Anhui Literature Research Journal (Vol. first)

Date of publication:2004-12   Press: Mount Huangshan Publishing House   Author:Ji Jiansheng   Pages:217  

Neither for the rich, nor anti coincidence tilt. The Li Ning Ning, love the name after. We conduct historical play, Dao Yin ying. Not to shock, not intended to attack. All Xin innovation, it often 自平 "" Nanling county annals "" philosophy, Kimama Te, live in implicit static temple, good chant." In May. The poor, often families of congee, once credit meters in Pei yu. With Pei Yu, Wang Cun, Cai Xiang, Liu Chang, Jiang 休复 from singing. "History of the song" new "Wang Cunzi Zhong, Danyang. Twelve years, speech dear from Jiangxi, five years before the return. Tang scholars section, by the book, the history museum Pavilion collating, Jixian University College of science, history review, know too Derby academy. Keep therefore and Wang Anshi thick, Ashmore ruling, on many different things." "History of the song" new "Jiang 休复 word neighbor, Chen, since less strong science exhibition, the 淳雅, especially good at poetry." Di Zhengchen Nanling order, Yao Chen poem to send. "State" is Chen Zi Junping, Zhi "Jiayou in Nanling, many people believe Tian, Nellie layout, real world, people respect them, prison is empty. Qian Chao Feng Lang, temple cheng. Cults." In September, the song 庠荐 Yao Chen Kan Ren shop office, "called try to academy, medium", to the origin, change too often dr.. (see "compilation of song" s "and" xuzizhitongjian length "and" Ou Zhi ".) "History of the Song Dynasty official records" "too often Dr. to be the origin of filling, no family worship the country doctor." Shi Yaochen has been born, so it was changed. Ou Yangxiu "letters" "the origin of life, the literati were not tired, are holy Yu sigh sigh, only one or holy Yu the happy in the future, not to rank as weight, the weight in the future, is this small gain and loss?" The winter of October, Zhang Yaozuo, Wen Yanbo, Tang dielectric to impeach and was demoted, Yao Chen as "channeling" book of poetry. "Dong Xuan" record "Zhang Yaozuo niece of pet in the book, to repair the gentle, Yao Zuo was suddenly moved Zhuo, a day in addition to sun emblem, Du, Jing Ling, and the group of four. Is, censor Tang dielectric to lead Tianbao Yang Guozhong quit, do not report and Bao Zheng, the seven people such as Wu Kui on the temple. Subsequently the censor to stay in contention to all classes, Ting, died from Yao Zuo 宣徽, jingling two that matter, Yao Zuo complex except xuanhuishi, he Yang Tang was only known for, can't capture. Ren Yu day 'difference except self book.' Dielectric and electrode on Prime Minister Wen Yanbo to the lantern Jin Mei Royal and a prime minister, now as xuanhuishi node Yao Zuo, please by Yan Zong was then demoted spring, Boren copilot to Britain, Yao Chen as "channeling" poetry book Yao Chen as the poem, afraid to show. And Ou Yangxiu as its set, when there is aversion, and cut the poem, is by fewer people know." Liu Zhi "Tang 质肃 tombstone" "impeach prime minister had Yao Zuo, he stood straight, all two governments to the emperor summoned, shown with sparse, public 面斥 prime minister since only thing? Do not have the hermit king before! And down at this time, the literati consciousness and not, try with mu, and still have to, often as the article, to praise the beauty." ("Zhong Su Ji")......
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Coil a language of Anhui in the new era of ancient books publishing achievements and characteristics of "Anhui" series of compilation of origin in recent twenty years in Tongcheng School of literature review and Prospect of the development of mathematics in Anhui during the Ming and Qing Dynasties the chronicle of Mei Yaochen historical literature research Wang Mingqing "brandish recorded" on "history" and his theory of history view "Anhui stone" and slightly the literature value of Bao Shichen "Qi Min four of" historical value of Nan Quan Pu is willing to expand in Zen history significance -- on ancient cultural atmosphere in the formation and Nan Quan Wen Xuewen offered Huang Sheng "Du" and at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty's interpretation of Song Xue and ancient barrier -- from "Liu Haifeng" to see Mr. Yao Nai the Yi and academic Zhang Chao "dream shadows" into a book and its the same friends comedy series on Dai Zhen thought and the academic study of Dai Zhen's theory of righteousness and the Poetics of Dai Zhen's basic views and Confucius "Poetics" Dai Zhen "Mao Shi up transfer" of poetry and poetics theory value release characteristics of Dai Zhen said "poetry" purpose of Anhui Province writer of Anhui ancient writer on the woman without instrument I He Yizai -- on female psychology the other dimension Effect of instrument for literary activities in twentieth Century several questions about the research of Lu Bicheng Anhui scholar of Hu Daojing "Hu Puan" Chen Duxiu "on the collation of ancient China consonant said" on Hu Shi's textual criticism of Mr. Ding Shan academic thought history study extracts "Anhui people" in Zagreb Eli Hu Shi "Zhuzi theory" not out of court non for refuting Zhang Taiyan said from the "ask" structure "@##@ author Chuang-tzu outside the articles" parts of the text As the first volume beginning or copy, so look, now largely reflects the general situation of Anhui literature and academic culture, but the level of depth, and has some shortcomings, which need further study and further improve the level of. From a broader perspective, study of Anhui literature history and literature of the specific content of the study, the characteristics of Anhui culture and its spread and influence, we will be to open field. The literature of science and technology, such as mathematics, medicine, agriculture and natural knowledge content, we plan to set up special column, just today is science, but in China tradition, and "humanism" is not, in some or license the double effect. Our aim is: to Marxism Leninism, Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as guidance, adhere to the "All flowers bloom together., hundred chorusing" academic policy, collect, research, dissemination of Anhui literature, make the past serve the present, bring forth the new through the old, for the prosperity of Anhui academic and contribute to the nation's outstanding traditional culture carry forward.
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