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Date of publication:2008-1   Press: Hunan Education Publishing House   Author:Martin Garret   Pages´╝Ü269  

Before the name midsummer common and Jesus green commons from the reign of Henry III there in St John's began to market. There sometimes there is access to nature playground, circus, November for 35000 spectators, fireworks and strawberry Fair (June large-scale activities, many people outside of Cambridge to participate in, the local residents are not always interested). One of the most imaginative bazaar is l838 year June 28th Cambridge coronation day. A special summer green (or common) "the countryside movement" of the committee established under the name of Queen Victoria is pleased to announce the game process, including the blindfolded Cart Race, biscuits (12 boys per person to eat value a penny cookies, first class award for Vitoria vest), Royal pig race, eels and scoop grin games (than those who face the most ugly). The activity is now more commonly referred to as the "roaring contest": "of all ages and all looking men can participate in, no matter how ugly face, regardless of size, height, weight, age, maturity, or naive, in accordance with the traditional way must match, Ma Di display Gerry (the great clown Joseph. Grimaldi) performances and bold expression, are used in a variety of ways twisted into" pretty face ", from the Arabia scarf his head or follow others assigned the horse collar. The winner can get a new cotton trousers and a piece of new cloth. Other race people can get a gallon of Sam Moore's qualification, genuine, it, completely, powerful, flying, into the earth -- you can think of -- really...... Positive...... Summer green beer! Each person has a new hat."
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The first chapter and the second chapter Green River early in Cambridge chapter third Cambridge students fourth chapter Cambridge teachers fifth chapter seventh female chapter Cambridge churches and the sixth chapter Cambridge Cambridge poets eighth chapter Cambridge science ninth Zhang Jianqiao drama, music and art of Shuangcheng (@##@ translation postscript) Since its inception in thirteenth Century, the University of Cambridge has attracted numerous outstanding, and personal independence of conduct of the students and teachers. From Erasmus to Russell and Wittgenstein, University of Cambridge has been a frontier exploration of philosophy. Such as Ian McKerron and Peter Hall Jazz and other well-known actor and director for Cambridge in the theater elegance. Each college is including Milton, Wordsworth, Byron, Tennyson and Ted Hughes, many eminent poet's spiritual home. In twentieth Century, around the University swamp quickly became attract high-tech industrial gold treasure. However, the city still courtyard and green peace. Here, we can find the Henry James described the scene: "Gothic windows and ancient wooden hand mask, mossy lean on a railing and high weeds Shuian connected, one street alley, grass tower mottled shadow". Martin Garret delicately explored Cambridge buildings and streets, show the rich culture of the city literature, history and personality. University City; courtyard and garden; senior students; Cambridge poets and spy; women into the University debate. Science and the city of discovery: Newton; Darwin; Cambridge physicists; double helix; Hocking and the secrets of the universe. Drama City: from the Elizabeth I era of actors to the footlights.
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