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Date of publication:2008-7   Press: The time literature and Art Press   Author:Wen Zi   Pages:147   Words:95000  

The original me said: there is something mysterious, congenital lives, but as intangible, Yao Yao out, quiet indifferent, not heard, I is the name, the word tao. Cardiff Road, can not be very high, have no bottom, bract in heaven and earth, inherent in the invisible, the original flow 泏 泏, Chong without interference, turbid with static Xu Qing, Shi infinite, not overnight, table of the non-profit grip; about to Zhang, quiet and bright, soft and rigid, Yin Yang and the spit containing, chapter three; the high mountain, deep in the deep, beast to go, the bird to fly, Lin to swim, to the Feng Xiang, ephemeris to trip to death; access to humble, to respect, to retreat from the first. Ancient emperors, one system, lies in the center of God, and you, to ask the quartet. So can Tianyun, rotation and no waste water, water and more than, and therefore. The wind and cloud steamed, thunder, rain, and should be infinite, has carved has cut, also complex in the park. For a life and death and inaction, no words and 通乎德, comfort and no 矝 appears, there are a million different between students and. And the Yin and Yang, four, five; run on vegetation, dip on stone, huge animals, eggs on moist, unbeaten, beast fetal not *; father no children of sorrow, brother brother no cry of grief, the boy is not alone, the woman is not widows; Hong 晲 not see, thieves can not, containing Germany is due also. Tian Chang Road, biological and not have, Chenghua rather than slaughter; all things derive born, Mo Zhi De. His death, no one can blame; collection of animal product without the rich, not pro poor by giving the intrinsic. Suddenly, out of the Xi, not for like! Then, through the Xi, not imaginary animals! And the rigid flexible volume Shu Xi Yin and Yang, and pitch! Me said: husband still without thinking, 惔 ran without taking into account, in order to cover for the day, for the car, with four horse, yin and Yang for the Royal, it almost has no road, swim almost no idle, out of nowhere.......
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The original nine virtual kept sincerely Shou Shou Shou Ping Shou Yi Shou Qing Shou Shou Po Fu Shou weak really law-abiding morality morality Twilight under natural de Ren Li @##@ on righteousness China ancient culture broad and profound, has a long history, is one of the most important parts of the world culture. We in the process of compiling the series, to refine on attitude, the way Pisa Kim, China ancient culture of conducted a comprehensive comb, the system seeks to enable readers to feel the Chinese splendid ancient civilization, accurately grasp the Chinese nation amid the endless ancient context and a comprehensive to understand the grand style of the Chinese nation cover and contain everything. Over the years, we organized relevant research of many people, learn, readers have been with great enthusiasm look forward to see a comprehensive display of ancient culture China panorama series. Therefore, this set of books to the huge capacity of hitherto unknown, the multi-dimensional presents essence Chinese ancient culture. The characteristics of this series is: all the text is marked with Chinese Pinyin; all are the most representative of ancient Chinese classic culture will appear in succession here; all the documents, all of the Chinese simplified characters, to maximize the China each different historical period of classical literature in a very convenient way in the reader. We believe, these characteristics will be improved in different degrees China ancient culture in society rate.
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  •   A good foundation for ancient people reading, there are a lot of wrong pronunciation.
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  •   The notes did not comment, not the phonetic notation. This set of books the phonetic, not necessary; no translation, no notes, the general reader does not understand. This book is a serious failure of planning!!!
  •   This book is too pit, did not pay attention to, buy back only to find that, the whole book is Pinyin, looking at all feel dizzy. Even a translation not light, Pinyin, a child cannot read? I don't know this book editor planning what goes on in the minds of

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