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Two Chinese contemporary cultural conflict after 10 years of the "Cultural Revolution", endless Chinese finally calm down, calmly open the doors, it is like a crazy drunk drinkers in sober after finally find the way home. So, political reform, economic reform, the whole society appeared the obvious transformation. At this time, cultural issues attracted wide attention, so that formed the culture of 80 years of the twentieth Century. It is reported, cultural studies published throughout the 80's on the hundreds of thousands, and from 1949 to 1979 30 years only "Chinese cultural history of" a. ① by the age of 90, culture is part of the thought and evolved into the Ancient Chinese Literature Search heat. In these two cultural trend, various cultural thoughts to appear, each other, thus appeared "hitherto unknown, profound, a full range of cultural conflict". The conflict is embodied in four aspects as follows: continuity,Only in this way, when a new cultural trend, the two will form the conflict. The development of any society will such conflict. Chinese conflicts between traditional culture and modern culture in the early period of Westernization Movement was started, after As one falls, either explicitly or implicitly. In the new period of the curtain opened, the conflict between the two once again become the cultural scenery attract people's attention. The new Confucianism was born in twentieth Century 20's to 80's revival. In the view of new Confucianism, China society wants to develop, must seek the power from the tradition of confucianism. They think, benevolence as the core of Confucianism, can provide a unique cultural values and ideals as the spirit substance of the Chinese nation. The pre Qin "love", the song and Ming "," modern "pass", are three important stages of its development. To this day, "love", "students", "pass" and "honesty", a new system of humanity, can solve many problems of moral construction, Chinese social democratic politics, economic development, such as belief, social anomie dishonesty, the loss of humanistic spirit, economic imbalances, knowledge loss values, political disorder. They think, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries modernization rely heavily on Confucianism to realize, therefore, Chinese society just sit on the "Confucianism" chariot, will march forward courageously. This trend comes from overseas, the main representative is Du Weiming, Liu Shuxian, Tang Duanzheng, Li Bai, Huang Zhenhua, Cai Renhou, Wang Bangxiong et al., followed by a part of scholars, Chinese resonance. In the 90's, along with Deng Xiaoping's southern tour speech in 1993 1992 published, Huntington published "the clash of Civilizations", the fall of 1993 Chinese lost to host the 2000 Olympic Games opportunity, Chinese nationalist sentiment rising, Yu Shixin Confucianism further evolved into a new cultural conservatism, or contemporary cultural conservatism. "Cultural conservatism in general, is the opposite of cultural radicalism, new cultural conservatism is known as the 'new', lies in that it not only generally opposed to the middle of the twentieth Century 'Cultural Revolution' in 'four olds' so-called' set up four new 'culture of radicalism, and especially to boycott the twentieth Century' culture 'in the late cultural radicalism, therefore, new cultural conservatism and cultural conservatism both' with 'is' different'. 'the same' performance for the maintenance of the traditional 'different', is mainly against the contemporary Chinese culture of radicalism, which is the gist of the new cultural conservatism is." The Ancient Chinese Literature Search hot at this time began to form. Afford much food for thought as five four new cultural center of Peking University took the lead in the "fever". In 1993 May, by the Peking University Chinese traditional culture research center sponsored "Ancient Chinese Literature Search study" published. In October the same year, the organization to carry out "Ancient Chinese Literature Search month" activities, Ji Xianlin, Zhang Dainian and other famous scholars on the stage began, has aroused strong repercussions. At the same time, "China culture", "traditional culture and modernization", "cultural studies", "China Taoism culture research", "Dao", "primary school", "Oriental Culture" and other publications have come out, "Ancient Chinese Literature Search series", "Ancient Chinese Literature Search Masters Series", "the modern new Confucianism digest series", "the modern new Confucian Studies Series", "China modern thinkers thought on the series", "Twentieth Century Ancient Chinese Literature Search series" comes on stage eagerly, "Si Ku Quan Shu" and other ancient books publishing. Ancient Chinese Literature Search researchers emphasize the traditional skills of cultural studies, advocates the traditional humanistic spirit, against the market economy system in the process of the establishment of the profit and the tool rationality, against the national nihilism, it is of positive significance, but, when they and "post modernity", "post colonial", "New Left" marriage, make predictions on the future of the world culture pattern, but exhibits non nationalist sentiment reason. "Under the intense nationalism mood, they are often from the extreme national inferiority rose to the blind people arrogant.

Chen Jide, born in December 1968, the Anhui province Fengyang county. In 1986 graduated from the Fengyang normal school, Shandong Normal University made China contemporary literature professional master's degree in 1998, 2002, Nanjing University made drama professional doctorate. Associate professor at the College of Nanjing Normal University, master's tutor, research of Jiangsu province Media Arts Association Deputy Secretary General, mainly engaged in television, theatre art teaching and research. Independently published more than 100 articles, reviews, essays, or have completed 2 national research projects, 2 provincial research projects. The project 2. The publication of monographs "Chinese contemporary avant-garde theatre: 1979 - 2000" (Chinese Drama Press 2004 Edition), "TV drama art" (Chinese broadcasting and television press 2006 edition). Another coauthor of 3. He won the third Chinese Federation of literary criticism three prize, three prize, Tian Han drama review sixteenth eighteenth session of Tian Han drama critics award. 2004 was awarded the title of "outstanding youth backbone teacher" of Nanjing Normal University. 2006 was awarded the title of "young academic leaders" in Nanjing Normal University.
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The year 1998. The bell of twenty-first Century, has sounded in the minds of people. Step on the threshold in the new century, new first-class university leaders of the university based on the construction of a teaching research type height, after repeated study, bringing together the history of the school and the famous professor's academic work, editing and publishing the "old library"; devoting to choose the super young teaching and research staff, editing publication of "young scholar series"; funded publishes several teachers in the school outstanding textbook compilation. The move, by the majority of teachers and students. In order to ensure that the three series of books, is jointly funded by the school and University Press, set up "Nanjing Normal University press grants", set up with the principal as the chairman of the "Nanjing Normal University press grants management committee", its function mechanism is the "Nanjing Normal University press grants management office". At the same time, also set up by dozens of high level experts and scholars. "Old library" editorial committee, to ensure that the "old library", "young scholar series" two series of academic quality. Project supported by the teaching materials, directly by publishing grants management committee guard.
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The general ordered the introduction as a cultural China contemporary drama cultural conflict interpretation of the two China contemporary cultural conflict three China contemporary drama culture conflict Chinese contemporary drama in the first chapter of traditional culture and modern culture conflict section section second as conflict main traditional culture section third as king of modern culture conflict fourth festival of traditional culture and modern culture the fifth day conflict between traditional culture and modern culture conflict the image of women in the sixth festival of traditional culture and modern culture conflict in the family image seventh day quietly resurgence of model play the second chapter China contemporary drama in the local culture and foreign culture conflict section section second native cultural influence in section third the influence of foreign culture festival fourth native culture and foreign culture conflicts in section fifth China contemporary drama root seeking consciousness in Chapter third Chinese when generation plays in the official culture and folk culture conflict section section second Chinese contemporary drama in the third quarter Chinese official culture in Contemporary Theatre Festival folk culture fourth Chinese contemporary great drama of the three models in section fifth China contemporary in the fourth chapter of the educated youth image drama Mass culture the culture Chinese contemporary drama conflict between elite culture and popular culture China contemporary drama in the conflict first overview section second China in contemporary theatre third elite culture festival China contemporary drama in the interpretation of the modern achievement under two reference sequence @##@ academic and fantasy On the cultural conflict, American Harvard University professor Samuel • Huntington's viewpoint has the effect of. He put the world pattern is divided into several large cultural circle: the East is the cultural circle of Confucianism, Europe and the United States is mainly Christian culture, Central Asia, Arabia is the main area of Islam culture circle. He thinks, the conflict between cultural circle will replace the ideological conflicts and other forms, be about the future of global politics is the main conflict. He said: "the people of the world to a greater extent on the basis of cultural boundaries to distinguish itself, means that the conflict between cultural groups are becoming more and more important; civilization is the most extensive cultural entity; therefore the conflict between groups from different civilizations have become the center of global politics." He also predicted, will be the number one threat to Western world faces with Islamic countries with Confucian country. Obviously, Huntington's "conflict theory" put on the thick political color. In fact, the concept of cultural conflict and unlike Huntington understands that narrow. It refers to the different nature, different types of culture in the development of various formed due to differences in their functions, the values of the process of collision, antagonism or blend phenomenon. The causes of the cultural conflict is complicated, some age differences. That is to say, a period of total dominant culture of its own, with the development of the times, due to the emergence of new culture, the original culture can't produce effective norms of the individual, so the new culture and the old culture have different levels of conflict, the essence of the conflict is the conflict between traditional culture and modern culture.
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"Chinese contemporary drama culture conflict (1978-2000):" the national social science fund project, the national art science and planning issues.
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