Chengdu Chongqing slobber battle

Date of publication:2005-12   Press: Contemporary China   Author:Wang Yue   Pages:269   Words:150000  

Chengdu Chengdu people have the reserved, Chongqing Chongqing style frank; Chengdu Chengdu people have the comfortable, Chongqing Chongqing type of happiness. As writer and bibliophile "Chongqing boys" ran the cloud, to the number of Chongqing ten advantages, will not easily say she ten disadvantages, for Chengdu. For example, Chongqing upright but rude, Chengdu people false and gentle; Chengdu Chongqing strangers, people cooked; Chengdu Chongqing xenophobia, tolerant; Chengdu Chongqing make friends easily, people often only an acquaintance; Chongqing children Hanako hard, Chengdu doll mouth angle; Chengdu false play, Chongqing serious; Chengdu self mockery and ridicule him, Chongqing. He and rensili; Chengdu idle, Chongqing rapid...... "Don't stop bickering between Chengdu and Chongqing." A netizen sends rather offbeat views, he believes that "the quarrel is a landscape, between the city and the city's argument is the scenery of big". Between Chengdu and Chongqing quarrel from reality to network, in the "slobber battle" in their own display of their city image, stop bickering which party will feel lonely. Play is dear scold is love, do not curse not wonderful. One day no longer and Chengdu between Chongqing, Chongqing and Chengdu not noisy, that everyone is really alienated.
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Wang Yue, a famous writer, published tens of millions of words. Representative works are: "laocha gossip" series, "8 volumes," Lhasa story "Wang Yue crazy", "critical", "Chengdu Chengdu beauty" etc..
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The first chapter is haunting quality twin city who are not willing to be who Acropolis "Sandu city" Millennium sketch "turtle city" 2300 sit no change xing Chengdu the superiority and inferiority of Chongqing's long and short of water and the people of Chongqing City source said the debate character is "bang bang" character of Chengdu City character the second chapter - "Shuicheng" character "Twelve relations" secret Chongqing "saying" fail to show restraint Chengdu Chengdu Chongqing Shuangcheng comes the "point of view" what advantages the third chapter "terminal" and "teahouse" eternal dialogue Chengdu tea Chongqing pier without this bowl of tea, Chengdu will paralysis "teahouse" and "Longmen" are the couple change unpredictably mahjong is Chengdu Chengdu teahouse sister yesterday today, as in the tea in Chengdu have wharf, Chongqing also has a teahouse Chengdu is do not want to come to the city a "Shu" sheltered an "elegant" leisure is a trump card trade routes that God send to Chengdu water is the biggest advantage of Chongqing early China literati mandala and Chinese merchant's quay fourth chapter of distinctive "brand of Chongqing dialect". The words "fly brand effect of Chengdu dialect" man eating "with all the words" Chongqing place names "Ba" flavor of Wuhou Temple with a psychological / Chengyu Fu dialect brand Li Boqing and Wu Wen by "conscription" derived dialect play brand refined Chengdu and Chongqing rivers and lakes in Chongwen the "scholars" martial training "Pakistan Pakistan will be" mental load sixth chapter having cast of Chengdu Chongqing disposition fifth chapter "capital" and "imperial" Chengdu Chongqing Derby: two different "up" sound the seventh chapter "Mala" hatched Lake Wei Daojiang dish eighth chapter Chengyu beauty: taste and not the same as the ninth chapter of a highway both ends of the tenth chapter "grasshopper" Chengdu Chongqing to build a future vision
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  •   Some aspects of the book is quite practical, Chengdu is a city that I like best.

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