The interests of the state and cultural policy

Date of publication:2005-4   Press: Guangdong People's Publishing House   Author:Zhang Yuguo   Pages´╝Ü289  

"The interests of the state and the cultural policy" and discusses the relationship between national interests and cultural policy, focuses on the analysis of the cultural policy in Canada and USA and enlightenment. Pointed out that under the background of globalization, basis, strategies and must pay attention to the problem of China's cultural policy. The book is divided into five chapters: the first chapter "globalization and international cultural power struggle" is the core of the book. In this chapter, the basic concept of globalization are analyzed. The second chapter "the interests of the state and cultural security" is mainly to explain a problem: only by starting from the angle of national interests, the cultural security is only meaningful. The concept of cultural security may exist two kinds of misunderstanding: one thinks that this is a strong color of ideology conservative formulation. The third chapter "American cultural policy" and the fourth chapter "cultural policy" in Canada, the writer want to cultural policy model of two typical two national culture in the camp, shows the cultural policy is the core of cultural power use, is to safeguard national cultural interests and cultural security key. The fifth chapter "WTO and cultural policy", introduced the WTO rules and cultural policies may conflict with "front", at the same time, through the dissection of WTO framework only relates to cultural products -- a case study of America and Canadian Journal of dispute, to explore how to solve the cultural trade disputes through effective cultural policy, safeguard the interests of the state.
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The first chapter of globalization and international cultural power play a globalization and its consequences of two culture can become a power of three two major camps culture "hot" four WTO on UNESCO: "hard law" to "soft" rules of the second chapter of national interests and cultural security organ culture safety consciousness definition of national security two America in government policy three from the national interests of cultural policy, cultural security four studies the cultural security problem several relations should be handled correctly the third chapter American cultural policy American cultural policy framework of two American culture policy implementation mechanism of three America cultural policy formulation and implementation process of the "brain" and "foot" of the four America "cultural diplomacy" chapter fourth Canadian cultural policy in a Canadian culture management institutions and industry in the two Canadian cultural policy development history of the three Canadian cultural policy formulation and implementation of four publishing policy case analysis of five Canadian cultural policy from the fifth chapter WTO and cultural policy a "wolf" to the two WTO rules on cultural policy three effects of China's accession to the WTO in the field of culture commitment from four USA and basic content Canadian Journal of cultural policy disputes under the new international trade environment in the bibliography
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