Zhaojun Culture Series (set of 6 volumes)

Date of publication:2010-02-01   Press: Sichuan publishing group, Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House   Author:Zou Zhibin, Cai Changming  

Ten thousand ranges and valleys approach the Jing gate and the village in which the lady of light was born and bred. The Chinese Princess Wang Zhaojun's hometown of Xingshan County of Hubei Province, because of "Yi Shan county, rises in the mountains" and named. Here Wuhua Tianbao, Zhong Ling Yuk Sau, has a long history, the town is beautiful, with its rich cultural and tourist resources of the Three Gorges Reservoir area and become the "green barrier" and Western Hubei eco cultural tourism "boutique corridor". "Zhaojun has come in, Hu and Han and super knowledge." In 33 BC, Messenger of peace Wang Zhaojun "but please, make request line", active plug and, in exchange for the Han Hungary two races in the past 60 years, "the border town of Yan closed, rodeos cloth wild" Shengping scene. For thousands of years, the magnificent Zhaojun legend, the wealth of the history books and the splendid literary works constitute the splendid culture of Zhaojun. The clear water of Castle Peak gave birth to Zhaojun, farming embroidered read edified Zhaojun court, grassland achievement Zhaojun. Zhaojun is the messenger of peace, Zhaojun is the symbol of unity. Zhaojun culture as China advanced culture, national culture, harmonious culture, "harmony", "Dear proud" of national cohesion and appeal, to demonstrate the enormous glamour across time and space rich connotation and unforgettable, fully embodies the Chinese nation unity, unity, peace loving, hardworking and brave, unremitting self-improvement the national spirit. Multiple, open, inclusive of the Zhaojun culture, in building a harmonious socialist society today, will have a more vigorous vitality. Research on the Zhaojun culture, have since ancient times. In the long river of history, men of literature and writing, or praise, or admiration, or angry, or sad...... Although Public opinions are divergent., but exhibit and praises "Zhaojun ChuSai" historical achievements affirmed. Since the establishment of the new Chinese, Zhou Enlai, Dong Biwu, Guo Moruo, Lao She, Cao Yu, Jian Bozan and other revolutionaries of the older generation, writers, gave a high evaluation to Wang Zhaojun, make her more sudden Yao out the historical value and personality shine. The 70's of the last century, ten years of turmoil just ended, ideological and cultural circles have adorable spring buds, both inside and outside the county of a group of intellectuals, with a high sense of responsibility and mission, unknown to the public to the beginning of the excavation and arrangement of Zhaojun culture. For decades, in the care and attention of county Party committee, county government, many scholars pioneering work, the difficulties ahead, hard work, Zhaojun lays a solid foundation for cultural studies. Especially in recent years, US and Inner Mongolia Hohhot area strengthened Zhaojun cultural exchanges, gradually started to carry forward Zhaojun culture craze, and has achieved initial results. In order to further promote the Zhaojun culture, the promotion of Zhaojun culture brand, expand foreign exchanges, striving for the province's cultural tourism county county, promote sound and rapid economic development, in the Republic of China 60 anniversary, we edited and published the "Zhaojun culture series". This series by Zhaojun culture as the core, the works of literature and art as the carrier, to the Xingshan regional culture as the main body, divides the volume, volume, volume, tales of prose atlas volume etc.. The paper roll to the county author writing, and choose the inside and outside the province of experts. Also in this county legend volume work modelled, including Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Hubei and other stories, pictures, which has a certain degree of integrity. The vast majority of prose volume from the Xingshan nationality and the county authors, childish, with local color. The atlas volume to "hometown of Zhaojun", "the leadership of care", "Literature", "cultural exchange" and other columns, rich in content, in order to give the readers a new perspective to enjoy. As everyone knows, the editing and publishing of books, is hard work. The publication of this series, it is a flower in the garden of Zhaojun culture, is a be worthy of the name "native". Zhaojun culture belongs to Xingshan, to China, also belongs to the whole mankind. The Zhaojun culture research, there exists the problem of system is not strong, the field is not wide, not enough depth, contact work and economic and social development close enough. But we are confident that, through a person with breadth of vision from all walks of life constantly digging Zhaojun cultural resources, rich cultural connotation of Yang Zhaojun, Zhaojun culture, the Zhaojun culture will become a flower of national culture, to the world.
Catalogue of books

The general ordered the hometown of Zhaojun Wang Zhaojun Zhaojun of great beauty in Zhaojun's hometown of Zhaojun Zhaojun's beautiful peach blossom village moved Lingshan Xiushui Yu Jiali local people build Taiwan read Zhaojun indulge in Xingshan Zhaojun Cun, Zhaojun Xi Zhaojun travels back from Zhaojun's hometown in Metro beauty pregnant show in Xiangxi River Xiangxi month a woman streams of Xiangxi River emotions Xiangxi, minnow, peach blossom in emotion in pregnancy show gaze in grassland scattered chapter beyond visiting reporter on Zhaojun Avenue in Helingeer to Inner Mongolia relatives notes to Zhaojun and Lu Qing Zhong far in several flowers grassland scattered chapter grave eternal words of Zhaojun of the grassland tomb hug Diana Wang Zhaojun tage Qingcheng...... "Proceedings" "folk story" "legend" "roll roll roll roll" novels "Atlas"
Chapter excerpt

It is precisely because Wang Zhaojun offended some people palace, decided in the Han Emperor selected five contestants from the harem for huhanye Chanyu when the choice, after Wang Zhaojun know and request, he unhesitatingly agree. In their view, the wind is the stone walk of the desert wilderness, is a lamb for the meal, milk tea Xingshan palace to live an extravagant life, is that people hear it creeps away to, Wang Zhaojun is willing to go, let her go to suffer. Who think they shooting himself in the head, "the emperor see big surprise" after, they help people. One can imagine. Han after the Jin Dynasty, there was a man named Ge Hong wrote a book "notes Xijing" brochure, there are "painters abandoned city" one article, specifically described after the emperor's wrath, it specifically for painting the concubines craftsmen have fled, the character of Mao Yanshou is the source of origin here. I think, the emperor was killed more than one Mao Yanshou, abandoned the city and far more than a group of painters, their twisted soul to pay a heavy price, Wang Zhaojun scores by Emperor Hanyuan hand also cleaned up the one thousand two hundred net. After Wang Zhaojun was determined to fill and is returned home to investigate dear, almost no records of the history books, but her in the legends of native people there is a farewell trip, now still use their beach, Pearl Lake, Big Creek, small Li Xi names are Zhaojun mothering. Zhaojun beach is home village before the boat dock, the dock has been used in the last century 60's in Xiangxi River transport boat.Trace far; Pearl Lake is in a deep pool of Xiangxi County before, here the ship is very slow, Zhaojun in finishing clothes, a pearl in legend was lost, out of three fought rob. Later evolved into three long fight beads exhibit of lanterns. Now Xingshan county the annual Lunar January exhibit of lanterns, there must be a yellow, white, green dragon playing with a pearl, that is the most ceremonious activities; the soulstirring than small Li Xi, Big Creek: she left her hometown in traveled the two miles, home faded away, off people have vague film, her heart with love and regret endless, then turned to the villagers, three bows, to show their gratitude, this place has a river into the Xiangxi so named after the small Li xi. Then the two miles home, has been hidden in a piece of high mountains and lofty hills, Zhaojun can not help but sad, this to tens of millions of years, today's left is home life to death, every step the ship is her not to return, can not help but sad, shed floods down one's cheeks., and she went to the back, facing the present home line thrice kneeling and nine times bowing, happened to this place also has a tributary Xiangxi, so they named the big creek. Zhaojun is kind-hearted, she left her hometown's every word and action are dear are etched in the landscape, but also deeply engraved in the ancestral home of heart. Her kindness, accompany her to the palace, accompanied her to the Gobi desert, grassland pasture, until her end of life, and until now. In Changan the Han Dynasty palace garden, Wang Zhaojun because of the little people to cause trouble, "into the palace contained a few closed at night, spring dark soul." (Ming Tu mountain "Zhaojun blame"), she should have said not clear disappointment, sadness and anxiety, she may complain about too many people, too many people hate, including the emperor liu. However, when the Huns Chanyu to the Han emperor to marry him, ready to bury the hatchet, and Han Hun harmonious marriage, Wang Zhaojun is excited, how many generation of many years, the Huns and Han kill a murky sky over a dark earth, many village scorched earth, how much of a wasteland, how many men Ma Ji body, how much you double dry tears. Now, the former enemies under the city into submission, the dawn of peace Hill appears, and maintaining the light on the need for a weak woman, that is a bundle of sticks and rope, anchor ship cable, it is in favor of the state and the nation's affairs! And these they can do the job, then volunteered to stand out for the selected. In the country and the nation needs, all past enenyuanyuan are like floating smoke and passing clouds, behind the autumn wind, not worth mentioning.
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