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Date of publication:2010-4   Press: Jilin publishing Refco Group Ltd, Jilin Publishing Group   Author:Yu Dan, Jin Kaicheng   Pages´╝Ü120  

The Song Dynasty is a dynasty Chinese painting, the painting in the organizational form the most complete, in art education, regardless of discipline and test aspects, have a sound system. With the development of economy two song, has made great achievements, and has become a model of the ancient academy. The period of social environment and historical background of the Southern Song Dynasty painter in Northern Song Dynasty and has the very big difference, causes the change of painters painting, created a batch and the Northern Song Dynasty painting be totally different paintings, the development of the Song Dynasty to dynasty.
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A Song Dynasty painting the historical background of the development of two the Song Dynasty education system to improve three the Song Dynasty aesthetic four North Song Dynasty painting artists and art achievement of five Southern Song painting artists and art achievement of
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