mao Zedong said: human beings are always evolving, nature is always evolving, never stops at the same level, therefore, man must constantly sum up experience, discovery, invention, creation, forward. Now, the history of Jiangxi is still developing, in the new historical conditions, many new situations, new problems we face, to the ready-made answer could not be created in the previous classical historical experience and past, how to adapt to the new situation, new changes, new tasks, how to draw the essence from the Jiangxi long history of civilization, to achieve a new leap forward from a new starting point, new Jiangxi today's brilliant, is everyone in Jiangxi should think about. I believe, the cadres and the masses, especially the young, by reading this book, can absorb the confidence and strength from the wisdom and ability, growth, creation the new Jiangxi classic in the great practice of building Jiangxi, enrich the people Xing Gan, he added more brilliant history of contemporary Jiangxi.
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"Jiangxi: the Millennium kiln fire" published by Jiangxi publishing group, Jiangxi people's publishing house.
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