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In one of the photos American botanist Joseph Locke taken in 1924, the ancient houses in the bazaar, crowded, bustling, here is the center of the square street in Old Town of Lijiang today --. Heritage, is to pay attention to the authenticity of the. They are nature gift remains to future generations, or their ancestors created civilization today remains. Cut chop at the time of the weathering, many civilizations were buried under the sand, many natural wonders was altered to lose one's beyond recognition. But they are worn outafter all the way, fortunately arrived in our time. We use an unusual mood to stare at the heritage. Yes, as well as "World Heritage" of the title, their value is the natural world. They are beautiful, rich, deep, shock the common customs, incomparable. And they also need us to go to the. Now the world is full of impetuous, change, the speed of history makes us feel some lost panic in rotation. To cherish them, we can not rely too much on imagination, on this planet and its history of civilization have a real understanding and grasping. We can also find its source. In front of the unknown future, we also have the ability to sort out along the way. Before more than 200 pictures back, please keep a little curious: Bi blue sky days of the Forbidden City, Potala Palace, stirring the smiling Buddha Longmen, dancing Dunhuang murals, Jiuzhaigou Hai Zi, a wood, Yunnan meadow brilliant flowers, swallow spit Chaoyang Mount Huangshan yingkesong the head of the Mount Lu, flying waterfalls...... In the moment of the shutter move along, showing a different meaning. In a pleasant impression, they shine with natural passion and glory of civilization, but was without words, there is a surprise, a hint, a push and a treasure.
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The Great Wall Ming and Qing Dynasty palace Mogao Grottoes Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor and Terracotta Army pit of Zhoukoudian "Beijing" site of the Taishan Mount Huangshan Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Wulingyuan Chengde Mountain Resort and the surrounding temples of Confucian Temple, the Potala Palace, the Wudang Mountains ancient building complex in Mount Emei - Leshan Giant Buddha Mount Lu Old Town of Lijiang Pingyao County the Summer Palace Tiantan the classical gardens of Suzhou Dazu Rock Carvings Wuyishan Longmen Grottoes Qingchengshan Dujiangyan Royal Mausoleum of Ming and Qing Dynasty of ancient villages in southern Anhui Yungang Grottoes Sanjiang and Koguryo Wangcheng, royal tombs and the tombs of the nobles of shikimic
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Digest "the Great Wall" is a word, beginning in the Warring States period literature. Today the word "the Great Wall" has two meanings: the the Great Wall is generalized to all giant military engineering system in ancient Chinese; narrow sense refers in particular to the Great Wall, nomadic northern defense Chinese south of the Great Wall. In the history of our country, from the Warring States period to the Ming Dynasty the vassal states so far, a total of more than 20 states and Dynasty had built the Great Wall, which lasted for more than 2700 years. In 16 provinces and autonomous regions in the northeast, north, northwest, Central Plains, there are ruins of the Great Wall, one is the territory of Inner Mongolia the Great Wall 15000 km. If each area all repair the Great Wall together, a total length of more than 50000 kilometers. The Great Wall is a huge project, incomparable, really is "within two thousand years, and in one hundred thousand". Spring and autumn and the Warring States period, wars, smoke. Many states have demarcation points Jiang Shou, in order to defend their homeland security, and some to the embankment to prevent, some obstacles along the mountain wall, built the the Great Wall to self-defense. The oldest the Great Wall appeared in the state of Chu in the spring and autumn period. Tongyiliuguo Qin Shihuang, sent General Meng Tian northern Huns, Yan, Zhao, Qin's the Great Wall connected, and upgrading and expansion. The Qin the Great Wall west of Lintao, east of Liaodong, stretching thousands of miles, Chinese history is the first real sense of "the Great Wall". In 206 BC, the Han Emperor Liu Bang proclaims oneself emperor, the establishment of the Han dynasty. In order to prevent the Huns made, the large-scale construction of the Great Wall. In addition to repair the Qin the Great Wall outside, also built the Great Wall, especially the large-scale construction of west the Great Wall is today's Gansu Jiuquan, Yumen to Xinjiang Lop Nor line. All told, the Han Dynasty from the west northwest of the Great Wall to the northeast of the Liaodong the Great Wall, the length of more than 0.5 kilometers. If coupled with the Xinjiang Lop Nor, Kuche forefront pavilions, Inner Mongolia in the vicinity of LEH, city barrier column kiosks, length up to 1 thousands of meters, far more than the Qin dynasty. Therefore, we say, the Han Dynasty is a dynasty built the Great Wall China history the longest. The southern and Northern Dynasties to the Liao Jin Yuan period, the construction of the Great Wall is mainly the Northern Wei, Northern Qi Dynasty, the Northern Zhou Dynasty, Eastern Wei, Sui, Liao, Jin Dynasties, these dynasties mostly minority regime. They defend their territory safety, prevent violations of foreign nations, imitate the Qin, Han built the Great Wall. The Great Wall of Ming Dynasty is the history of our country to build the last line of the the Great Wall, also built the largest, longest, most robust construction, equipment is the most perfect of the the Great Wall. Liaodong Yalu River in the East, West to Gansu and now Liaoning, Jiayuguan, across Hebei, Tianjin, Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu and other 9 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, a total length of 6300 kilometers. Someone had calculated that, if built in the Ming Dynasty the Great Wall masonry, earthwork, used to build a 5 meters high, 1 meters thick wall, can be more than a week around the world. Because the Ming Dynasty the Great Wall from our time is near, and built the magnificent strong, so the preserved remains of more natural and man-made damage, less, so far are also clear. Therefore, we said today, "the Great Wall" refers to the building of the Great Wall of the Ming dynasty. P11 illustration
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