The original anxiety

Date of publication:2009-8   Press: Nanjing University press   Author:Gu Mingdong   Pages:331  

Has been for a long time without writing pen, more for a long time without giving preface, so don't know today this short sequence can be written as? Professor Gu Mingdong turned out to be strangers to each other, also do not know. Some time ago I received his phone, then the phone several times, theory chat, talk very happy. My mouth does not have block, but a pass; he doesn't say much, but some views I agree. Then we give the manuscript. He sent it is ten chapters in this book. I read it again. "Rush" is because the old brain decline, has not resistant to read, and I and linguistics is a layman, it cannot say how many opinions, so here will only talk about the general feeling. The general feeling is that this is a component, the time under the book. I to any down time academic work, regardless of subject, genre, text size, also regardless of whether you agree with the writer, generally with the attitude of respect. "Down time", that is to say really spent a lot of time and energy, I carefully read the material, thinking seriously about the problem, seriously either large or small their own argument or proof. Now this kind of works has been rare, but the blandishments, virtual hanging on, playing with the concept, 佶屈 to flood the market on the occasion, Mr. Gu's masterpiece is more praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct. Even if do not have the immediate acclaim in academic circles, but I believe that, sooner or later will be accepted. Although not peep overall situation, but read the chapter proposed such as filial piety and Oedipus complex, and Logos, poetry not reach Gu, Chinese writing and so on, is an interesting problem of reality. Logos on the road, Gu on the same, I on the different angle, obviously different; in Chinese characters problem, Gu, my two person view and quite similar. Gu said on the phone, he very much agree with my "new Chinese ancient thought history" that I think is very important but so far nobody speaks Chinese characters originated, of course I'm glad to hear that.

"The original anxiety: language, literature, cultural studies of multiple ways" is divided into five parts, each part of the three article, a total of fifteen chapters, covering subjects theory and methods, different such as philosophy, aesthetics, sociology, psychology, psychoanalysis, linguistics, semiotics, anthropology, and the field of literary criticism, formalism, structuralism, deconstruction, and almost can contain many subject culture research. The book can be used as teaching materials for colleges and universities, is also available for researchers to use as a reference book. Mr. Li Zehou prefaced.
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Gu Mingdong, the word Zemu, Jiangsu Sheyang. Have to study English, American, University of Chicago, Professor, Dezhou University USA, engaged in American literature, western literary theory, comparative poetics, China thought and comparison of Chinese culture and Western culture. Author of two books: "English China reading and writing theory", "Chinese novel theory", edited and translated more than 60, the article, published in the Journal of most mainstream foreign and domestic core journals.
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The first part of the cultural theory of universal "one" -- Chinese and western research common conceptual basis theory era resistance to theory and paradigm of comparative study of Chinese and Western culture in some theoretical problems on the second part of language theory examines the language gap between Chinese and Western characters -- comparison of the theory of "Zhouyi" Ming like: the linguistic basis of modern language philosophy and hermeneutics ancient insight Literature -- a psycholinguistic research third literary theory of literature and art in the theory of imitation is universal? Literary Theory: a non western narrative tradition literary Openness -- across the western literature ideological divide a bridge fourth part of psychoanalytic criticism discourse filial complex -- China culture in the context of Yu Dafu's "Oedipus complex" China sink -- an exiled Oedipus Eileen Chang "--" the golden cangue self alienation and gender politics of fifth post structuralism review article the concept of paradox and paradox of Poetics -- "Jin Ping Mei" ideology and its form of desire -- woven brocade "Jin Ping Mei" and the ancient times in "a dream of Red Mansions" woven poetics is an open novel "dream of Red Mansions" -- on the research paradigm
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To establish a cross culture study mode, only a China concept and a western concept juxtaposed, then find their common, this is of little value. In the comparative study, we need to find a similar concept, constructed on the basis of different cultural traditions and may produce paradigm and methodology of conceptual model. Therefore, the author of the Tao and logos are not concerned about whether effective compared; I care more about is such a problem: there is no foundation may be similar in the Tao and logos on the establishment of a conceptual and methodological model? Scholars think, Tao and logos of astonishing similarities worth further exploration. However, we should go on to explore this topic aspect? In my opinion, the former scholar's research is very insightful, but the deficiency is too narrowly focused on the two concepts of etymology and history context. I venture to point out, we can in the existing about Tao and logos philosophy and concept exploration based on a common theoretical foundation, but we need to shift attention perspective. Similarities and mechanical comparison of two concepts and tried to draw common questioned, as examine the deep structure compared to the concept, and build a common field of deep structure based on. In my opinion, logos and the Tao does not "accidental similarity". The literal meaning of complex, extended meaning and its derived means that, although the different culture and tradition, but people from all over the world, trying to explore the life, culture, philosophy and problems of characterization. In other words, the accident is inevitable in. Its necessity lies in the fact: the Tao and logos are a human construct symbols, used to name not nameable, characterization of indescribable. As a symbol of their expression consciousness, a concrete, it is human to understand the relationship between the universe and human survival, "be in suspense to solve the relation between thinking" and "words", trying to solve the name, meaning and representation of results. I think, we should broaden the research scope, on the basis of philosophy, psychology, linguistics and has the important significance of semiotics, inTo explore the hidden and significant in the context of the significance of the traditional western philosophy. Re conceptualization of the two terms of the symbols, we can find the Tao and logos in common. From the metaphysical concepts to semiotic symbols I propose to the Tao and logos as modern semiotic significance of the symbols. This proposal is not particularly novel. In Western tradition, Derrida put the logos as western metaphysics "original symbol" -- "transcendental signified", Heidegger also reiterated that the logos as "transcendental signified" point of view. However, I do not put logos as referring to or can refer to, whether it is original or transcendent, and to take it as a sign to be checked and re defined, but also a symbol with accompanying a symbol of all the derived results.
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Ominous, re-examine the language divide, literature and art of the theory of imitation is universal? Paradox and paradox, the concept of filial piety feeling of poetics.
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