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Date of publication:2007-3   Press: The people of Shanghai   Author:Zhang Jiaqiang   Pages:202   Words:216000  

Naturally this is objective existence, no desire, the heartless world, see everything as heaven. But because the love life, should form the inverted relationship, such as Chibi mountain, if not the war hero, if not the Dongpo before and after the Fu, Kai had later image. The people would say that Chibi was born to the Three Kingdoms, was born to his. This mountain is to meet their own festival -- Gu people Yamashita Houzhu, will not let such a brimming with from the Tang Dynasty drifted south mountain white tea fragrance, it is waiting for you to taste man. Guzhu mountain ancient and green seem to tell you, it is unusual, hidden behind in tea. This is a Zhejiang province Changxing County Guzhu mountain as the main description object, aims to elaborate Chinese distant deep tea culture prose. Based on the historical literature, rich in style, full of wit to culture is deep and sincere love for the homeland, the Guzhu mountain for more than one thousand years of tea mountain spirit to the highly artistic image display in front of the reader.
Author brief introduction

Zhang Jiaqiang, born in 1956 in Zhejiang, Haining. Chinese Writers Association member. The chairman of Changxing County Writers Association of Zhejiang province. Engaged in literary creation for many years, have a deep research on Jiangnan culture. The main representative works are: "wind and rain", "Jiangnan", "Wuzhen is still proud of Zen", "a lone" etc.. Was awarded the "Lu Xun style" and other five national prose award.
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Product mountain habitat (Preface) the first chapter a detached hill Gu Zhushan, a fairy tale, for almost three thousand years, Xiang Yu, a rare day overlord Zisun tea, Qiyun antique tea has the bright moon gorge Jinsha Spring Moon, heaven and earth nature on bamboo 寿圣寺 mountains, deep in the forest. Hui Guang Cheng Gong tea, Man Shan flags at the Changan ancient ginkgo, independent spirit product, the world of beauty of Taihu stone, is the most lovely delicate stone nature of creative chapter second spiritual leaf through the fog to see tea sage Lu Yu -- the world's first tea factory -- tribute tea house married daughter! Tea company -- Princess Wencheng from the emperor down to -- Tang emperor and Zisun tea hill road, Gu Zhu wind up bird primrose spring -- called mountain in Baiquan Green Tea humanity in the road a two hero -- tea two poets, the art of the remonstrance -- yuan high tea Xian Jia Yun Heyuan -- tea God governor left the world -- Lu Yu thatched hut human culture landscape -- Guzhu mountain third chapter Shengshi Huazhang find a spiritual contemplation -- forty Cishi reservoir let ostentation and extravagance become holy mountains -- Du Mu Water into the tea -- Li Ying -- Zhang Zhihe hero worship egret flew over the tea -- Yan Zhenqing is rain asked Zisun -- Bai Juyi at leisure this priceless -- Geng Pei -- would create new styles of competition throughout the pavilion tea a tea a water lotus -- Li Ye white breeze high clean -- Meng Jiao the romantic as helpless -- "tea" the eight sequence of a mountain the fourth chapter is a philosophy of culture was born free pen in eternity -- Guzhu mountain cliff stone on a "tea" -- the interpretation of the classic tea what a cup of tea -- Dao Xuan from bondage of a green leaf -- his armpit wind because tea -- Lu Tong, people do not see -- money daughter the buyout Gu 渚春 -- Su Dongpo why few world tea cents -- Lu Guimeng painting, tea -- Chashan totem antiques in commercial civilization hermit in the tea fifth chapter returned to St. Gu Zhushan's return to the top of the tea in the light -- Luo Qicha Hill repair literati tea -- Xu Cishu -- Zhang Dai Luo 齐茶 boast in the mountains of the noble gas -- tea exit when career suffered tea tea -- three county magistrate to copy into A tea -- take the Pijiang tea out of a pot of green friends -- Xiao Xun -- constructed by earth wind dressed in Tang wind -- town on the sweet taste of ancient tea, Shi Qianshui Xinyu pure: a mountain and a culture (Hou Ji)
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