The stars shine in the same

Date of publication:2005-8   Press: Yunnan people's Publishing House   Author:Hong Zhu   Pages:286  

"Shine the same starry sky" introduces the reader to the Hongkong spring and autumn, a screen memory China film a Hong Kong Film twenty years Huangmei adjustable boom, bumpy road etc..
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1 Hongkong screen memory and 2 with the Republic of growing together (1949 - 1959), content, stills, Critics Awards 3, a China film a Hong Kong Film twenty years Huangmei adjustable boom / Li 以庄 4 a riot of colour (1960, 1965), content, stills, critics award 5, sixty's "cultural Revolution" before Chinese inland movie situation in Hongkong and the response / Luo card 6 bumpy road (1966 - 1978) content, stills, reviews, awards 7 fade time / column, 8 on the road (1979 - 1989) content, stills, reviews, awards 9 "Cultural Revolution" (1976 - 1988 the film premiered in Hongkong of mainland) / Yu Muyun (1990 - 2001) in 10 to 11 in ninety China mainland film in the direction of bewilderment guerrilla / Shi Qi 12 Chinese mainland films in Hongkong one one summary of papers / Liu Xian Han 13 afterword
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This book is a study of film culture and social economy important milepost on Chinese films in Hongkong over the past fifty years brought about by the various aspects of the impact, also fills a significant gap for a long time.
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