Chinese Dragon Culture

Date of publication:2007-4   Press: Chongqing Publishing Group (Chongqing   Author:Pang.   Pages:322   Words:395000  

Longfeng culture are the two wings China traditional culture, they show the spirit of Chinese culture from two different aspects, if expand from symbolic Longfeng culture original, Is it right? Culture can be their meaning into two opposing series; Dragon: day, emperor, father, right, fierce fighting, Weili,, enterprising, noble, dignified, supreme and so on; Feng:,,,, after mother happy, peace, kindness, humility, wisdom, dear to your beautiful, etc.. Dragon spirit can in fact be Qiankun two hexagrams to symbolize: Qian spirit is "heaven revolves, the gentleman to unremitting self-improvement". Kun's spirit is "terrain Kun, the gentleman to social commitment". A dragon represent the national fortitude, enterprising, hard and unyielding side, Phoenix represents the Chinese benevolent, generous, wise soul. Longfeng culture relative, relative permeability, complementary, mutual containing, a deepening of Chinese culture, a universe of 1,000,000,000 universes. Can say, the dragon body, ignited the Chinese nation from emperor to the common people, small farm house all life ideal. Dragon and Phoenix like two bright flag, uplift in the Chinese nation long hard struggle of historical journey.
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Jin Pang, Longfeng culture research expert, famous writer. Director of the center for the study of Chinese dragon culture, China Writers Association member, member Chinese folklore society, membership China folk literature and Art Association, the Shaanxi Provincial Academy of Social Sciences researcher, vice president of the society of modern Shaanxi literature, Xi'an daily senior editor. Since 1988 engaged in Longfeng culture research, the achievements at home and abroad has far-reaching influence. Work is a collection of essays "
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Chinese dragon "Yang" "jig" "built" -- write in front of the first chapter of longzhiyuan one, from where the 1 snakes crocodile lizard fish 4 2 3 5 6 7 8 Ma cattle pig salamander 9 deer 10 tiger 11 bears 12 dog (Wolf) 13 Eagle 14 lightning 15 cloud 16 rainbow 19 fossils two, how to source second chapter dragon, dragon like the original two, dragon 1 Xia Shang Zhou Dynasty dragon dragon dragon 2 3 three, 1 2 dragon spring and autumn and the Warring States Qin Han Dynasty dragon dragon dragon, the Dragon 3 four 1 Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties Sui Tang Dynasty dragon dragon dragon 2 3 five, the 1 phase of the Song Dynasty dragon Huanglong 2 Yuan Ming Qing Dynasty dragon dragon dragon 3 4 six, seven, third other dragon dragon dragon 之祖 a chapter, Pangu two, Fu Xi three, Huang Di four, Yan five, nu wa...... The fourth chapter Dragon Clan Dragon God fifth chapter sixth chapter seventh chapter dragon dragon custom trace eighth chapter dragon soul with a dragon phoenix from the calm of two Jin Pang significance
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