• Leisure theory

    After entering twenty-first Century, along with the socialist modernization of our country enters a new period, great changes have taken place in the consumption structure, especially in the eastern coastal areas and large city, leisure has become the main way of daily life. However, theoretical research on leisure as the core is relatively,

  • The late Ming thought

    "Late Ming thoughts" (Revised Edition) in 1994 by Li Ren, Xu Xiurong brother print. Years such as vector, a book also sold out, because now the school continued for complement, issue, I will say a few words said: the late Ming Dynasty, is a social and cultural changes of the times, in the past eighty years is attached much importance by the academic circles, the related research is sweat cow,

  • Cultural history Logo

    What is Logo? What does it read righteousness? How it is formed, how development? Modern man lives in the logo sea, every day of every hue in abundance, not logo, but few cultural meaning and the development of people to think about the history behind the logo. The book,

  • The pre Qin school origin

    A new understanding of the pre Qin philosophers academic activities, this book, is at the dawn of twenty-first Century, by the study of pre Qin for half a century, Feng Tieliu, with a new argument. The author in the past half century, focuses on a question, that is: as early as the pre Qin era two thousand years ago, Confucius, Mo-tse, Chuang-tzu, me, various schools,

  • The Millennium institution

    Bailudong college, Bailudong college, began in the Tang Li guests hidden reading, Sheng in the Southern Song Dynasty Zhu Xi revival, shawlong Yu Mingqing, has thousands of years history, the book from eleven aspects of history, architecture, regulation, teaching, worship, "the best in all the land of the academy" made a comprehensive, profound introduction. Bailudong college is located in the Jiangxi Jiujiang Mount Lu ",

  • Heraldry

    A symbol of the cultural symbol, coat of arms in twelfth Century was born in the battlefield, mainly in order to identify because of stomach and cannot put guajia knight. A general point of view is that this is the origin of the patent of nobility. However, from thirteenth Century onwards, whether noble or common, as long as compliance with arms operation rules, anyone can have and use of arms. To,

  • Chengdu Chongqing slobber battle

    "Chengdu Chongqing slobber battle: offbeat thought" Shuangcheng folk debate about Chengdu, Chengdu people have the reserved, Chongqing Chongqing style frank; Chengdu Chengdu people have the comfortable, Chongqing Chongqing type of happiness. As writer and bibliophile "Chongqing boys" ran the cloud, to the number of Chongqing ten advantages, ma,

  • Daily communication and non daily communication

    In this book, we own and establish the research theme and theory, is in daily communication and non daily communication forms to distinguish communication phenomenon and the survival and development of human society and communication activities in a typology, comparative study between sense. To carry out this research mainly has such several direct,

  • Caoqiao talk to

    Clairvoyance on the vast world, the Millennium eye to the future and the past. This series high perspicacity, far see history, in reality, each with a thousand, hundred years of vision, through the history of time and space, light the ancient and modern. This book is based on the past and present of cast iron general facts to measure the future, very clear-sighted. ,

  • Methods to understand the visual culture

    "Understand" the method of visual culture from the European and American Visual Culture (including movies, advertising, architecture, painting, fashion, automotive, printing, interior and furniture design) uses a rich variety of examples, it introduces the main advocates and supporters of these methods, and analyze and explain about these methods most,

  • His seven disciples and Qilu Culture

    Status of Quanzhen Daoism in the Taoism history, status similar to Zen in Buddhism history status and Neo Confucianism in the Song Dynasty in the history of confucianism. The Quanzhen school, Taoism, Zen represents three theoretical peak China philosophy. Based on the actual contribution to the social public, Shandong Qixia who is the first person in the history of Taoism, so evaluation,

  • Li Jianjun's interpretation of Zhou Yi

    Li Jianjun's explanation of Zhouyi, ISBN:9787801309167, author: Li Jianjun,

  • Cloned memory transferred human

    Consideration for human thinking, if you thought that you're holding in your hand through the "cloned memory transferred human", is a similar America sci-fi blockbuster "attack of the clones" movie literature scripts, you are wrong; if you think that it is a similar story "in his image - a individual clones", this was in the late 70's American pop,

  • The cultural history of the plague

    The evolutionary history of the development of human and with bacteria, viruses, are extremely hard and bitter struggle with the disease history, medieval across Europe "Black Death", once blocked the Panama Canal cut the progress of the works "yellow fever", the beginning of nineteenth Century ravaged American flu, and malaria, AIDS, SARS etc.,

  • Neo Confucianism

    Neo Confucianism in the process of evolution, the development, has experienced four periods: the Southern Song Dynasty, the formation period. Development period of two, the turn of song and Yuan Dynasty and the yuan dynasty. Three, yuan and Ming Dynasties and Ming Sheng very complex failure period. The end of four, the Qing Dynasty period. Neo Confucianism since the Southern Song Dynasty more than 600 years of evolution,,

  • China cultural and natural heritage essence

    In one of the photos American botanist Joseph Locke taken in 1924, the ancient houses in the bazaar, crowded, bustling, here is the center of the square street in Old Town of Lijiang today --. Heritage, is to pay attention to the authenticity of the. They are nature gift remains to future generations, or their ancestors created,

  • GUSHAN foot of rain

    GUSHAN foot of rain, ISBN:9787532540402, author: bear 召政 with,

  • The internal clash of civilization and the world order

    A few years ago, America scholar Samuel Huntington put forward caused widespread concern of "clash of civilization". Put forward in his system on this argument "the clash of civilizations and the Remaking of world order" in one book, the post Cold War world politics will be along the boundaries of civilization restructure, the clash of civilizations with a brand new with fan,

  • Study on the policy of war

    Book in the broad background of the pre Qin history and culture, mainly from the political thought, advocate, philosophy of life, social policy and other aspects, in-depth study of the "Warring States" "pan from the road by the" ideological trend, revealing its heavy needle, heavy, heavy, heavy strategists thought characteristic of self. With historical and aesthetic view,

  • On the humanistic on Science

    Chinese since modern cultural orientation dilemma, "the main content is:" science humanity almost since modern times, China culture is facing challenge and choice of hitherto unknown. Is the choice of scientism, humanism or choice? Hundred years around the cultural orientation debate always. The history of Chinese cultural orientation of hundred years, a hundred years China culture reflection,

  • Rule of law

    Legal occupation of China thinking, legal occupation refers to the legal professional trained, experienced legal occupation skills and ethics by the formation of the occupation community, whose members is legal person, we call the senior legal people "legal family". "Rule by legal man -- Chinese thinking" legal occupation is a film about the China legal duty,

  • Anhui Literature Research Journal (Vol. first)

    "Anhui Literature Research Journal (Vol. second)" the contents of the book includes: Research on the history of literature, historical document research, research literature, female writers of Anhui province. "History of the song" new "Wang Cunzi Zhong, Danyang. Twelve years, speech dear from Jiangxi, five years before the return. Tang scholars section, by the book, the history museum pavilion,

  • Huizhou documents

    The book writing, in addition to follow the general requirements, we also strive to "real, complete, new". "Real" is to be realistic, that is to ensure the authenticity of the documents. "Full" is to introduce the types and effects of Huizhou documents. Do a good job in the basic requirements of the first two, and then to the "new",,

  • Xianqingouji

    "Xianqingouji" is a place in work, including theory of drama, aesthetic sentiment, building skills, diet structure, in a leisurely and carefree mood, physical and mental accomplishment and aspects, basically is his social life practice, reflect his personal cultivation and life. Li Yu wanted to others as they did not want to, on what others not on,

  • French Sinology (Ninth Series)

    Human settlements environmental construction from the view of history, a long history and a rich culture China, human settlements construction Chinese strictly is Chinese and foreign scholars are very enthusiastic about the topic. "French Sinology" Ninth series "China habitat environment construction history" as the theme, the purpose is to introduce French scholars in the academic field of research, introducing them to China in city,

  • Visual culture, spectacle

    Visual culture in general, book selected by both classical literature Jacques Lacan, Jean Baudrillard, Guy Debord, et al., the latest achievements and Mick Barr, Victor Bergin et al., provides us with a visual culture research basic map -- what is the "visual culture"? What is this research as the spirit?,

  • Journey to the West and China ancient political

    Mr Sarkozy in the book "the water margin with '' and society" and "a dream of Red Mansions' and 'Chinese old family" is a companion, as a "small" works. A society, a political, a family, the book discusses the scope is very wide, analysis, or mixed with the original, or quoted the books and records, and a lot of space. Author to politics,

  • The theory and agency theory

    "The theory and agency theory (Revised Edition)" content brief introduction: either this or that, either the traditional bipolar view of contradiction, has been regarded as sacred. People are surprised to find, it has an obvious defect. Dialectical Views of medium, it is necessary to supplement the defect. We should speak the struggle philosophy,

  • No book of religious

    Shinto, Shinto Shinto is known, it is Japan's national religion. Shinto is the root of Japanese culture, the Japanese history and culture development, plays a very important role in. Shinto as Japan's unique religious belief, like a inexhaustible cultural River, in the era of climate under the influence, and when the disaster caused by flooding water,

  • Interpretation of Chinese personality

    The book records the psychology department of Peking University Wang Dengfeng, Cui Hong et al. A beneficial discussion on the Chinese personality structure, compared to the "Big Five" personality structure, by Chinese lexical classification in the "big seven" personality structure is more in line with the actual situation of Chinese, closer to the true state of Chinese personality. ,

  • Sichuan family and academic essays in the Song Dynasty

    14 papers written by 8 authors well written composition, aims to explore the history of our country family and academic and cultural development. The Song Dynasty is the Chinese traditional society had the significant transformation period, family system and academic culture has a significant change, has laid the basic features of the traditional society. And sichuan,

  • In fact, you don't understand the Wenzhou people

    The book is a Wenzhou Wenzhou and Wenzhou spirit of account book. The author is the city's famous writers, and business experience, work on cultural and political circles are quite many, therefore its unique perspective and personal experience, the book is different from the past, many business minded "Wenzhou phenomenon" theme books, and,

  • Huashan, Huashan ("base" in Huashan on 2 edition)

    Huashan, Huashan ("base" in Huashan on 2 edition), ISBN:9787505721128, author: bench with black paint,

  • Bar factory

    Research on cultural South Chinese City, the book is divided into two parts, the first part of the field investigation on the set based on the field investigation, second part essay. The two part with each other, through participatory research, further south Chinese working class, to the South China local city characteristics as background, described in detail the working life of migrant workers in each side of the base,

  • To explore the China ancient civilization

    This book is a collection of academic Chinese ancient origin of civilization and the history and culture of ancient times, visited the civilization and state of origin, the Dongyi culture, Liangzhu civilization, totem culture, Zhou City and a series of cultural history. Collection is divided into two series, the "early origin of state and civilization", Ph. D. degree and i,

  • The Qing Dynasty drama culture history

    Since the Qing Dynasty ruling class interests and advocate, the Qing Dynasty drama culture is very developed, today Chinese national opera opera was born in the Qing Dynasty, various local operas are a riot of colours of the state. The study results in this book the author for many years study of the Qing Dynasty drama culture. Content can roughly be divided into three categories: one for the Qing Dynasty drama in different periods,

  • Looking up at the sky

    Scientific counter culture adversary, Facing Up: Science and Its Cultural Adversaries, recently, in the "New York Times" (New York Times) profile, James Glantz (James Glanz) said: "physics review toward the 'ultimate theory' forward, Steven Wennberg is perhaps the world's opinion the most a person of authority,

  • Clothes make the man.

    Chinese costume culture symbol, secrets of Chinese: ethnic costumes culture symbol, ISBN:9787220068874, author: Deng Qiyao,

  • Learning enterprise culture establishment method

    This book is to create a learning method to solve the enterprise culture theory book, there are a lot of methodology of new theories and thoughts in the book. These theoretical ideas are put forward from the angle of methodology. Following the "learning type corporate culture theory and practice", the author proposed learning 10 theory, enterprise culture of 11 model,,

  • A super girl

    Analysis of an entertainment myth, "big girls: introduction to analytic" on a recreation of Myth: Super singing girl is not only an entertainment program, it is immersed in the life, awakened the participation, affected the society, so, what exactly about it? "Different point of Super Girl" and "American Idol" is the biggest, people "America Idol" is to choose idol,

  • The study of the Ming Dynasty official selection system

    This book is based on academic achievement, in-depth exploration to start all-round on selection system of the Ming Dynasty, in order to scale with empirical, reveal the stages and levels of the literary system in the dynamic development of the politics of the Ming dynasty. The book points out, the Ming court is selected to avoid the over concentration of power and the justice, efficiency of the original in ambrose,

  • Clothing physiology

    Clothing physiology is the study of clothing and accessories and clothing -- the contradiction and unity in the physiology of human science. Based on many years of dress culture, focuses on the four characteristics of clothing and the physiological relationship: adapt to human body structure, physiological function, adapt to human body and adapt to the ecological environment, detailed,

  • Wang Xifeng in the red chamber 36 strokes

    They can all turn the tide of business strokes, utilize modern operator of rapids and sound towers nostrum. If Wang Xifengsheng in today's world, she is absolutely first-rate women executives, top CE0. Li Wei treatment of trickery, employing controlled by trickery; please the boss smart, win,

  • Chinese theme of Japanese ballad

    Japanese Noh mask is ancient, is still active on the world stage. As an ancient theater, Noh is part of China themes, this part is called down. This stage is through the ages chant with figures, China historical men of literature and writing, also have elegant fairy, ferocious ghost,

  • The cultural history of the Chinese characters

    You use every day Chinese characters, but do you really know about it? You know what kind of than Oracle earlier Chinese characters? Do you know what is the use of Chinese characters originally? You know people commonly used Li, Kai, lines, grass four books is what kind of relationship? You know from the characterizations in bones, inscriptions on the Chinese characters written on bamboo slips,

  • Useless operation

    Ancient wisdom and strength, why the police phone number is 110, the phone number is 119? As useless, but is relative to the utilitarian function, is a kind of invisible effect. This is inspired by the ancient Chinese gave me. I found that, in Chinese ancient, hidden deep wisdom and power, only,

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