A super girl

Date of publication:2005-9   Press: Beijing Publishing House   Author:Tang Hao   Pages:222  

"A typical America type star dream realized - people in the China can not by any authority, 'I want to sing', I can become Leng, these are the essence of democratic consciousness, is inspirational, upward. Did not sound good: it each program than the Spring Festival evening party." -- Wang Shi (entrepreneur) "cultural vitality to the audience, in the dissemination and effective sense, walking in front of Western culture. Super singing girl is' USA Idol 'version, it is essentially a kind of America culture." -- Hai Yan (writer) "super singing girl is like a bowl of porridge, a vegetable, tired of feeling fresh, but don't expect it to have steak nutrition." -- Cui Jian (singer) "the real entertainment industry never oppose mass and art, I don't see a bit vulgar shadow in the super singing girl game!" -- Song Ke (Music) "we don't understand why they put the entertainment was so sad, each contestant is eliminated, judge Xia Qing would cry, entertainment is to make everyone happy, watching cried every day, it is entertainment?" -- the flowers (rock band) "a program where the television has such high ratings, don't make the audience happy thing? Since Chinese -- orientation of market economy, who do not admit that our quality of life improvement is a consequence of fair competition to give!" -- Yan Lieshan (Essays)
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Media strategy I remote news agency side is your mobile phone "super girl" Enlightenment: open society will be promising / "Beijing News" super singing girl is just a kind of entertainment industry / Zhuang Liwei super singing girl and collective madness disease / Zhang Hong super singing girl and the life world, successful God words / Liu Qingguai girl crying Carnival / Zhu Dake super singing girl: cloning "America Idol" / "new century weekly" super singing girl -- Analysis of 30 countries have "pop idol" / "Beijing Yuyuexinbao" "super girl" running out of time -- a program and it influences all / "Southern Weekend" "super girl" step by step "wins" -- Analysis of "super girl" the Legion of get rich road / "Chongqing times" super singing girl ten subversion / "Orient today" "super girl" behind the three networks and a hand / Xue Tong "American Idol" imitation version of the super girl fairness and maneuverability / Cai Fanghua Entertainment cloning is more terrible than copying mediocre / Lu Shiwei "play with emotion, manufacturing is profit" / timing Yu "super girl" announcement "TV 2" era / Lian Yue civic education ◆ entertainment heaven Xiafan, democracy" Super Girl "Enlightenment: open society will be promising /" Beijing News "super singing girl is just a kind of entertainment industry / Zhuang 礼伟 super singing girl and collective madness disease / Zhang Hong super singing girl and the life world, the myth of success / the Liu Qingguai girls cry Carnival / Zhu Dake super female voice will make us" amusing ourselves to death "? / He Huaihong" super girl "in the" fans "and the civil society / Wang Zhengxu super singing girl and the constitutional spirit / Grass Carp sub yogurt girl and your power illusion / Yang Xiaobin skewers" super girl democracy "Myth / Xu Jilin super singing girl -- tens of millions of people log thousands of runoff / for democracy has never been to the most perfect appearance / Gu Yun democratic figure / Cui Weiping entertainment tear gas, democratic hypnotic / Wang Xiaoyu star reengineering the idol that word" super girl "hit Kidult G-spot desires / prime lust is really," super girl "is false -- the" Super Girl "psychological interpretation / prime" super girls "are" transgender "victory / Li Yinhe entertainment citizens of the pleasure principle / Zhang Nian" super girl "-- femininity masculinity / Wang Xiying PK not only happy Such as the Lele / Cui Weiping instigated the mystery of who moved my insider "super girl" gradually out of control variable boring entertainment -- black exposure "super girl" insider / "Beijing Youth Daily" was "super girl" super singing girl Rainy Shao listing the ten deadly SINS / "Yangcheng Evening News" network Carnival ◆ TMD, I fly to your "corn" road / Green demon "one elder sister" a war arena / Li Chengpeng Bibi Charm -- she both men, women and children / love life love cats "super girl" five strong taste / Ning Caishen, a master of psychology of Li Yuchun phenomenon analysis / only classic cool lifelong Ye Yiqian "fans" declaration / for a fans in the eyes of Feng Jiamei / Wang Xiaofeng put to sea / Daisen corn has been written in the "super girl" after the closing of the first day / Yang Shushao appendix: "super girls" interpretation of the word @##@ network Super singing girl is not only an entertainment program, it is immersed in the life, awakened the participation, affected the society, so, what exactly about it?
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