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Date of publication:2005-05   Press: Shanghai ancient books publishing house   Author:Chen Siyi   Pages:250   Words:169000  

Commonly known as "clairvoyance", no "Millennium eye", in fact. Mr Wang Chunyu is in the notes of Ming Dynasty as we find it, formerly known as "for thousands of years, the eye" is written by Zhang Sui in Ming Dynasty Wanli human history notes title, Mr. Wang Chunyu Tiqu word, namely "the Millennium eye", compared to formerly more concise, eye-catching; use it as a first name Wang Chunyu the editor published by Shanghai ancient books publishing house in the history books of essays, is even more unique originality, meaning infinity. This book is a famous writer, journalist Chen Siyi histories of mr.. Mr. Chen Siyi has a special liking, to study history. His essays, is the pursuit of "a good read, read without thorough understanding, every knowing, they forgot to eat with pleasure" realm of thought, but zero wit, satire are all into the article. Author on the ancient and modern, out through into the history, mastery, the pen ink, although in the old history, and is in the moment. The writing is smooth and easy, it is time to lead a person to endless aftertastes, could not bear to release volumes.
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Chen Siyi, native of Shanghai, was born in 1939 in Sichuan Chengdu (Gu Yizhou), named four benefits. In 1962 graduated from the Fudan University Department of Chinese. Once taught in primary school, middle school, University, lived in a cadre school, a factory, as a journalist, editing done. In the "�" deputy editor in chief; looking to retire. "I engaged in the industry" essay, essay writing, the collection of "contemporary essays selected from O East ear volume", "mess
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Thinking is standing and kneeling to read classics reading histories difficult poems not burning burning burning books, note books, reading "Si Ku Quan Shu" recorded four emperor things difficult not to avoid imperial name Circumstances alter cases. deceive the emperor now scholars said "they" "hat" hypothesis, evidence, fabric positioning wooden slander the changes of "special" relief a frightening Book anti-corruption Limit failed to termination of the cruel Prince "......" Confucianism and Confucian sayings about Confucian literary doll and reading in new century "enlightenment classics reading" Newton "guess" Deng chance Zhong Kui Cao Cao and white male Dan knowledge and opera legend called Facebook dream house good emperor Xie Fangde's death through the difficult only dead child prodigy addiction name card tricks superstition family background and appearance two Kong Fuzi's change of women "jealous" Qingming flowers and wine in fashion history without the spirit to its history of Shan Tao and Ji Kang John Ji Kang's death Ruan Ji freak show to Wang Rong not a drunk Liu Ling and Ruan life gossip Lv An sequence
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  •   Quiet down, read a scholar to write things, than blindly love a person to fill a lot.

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